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10 Best High School Kdramas To Watch

Extraordinary You

10 Best High School K-dramas To Watch

K-dramas are life. The thought of going back to school brings certain emotions of nervousness, anticipation as well as excitement, and some fear. It’s a mix of emotions, but especially given the flurry of events happening in the world at the moment, it can be more difficult than ever before. If you’re in search of K-dramas to enjoy that will assist you in getting over the anxiety and general stress of school, take the top 10 K-dramas that are set in high school. If you’re not able to find your ideal in this list, be sure to read our previous feature on high schools here!

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Best High School K-dramas

1. “Extraordinary You”

Eun Dan Oh (Kim Hye Yoon) is a normal high school student with a large circle of classmates. All seems to go well until she realizes she’s in the comic book and is merely an unimportant character. The problem is that she winds up becoming a fan of Ha Roo (Rowoon), who appears as an added character to the comic. Since he’s extra, his name is not even appearing in the comic making it hard to Dan Oh to ever see him. They debate over what they should do together despite the odds against them.

You’ll be over the actors in this show. Kim Hye-Yoon was fresh from the fame she had gained from her role in the popular show “SKY Castle,” and it was nice to change her pace. In the show, she is an innocent and sweet girl who falls over the not-popular Ha Roo. Watching her struggle to alter their fate is what is thrilling to watch. Also, there’s plenty of fun to look around in the whole series!

2. “Angry Mom”

Jo Gang Ja (Kim Hee Sun) has an adorable daughter, Oh Ah Ran (Kim Yoo Jung). She finds out Ah Ran is being harassed at school, which is a cause for her anger. She decides to dress as a student at a high school in order to discover who is causing her daughter to be bullied. Gang Ja was well-identified in high school as fighting, so she’s certain that she will be able to discover the cause of her daughter’s harassment.

“Angry Mom” is a K-dramas for high school students that anyone in any age group will like. It doesn’t just show the detrimental effects of bullying but also demonstrates the unending and unwavering love moms have for their daughters. Gang Ja goes to great efforts to protect her daughter and it’s truly moving to watch. There are other stories from students who will make you feel heartbroken and send you on a tear-jerking journey!

3. “Love Alarm”

An application for mobile phones is developed to let you know if someone is less than 10 meters from you. If someone is interested in you and the alarm goes off, it sends an alarm. However, it does not reveal the specific person who has a crush on you. Kim Jo Jo (Kim So Hyun) finds herself in a situation involving two boys and decides whether it’s best to download the application.

If you’re a fan of chaotic love triangles as well as a lot of high school emotional tension, “Love Alarm” will certainly send you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions throughout the entire series. The show is filled with heartbreak, angst, and major emotions. And, of course, Kim So Hyun is an absolute master at playing characters from high school, and she is definitely a standout as the confident and headstrong Kim Jo Jo.

4. “Reply 1997”

Seo In Guk is a high school student named Yoon Yoon Jae, who is in love with a friend from childhood neighbor Sung Shi Won (Jung Eun Ji) since when they were young. Despite having one-on-one relationships Yoon Jae’s affections grow deeper when they reach high school. He realizes that he would love nothing more than to spend time with Sung Shi Won.

The first show in the “Reply” series and one that’s definitely one of the best. The story takes place in the high-school years and the main two characters are close friends from childhood to lovers in adulthood. The series is about families, the death of beloved ones, and love, which makes it accessible to everyone. If you’re a fan of a show that has an old-fashioned feel and is centered around K-pop from the past the series will not fail to please!

5. “Moments of 18”

Choi Joon Woo (Ong Seong Wu) is kicked out of school, which leads him to a new school. This is where he gets to know Yoo Soo Bin (Kim Hyang Gi) who is enthralled by a new student with an unknown background. Despite her initial instincts, she comes up with ways to get involved with Joon Woo and discovers that there’s more to Joon Woo than what is apparent. They start to form an attraction to one another.

There’s something in this show that is sweetly romantic and nostalgic. The characters go through the struggles of being teenagers, and all of them struggle to overcome their problems. Despite the pressure, they manage to discover a family member or loved one who can depend on for support. This is Ong Seong Wu’s debut major K-dramas performance and he did an excellent job as the innocent and unassuming Joon Woo. If you didn’t like his prior roles, you’ll once you watch this show!

6. “School 2013”

Go Nam Soon (Lee Jong Suk) and Park Heung Soo (Kim Woo Bin) are two teens who are forced to endure the pain of drama at high school. Along with the pressures of keeping a good reputation, being bullied, and getting good grades. They also have to cope with peer pressure from being in an unpopular group. Nam Soon is elected class president, but he has to deal with stress from certain students at the school.

The series addresses numerous real-life issues teens face nowadays, particularly within South Korea. Because this particular high school is rated as one of the most difficult in Seoul. And the students have to determine what is blocking their future. We’ll cheer them to the end!

7. “School 2017”

Kim Sejeong stars as Ra Eun Ho along with Kim Jung Hyun who stars as Hyun Tae Woon (or could we call it Hyun Tae Swoon). It’s exactly what you’d expect out of an edgy high school romance. Tae Woon and Eun Ho start out as pals who enjoy playing with each other however, Tae Woon slowly starts to recognize that he is in love with Eun Ho, and finally declares his love for Eun Ho.

They are completely natural, and viewers get to witness the path they take from friendship to their first love. In the “School” series, this particular one isn’t overly heavy and you’ll be able to be impressed by the bubbly personality that is Ra Eun Ho. Although she’s not the most gifted student however she’s always there for her classmates and has the warmest of hearts. She’s shining light on the screen!

8. “Hi! School – Love On”

Kim Sae Ron plays Lee Seul Bi who is the angel of heaven who assists to defend people. Following a car crash, she awakes to discover she is Woo Hyun (Nam Woo Hyun) can see her, and she is transformed into a human. She is able to move in with Woo Hyun and winds at school with him. Here, she is exposed to the human experience. 

Kim Sae Ron as the lovely Lee Seul Bi adorable and innocent that you’ll completely be swept into her tale. The film also has the aspect of a love triangle, which a high-school K-dramas cannot be without.

9. “Best Mistake”

“Best Mistake” is a web-based drama that stars Kang Yool as Ji Hyun Ho and Lee Eun Jae as Kim Yeon Doo. The story begins with Yeon Doo accidentally posting a picture of Hyun Ho on her Facebook account to alert a stalker. If Hyun Ho learns about it that he was a stalker, he confronts Eun Jae. This begins their relationship of love and hate.

There’s a reason there was a lot of buzz about Kang Yool when the release of this web series! Kang Yool as Ji Hyun Ho is a complete boyfriend’s dream. If you are a fan of the bad boy turning into an all-time romantic character the series has been able to cover it all. Watching Ji Hyun Ho wanting to work hard to ensure that he could attend the same school as Yeon Doo. Which is just about the sweetest thing you’ll ever see. You’ll need to watch it to get the full picture!

10. “Cheer Up!”

Jung Eun Ji plays Kang Yeon Doo A enthusiastic girl. Who is the leader of the street dance team at school? Lee Won Geun portrays Kim Yeol, the president of a group that includes the best students at the school. Both clubs must combine into a cheerleading team. Members discover that they don’t get along initially However, they soon discover more about one another which brings them closer and some of them even develop deep feelings for one another.

Being able to see Jung Eun Ji in any role is truly an honor. Her sassy and sarcastic attitude is refreshing to watch as a female protagonist and you’ll frequently be laughing out loud at different scenes. One thing that makes the show so enjoyable is the love triangle that Kang Yeon Doo is caught in. The two boys’ love for each other after Yeon Doo is so romantic and sweet! The show is a cute and fun series that is sure to keep you addicted.


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