3d Visualization Company – Changing Micro to Mega-Structures

Architectural visualization – also known as 3D visualization, CGI, and renderings among other terms; not to mention derivatives using the Anglicized spelling “visualization” – has long been recognized as the tool of choice for architects. It has also propagated into the repertoire of developers who utilize it in their property marketing material to sell clients the inspirational lifestyle of their projects. However, any presumption that visualization is or can only be used for projects of vast scope and scale should immediately be rejected. This is a discipline which offers value to any project regardless of size.

3D Visualization Company as a Rendering Depicting Medium

More often than not, a best 3D visualization company is perceived as a highly-polished medium, with luxurious renderings depicting beautiful scenes which sell a concept and, in many cases, a lifestyle or ethos as a result by informing the viewer of impact, improvement and traits that influence personal, local and environmental situations and experiences. It is entirely a communicative discipline.

However, whilst the above is undeniably true, its usefulness spreads far beyond slick and glossy visuals. It can be utilized to allay fears or to visually describe innovative solutions which may otherwise be lost in translation. It can also give form to two-dimensional drawings and inform of positive. And in some cases negative – features prior to physical work commencing plus the more traditional illustrations of materials, finishes, fixtures and fittings.

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Wide Aspects of an Architectural Visualization Company

So far we have only discussed architectural visualization as a medium used to depict polished final renderings for publication and marketing but in truth there are no limits to its application. It can be used to give a schematic illustration of spatial relationships – ideal for conversion projects. And also for remodeling of spaces such as kitchens in order to indicate aspects of change and as a consequence the value gained or, as mentioned previously, areas which may either be contentious or undesirable.

In addition to fundamental physical or material change; the opportunity to use CGIs as a means to allay concerns of intrusion into and upon existing environments is a tool which warrants further explanation such is its usefulness. It should be noted, though, that this process is too broad to discuss in anything other than an overview here but will form the basis of an article at a later date.

The Important Weapon for the Architects

Through a process involving the visualize, a surveyor and a photographer; referred to as either a verifiable view or accurate photomontage. It is possible to combine the three threads into a product which accurately, to a point beyond reasonable doubt; depicts a proposal from a view or views which had previously been a source of concern. Thus adding gravitas to the original application and consequently improving the chances of approval; it is therefore an important weapon for the architect to call upon as and when needed.


Why use architectural rendering solutions? Presenting your project or product in visually appealing form gives you an edge over other artistic mediums. 3D visualization has become a powerful application. They are not only powerful marketing tools, but also assist in finding design faults before construction work begins. 3D visualization and walkthroughs are becoming increasingly important selling concepts in the world of architectural design.

To sum up, it should be realized that a 3D visualization company has usefulness and value at the grass roots of the architectural, planning and design processes through the wide range of applications. It can be utilized for and the material it can generate; it is an inclusive medium to be used and experienced by all.

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