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5 Different Types Of Weave Hair Extensions You Must Know Before Purchasing

 It is every expert’s advice for extension users first to understand and know what they are into. Especially when purchasing weave hair extensions, clients must know the different types that the industry offer. No client would want to invest in some low-quality and artificial-looking hair extensions. If you plan to purchase a weave hair extension, you must know the types and choose that fits you the best.

Women’s hair comes in several textures, and happily, there are various textures and types of weave extensions to suit just about any natural hair texture. Indian, Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, and Eurasian hair are the most popular weave varieties. Each weave has its texture and comes in a variety of wave patterns, including straight, wavy, deep wave, and tight curly. Weave hair extensions are extremely versatile to blend with your natural hair and achieve new hairstyles. 

1. Indian Virgin Hair: Weave Hair Collection

Virgin Indian Hair

Virgin Indian Hair

It is known for its great quality and popularity in the beauty industry. The hair is light, airy, and full of bounce, making it simple to manage. Indian hair is also popular since it does not tangle, shed, or lose its original texture. It has the thickest texture among human hair extensions

Hair is offered to temples in India as part of a religious ceremony. Individuals who participate in this ritual do so voluntarily as a sacrifice to the presiding deity, with no expectation of financial reward. Temple officials then sell the collected hair to extension manufacturers.

Indian hair comes in a variety of textures, including straight, wavy, and curly, and does not require harsh chemical treatments to achieve the desired look. Indian hair is a fantastic fit for the hair weaves industry because of its variety of textures and naturally dark hue.

Advantages of Indian Weave Hair

  • Indian hair is a high-quality Remy human hair extension.
  • It’s naturally light and airy, and it moves with a lot of bounce.
  • Tangle-free and simple to style
  • Indian hair is a free-flowing, low-maintenance style.
  • Goes with almost every hair color (especially African American hair) since it is naturally dark brown.

2. Brazilian Hair

Brazilian Weave Hair

Weave Hair

Brazilian hair is obtained from donors throughout the continent of South America. Brazilian virgin hair is raw Brazilian hair that has never been chemically processed, meaning it has never been colored, bleached, or permed to modify color or texture. All of the cuticles are retained in place and run in the same direction. These give you a natural appearance and make you seem wonderful. It styles effortlessly and, although heat styling is not recommended, it handles heat well and can keep a curl all day. With attentive care, virgin Brazilian hair blends nicely with most natural ethnic hair textures, such as African American hair, and can last up to a year or longer.

The hair is silky, thick, and long-lasting. As a result, the hair may be styled in any way, making it a wonderful alternative whether you want a straight, wavy, or curly look. Brazilian hair is also incredibly color-resistant, so if you buy Brazilian virgin hair, you can dye it any color you choose. Because of the hair’s inherent density, it’s less likely to frizz, which is great for creating new hairstyles

Advantages of Brazilian Hair

  • The hair is humidity resistant.
  • True Brazilian hair is soft and long-lasting, and it’s simple to style.
  • Because Brazilian hair is so dense, you can get a fuller look with fewer bundles than you might with other textures.
  • Brazilian curly hair tends to keep tighter curls.

3. Peruvian Weave Hair

Peruvian Body Wave

Body Wave

Peruvian hair originates in Peru, which is located in western South America. The hair is usually found in the country’s isolated areas. However, because the country does not have a large population, there are few donors. 

Straight, wavy, and curly hair are the most common types of Peruvian hair. Because of its multi-purpose texture, Peruvian hair is in high demand. This hair goes well with African American hair textures, both relaxed and natural, and medium and coarse Caucasian hair textures. Peruvian hair is light, silky, and free-flowing.

Advantages of Peruvian Hair

  • It has a wonderful coarse texture.
  • This hair has a wonderful sheen to it and maintains curls exceptionally well. 
  • It increases hair volume for girls.
  • This hair requires minimal upkeep to maintain its original appearance.

4. Malaysian Hair: Weave hair extensions


Straight Malaysian Hair

Malaysian hair is a type of human hair extension that originates in Southeast Asia and is one of the best. This hair is popular among those looking for silky, lustrous hair extensions. Straight hair, body wave, kinky curl, and Malaysian loose wave hair bundles are the most popular styles, including body wave, kinky curl, and Malaysian loose wave hair bundles. 

Advantages of Malaysian Hair

  • Malaysian hair is soft and looks best on ladies with fine, silky hair and relaxed textures. 
  • It’s easy to work with and has a beautiful luster.
  • The hair has a beautiful natural look.

5. Eurasian Hair: weave hair

Eurasian Hair

Hair extensions

Eurasian hair is a source from women with a mixture of European and Asian ancestry. Hair with a combination of these two origins has additional thickness and body. This hair has not been altered with harsh chemicals,but the Eurasian texture is dense, silky, and smooth, making it ideal for relaxed hair.

Advantages of Eurasian Hair

  • Eurasian hair is noted for its natural appearance and fullness.
  • It has texture and a polished appearance unique from other types.
  • Eurasian hair pairs beautifully relaxed hair because of its delicate texture. 
  • The texture is not too shiny and has a low to medium shine.
  • Eurasian hair is known for its ability to blend with a wide range of natural hair types.


These are the five different types of weave hair extensions on the market. They have their unique features and advantages. These virgin human hair extensions are pure and high-quality, making them popular among women. If you want to buy weave hair extensions, understand their features, uniqueness, and benefits, and choose the right one.

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