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4 Mobile Marketing Tips for Businesses


Digital marketing has become a huge business, and organizing mobile marketing campaigns is one of the biggest tasks that marketers have to perform. Because the usage of smartphones has increased drastically in the near past, and thus focusing on mobile marketing techniques has become highly important.

Mobile marketing strategies along with outsourced copywriting for small businesses concentrate on using simple techniques to enhance conversion rates. Thus using mobile marketing strategies as a part of a multi-channel marketing solution can offer an opportunity to small businesses to reach more customers. In this article, we will mention a few tips that can help you in successfully conducting a mobile marketing campaign.

  1. Location-based marketing strategy

Location-based marketing can be highly beneficial for stores that have a physical store. However, its benefits are not only limited to a physical store. Even e-commerce sites that offer local recommendations such as food deliveries and travel services can also avail the benefits of mobile marketing.

Moreover, according to statistical data, 80% of the marketers suggest that location-based marketing creates chances of increment in three key metrics: according to them, up to 85% increase in customer base, 83% increment in response rates, and 83% increment in customer engagement can be expected.

  1. Focus on creating a responsive website design

Making your content such as advertisements, website, and marketing content mobile-friendly is important. However, making the content mobile-optimized is also vital for the marketing campaign. Making the content of your website optimized for mobile can drastically increase the chances of mobile conversion rates to 5%.

However, not many companies are aware of it. Also, in addition to responsive website design, a few other tactics can be used to optimize the website. Some common ways to optimize your website are mobile-specific development platforms, installing HTML5 into your website, and using adaptive design.

  1. Focus on creating Mobile-Friendly Content

Mobile optimization is linked to the elements of your website infrastructure, which is slightly different from mobile-friendliness. For making your website content mobile-friendly, a marketer should focus on creating shorter sentences, engaging headers, and related media such as high-quality images and videos. Because people are more likely to skim through the content.

Moreover, when you create videos, you can concentrate on using captions to help people get engaged because most people on Facebook and other social media websites close the audio of the video and read the captions. Thus putting captions in your videos can still communicate the message.

  1. Text Message Marketing

A successful text message campaign gives an opportunity to people to opt for opting future messages. Moreover, text message marketing is an effective technique. According to a report, three-quarters of people have no problem receiving messages from companies they love, and 90% of people read those messages within a few minutes of receiving them.

Companies that use text messaging marketing to promote products can also use coupons. These coupons can provide discounts or other services. Moreover, coupons received by people over text messages are used 10 times more than from any other sources.

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