11 Tips For Saving Money At Sephora

Our top beauty retailer Sephora, is renowned for its constantly expanding selection of cosmetics from carefully chosen brands, including its own Sephora Collection. We’ll teach you how to get discounts at this incredible beauty retailer in today’s guide.

Dominique Mandonnaud started Sephora in 1970 in France. In 1997, the business was acquired by the European multinational luxury goods conglomerate LVMH Louis Vuitton Mot Hennessy after becoming a little “empire.” In New York City a year later, Sephora debuted its first American location, and in Toronto, Canada, in 2004, it debuted its first Canadian location.

Today, Sephora has more than 2,300 locations in 33 nations. Over 20,000 people employed by the 430 establishments that spread throughout North America.

With its innovative attitude, industry knowledge, and entrepreneurial energy, Sephora has developed a reputation as a pioneer in the beauty industry. Simply, their DNA is beautiful. They provide an ever-expanding selection of cosmetics from carefully chosen brands, such as their Sephora Collection.

Sephora has surpassed all other cosmetics and perfume retailers around the globe because of its unrivaled selection of goods in every area of beauty. Therefore not surprising that our visitors interested in learning how to save money at Sephora. Without further ado, here are 11 helpful suggestions to help you cut costs while buying cosmetics at Sephora.

Join the Sephora Beauty Insider Program 

Customers can earn points on all purchases made at Sephora in the United States and Canada and use those points to win incentives through the company’s free rewards program, the Beauty Insider Program. You may go to the Beauty Insider Incentives Bazaar and exchange your credits for rewards including freebies, promotions, birthday gifts, or beauty workshops once you have accumulated enough points (by spending at least $100 in purchases).

We strongly advise letting your points accrue (because they never expire) until you have enough to exchange for an item you really desire.

While you can use rewards between 100 and 500 points in-store without buying anything, you’ll need to buy something to get rewards when shopping online. Only available online, 750+ point incentives don’t require a purchase, as well as free shipping.

You can join the VIB (Most Essential Beauty Insider) Program after spending $350 over the course of a year, which provides higher discounts and other benefits like early access to exclusive sales and events. Additionally, if you spend $1,000 in a calendar year, you’ll qualify for VIB Rouge membership, which comes with benefits like limitless free makeovers or free two days of shipping on all orders.

You should be aware that the Incentives Bazaar rewards are available based on a first-come & first-served basis or are limited time (while supplies last). Each award has a limited supply, is non-transferable, cannot return, sold, or swapped, and has no cash value.

Sephora 2-Day Shipping Is Free

Joining the Sephora Flash Membership Program, which provides free unlimited 2-day shipping for just $10 a year free for VIB Rouge members. Recommended for shoppers who intend to make a lot of online purchases. And when you consider that two-day delivery typically costs more than $10 every time you make an online purchase, the Sephora Flash Membership Program is unquestionably a huge financial win.

Free shipping is offered on all orders for the duration of the year with no minimum purchase necessary. If the item you want to buy isn’t in stock in your neighborhood store, they’ll send it to you for free from the other location. Even faster delivery is possible with the $5.95 special overnight fee.

You should aware, though, that Sephora Flash Membership Program is restricted to residents of the continental United States, excluding residents of Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or Canada.

Utilize Social Media to Follow Sephora

On all of their social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram, Sephora is renowned for providing exciting surprises like freebies, discounts, promo codes, or free Beauty Insider Points.

Get Sephora Gift Cards at Discounted 

Start purchasing unused gift cards at a discount if you want to really cut costs at Sephora. You should expect to save 11% on average.

However, you could go to and start purchasing cheap JCPenney gift cards at a 20% discount if you want to maximize your savings. You will even get a $5 credit after registering (it’s free) to go toward any gift of your choice. The JCP gift cards can redeemed online or at any Sephora location inside JCPenney.

Sephora Exchange or Return If Necessary

The best store to visit if you want to exchange and return purchases is definitely Sephora. Customers can return anything (worn and unused) to a store for credit in 60 days thanks to their return & exchange policy. And you don’t even need a receipt because they can monitor your transaction using your ID, your card from the purchase, or your Beauty Insider account. The prepaid return label can used by online customers to return their purchases for no cost as well.

As a result, if you buy something you don’t like, you can choose different, better goods thanks to this policy.

Get Samples for Free

Request a free sample of everything you wish to try when you arrive at Sephora. You permitted to take free samples of their three categories. Which fragrance, skincare, and makeup, in accordance with their policy.

You can acquire any product from the aforementioned departments, including eyeshadow, lipstick, lotion, shampoo, and perfume, for free simply by asking. Additionally, before purchasing, sure to request any samples that are kept behind the counter.

Online shoppers will receive three complimentary samples with each order. You should also look at the Weekly Offers for freebies with Sephora coupons. If you want to receive even more samples.

Request Sale Items

Even though it can challenging to locate the marked-off section at Sephora with the sale items, you can still buy items on sale by using your creative thinking. Simply ask the sale staff to point out any sale items so you can decide if they’re worth buying.

There are typically at least two specified sections where you need to “hunt down” the sale items, which are typically exhibited at end of a row. You should definitely look at the sale of products while shopping from Sephora inside J.C. Penney stores because they frequently mark down their inventory more quickly. As a result, they always produce the biggest hits and have the best sale department.

In addition, thanks to the website’s “Sale” section, online consumers won’t have any trouble locating things on sale. Although there isn’t a “Sale” section per se, you may search for “sale” in the site’s search box to see only things that currently discounted. Items will discount by 30% to 40%.

Use Ibotta

Ibotta is a well-known rebate program that enables users to save money when buying regular products. They collaborate with retailers to provide cash back on specific products.

Additionally, you may utilize Ibotta to save more money because of its affiliation with Sephora. Once you’ve found anything you like in their app, which freely available on Google Play or iTunes, you simply need to click on it, complete a little task, and you’ll rewarded with cashback. Then your account will automatically updated with points that you may exchange for cash after you scan the barcode or send a picture of the receipt.

Classes & Free Sephora Makeover

As previously mentioned, Sephora provides free 15-minute makeovers in their retail locations. You can select from mini-makeovers for your specific areas of the face, such as applying fake eyelashes or your eyebrows.

Additionally, Sephora offers 2-hour beauty lessons and aid with makeup application to help you hone your skills and stay current with the most recent cosmetic trends.

Don’t Use Travel Products

Avoid seduced by the travel-size area at Sephora. If you need to save money. In contrast to larger products. These items cost more per unit. And you can frequently acquire free samples of products in their place.

Be Aware of What to Look for and Where to Look

Perform your own research before making any purchases when it comes to purchasing in general. This tip also holds true while making purchases at Sephora.

Although Sephora employees are pleasant and appear to help. Their primary objective is to sell an item. Even if it is pricey. You will therefore always able to determine whether the bargain is right or not by conducting your investigation. Of course, you can always return the item if you discover that it is too expensive. But doing so would a waste of effort (and time is money). You can ask Sephora for price adjustments if you buy something that goes on sale in the next two weeks.

Additionally, you should always avoid shopping impulsively, which is the biggest error that consumers make. The most tempting products are those that shown in all shops. Including Sephora, even though they are not the best deals.

Having said that. Look beyond and below eye level were less expensive items presented. Because pricey items typically positioned at eye level. Additionally, stay in the store’s periphery where items on sale and with lesser prices might found.


Applying the aforementioned advice will make saving money at Sephora simple. Prior to doing anything else, make sure to join the Beauty Insider Program & follow Sephora on all social media channels.

Join the Sephora Flash Membership Program next to receive free 2-day shipping & huge shipping savings.

Don’t forget to buy cheap Sephora gift cards. And use Ibotta or other rebate applications. Request free samples. And take advantage of all the benefits of a Beauty Insider Program.

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