5 Things to Look for in a Seawall Construction Contractor

Understanding Erosion

 Elimination or minimizing erosion is the primary function of any seawall contractor. It’s also important to remember when hiring a seawall contractor that the results can be catastrophic if the seawall construction job isn’t done right. Whether you are building a new seawall or already have some retaining wall on your waterfront property, erosion is the enemy. The primary purpose of the seawall is to protect the land against erosion.

Over time, tidal action erodes the soil and structures along the shore. Materials such as concrete can protect against these erosive forces. If your contractor does not understand which portions of land need the most protection, your property requires ineffectively guarded. Your property and value will be at risk if your contractor does not understand the science behind erosive forces.

Seawall construction is not a simple task. The erosion affected areas will need to be analyzed carefully by the contractor to protect the shore before construction. As we all know, erosion affects different ways with different materials. For Example, soil affected differently than sand for erosion.

The Seawall Contractor

A seawall construction contractor will need to know the specifics of certain kinds of seawalls and under what circumstances you would use those seawalls. Navigating the complex construction needs of your specific waterfront property is essential.

For Instance, the contractor must understand whether to build a concrete seawall, a wooden seawall, or craft a seawall of some other materials.

Whether or not to use aluminum seawalls or steel seawalls will depend on the quality of the soil. Whether or not there is soil (as opposed to sand), the proximity of the protected property, and the surrounding area’s temperature. In essence, you will need a contractor that does not simply understand the essentials of constructing a seawall but also understands why to construct a specific type of seawall.

They should also be able to consider other factors, such as the property owners’ particular requirements in terms of aesthetics and whether they have other properties near the wall- such as docks or boat lifts.

Additionally, there are times when you, as the property owner, may not want a certain kind of seawall built on or near your property.

The contractor should be able to work within your specific requirements as well as the necessary usage to fit the environment. If that is impossible, they should be knowledgeable enough to explain why that is the case.

These same erosive powers will act against the seawall. At the same time, seawalls such as concrete seawalls are effective at keeping your property protected from natural forces.


One of the significant factors that lead to the degradation of the protective power of the seawall over time is the erosion of the ocean. The powers of erosion are unavoidable whether your seawall has concrete panels, a concrete cap or you constructed a new seawall.

When an owner want the seawalls to be built cost-effectively to protect the land and other buildings adequately. Its marine contractor duty while building a seawall that is resistant to erosion. Waves will, over time, affect your wall in the same way they might affect the nearby land. It is essential to recognize the project as a long-term investment.

Over time, cracks and other damages may occur to the structure, and it is necessary to repair the wall for property protection. A wide array of issues may occur, and maintenance may be necessary. Your contractor should be able to provide you with a deep understanding of how these waves might affect the building. And how to continue maintenance on the material.

The contractor should also be able to provide said maintenance to continue protecting your property. A vinyl construct is typically more durable than a concrete seawall.

Understanding of legal requirements

Different states have different requirements and limits for what can be done regarding the construction of these structures. In some instances, this relates to the structure’s height; in others, it relates to flood control measures in the region. As a result, you will need a contractor with full knowledge of those legal codes.

Some of these can go up to federal construction codes and even go down to municipal-level building codes. If your contractor is not knowledgeable about these things, your structure could be considered illegal and destroyed in the worst-case scenario. At best, you will be fined for breaching the building codes.

The laws accompanying building seawalls can range from legal codes relating to the appearance and materials. The structure is built to environmental concerns about the seawall construction’s impact on local wildlife. In addition, your may need to acquire proper permits to build the walls on your land. It can be essential to keep in mind how this project will work out, particularly if you have other waterfront structures, such as docks on the shoreline.

Seawalls Properties

Your property/properties are important enough to receive the protection- you do not want to go through the extra costs that legal issues will bring up. Low-quality contractors and construction companies will build seawalls without completely understanding the legal guidelines necessary to protect you from legal ramifications.

Your contractor should be discussing all the legal requirements while helping you ensure the safety and value of your property. Ocean One Marine in South Florida is such licensed company with thirty-five years plus of experience have made uniquely qualified as marine contractors in terms of Florida laws regarding seawall construction.

Respect for the environment

The ocean is one of our planet’s most essential resources. As a property owner, you are the steward of your land and can decide how you can use it. When a seawall is constructed irresponsibly, it can disrupt sea life, harm water quality, and even cause erosion to the surrounding land.

Land erosion is a severe concern to you as a property owner- that’s one of the primary reasons that you are considering a seawall in the first place. If your contractor is not responsible, they will divert the erosive power of the buildings elsewhere. 

It could lead to rocks eroding and severe damage to the surrounding environment. Certain areas are at higher risk for increased erosion. While the wall might protect your property, you should consider protecting the surrounding environment.

Cost efficiency

While cost is always a primary consideration, the function of a seawall is far too important. No matter the cost, it is necessary for the job to protect your property.

However, it is also important to you, as the homeowner, to receive a cost-effective project. Your contractor should be able to give you a realistic, good-faith quote for the project’s cost and ongoing maintenance costs.

Different materials will cost different amounts, as well. Wooden seawalls are cheaper than concrete seawalls, vinyl seawalls, or steel.

A custom seawall cost is closely related to the seawall design. Your contractor should be proficient in creating a low-cost, low-maintenance seawall, or you may end up overpaying in the long run.

A good retaining wall should be practical while minimizing seawall costs.

Working around or with specific areas, as well as particular structures, will typically increase the cost of the seawall.

Most seawalls are concrete seawalls, which can be pretty expensive, comparatively speaking. However, your contractor should work with you to minimize the cost as much as possible.

Time Efficiency

It is not easy to construct a concrete seawall or any sort of seawalls. Your contractor must have significant experience and knowledge of marine construction to accomplish things promptly.

As the property owner where construction is taking place, you need to check and see whether construction is completed quickly or not. 

Your marine contractor should be able to provide decking for you. One thing that can be important in ensuring this is getting the seawall design to work within your schedule. For seawall construcion time might increase if your wall is constructed around places like boat lifts and dock construction.

Hiring Marine Contractor

If the marine contractor hired to build your existing seawall was not punctual in building the seawall, it might be a good idea to look into an alternative contractor to repair the damages to the wall.

You own property to use or live on and likely do not want people to be building a seawall forever. It typically takes two to three weeks to build seawalls, depending on the features of the property.

If your property is in the city, it may take more time to work around all the features of the shoreline as well as acquire necessary permits. Our company only works with high-quality materials, so we understand the impact of COVID supply shortages. For Example, the steel industry has suffered from supply shortages since 2022. And it increases the time it takes marine construction companies to build steel seawalls.

Many factors can increase the time necessary to complete these complex projects. So be sure to get a willing contractor to discuss these issues openly.

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