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6 Earthy Interior design elements for your home

One of the main Zen principles is to add natural elements to your interior design


Psychologically merging earthy interior design elements will bring harmony to your life and surroundings. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a rural area or urban area, it’s our choice of action for better living. 

We all know that with this busier work schedule, it’s really hard for the home owners to maintain the earthy interior design. Putting the hard work on this concept will bring you an extraordinary outcome for long years. 

EPS Interiors in chennai offers you wide range of interior decorative services, where we offer around 1000+ designs and 100+ Products for our customers

Here are few items we can use as natural elements

  • Jute
  • Wool
  • Seagrass & Wicker
  • Natural Materials
  • Indoor Plants

Jute Earthy Interior Design:

With the help of jute we can make many items like carpet, hard curtains etc . Jute is considered as one of the affordable natural fibers, so you can get jute products even from a normal store or from online. The variety of products from jute might cross more than 100+.

Features of Jute Natural Element:

  • Low Cost, can be afforded by every segment of people.
  • Durable and will last for more years.
  • In recent times, people are working on new designs and new products.

Here are some of the products which can be derived from jute raw materials: Hessian cloth, sacking cloth, canvas, bags and geotextiles as well.

Wool Natural Elements:

Wool is considered as one of the coolest natural elements in earthy interior design. It’s really hard to get 100% natural wool, sometimes you will find mixed grades as well, so find a perfect brand and choose natural grown wool.

We have designed many interior design projects across chennai, sometimes we provide wool decorative items which improve the luxuryness of the interiors. Wool gives you royal look for you interior design

Features of Wool Natural Elements:

  • Premium product but gives you more comfort
  • Regular maintenance is needed, the positive side is the product will look as a new one.

Seagrass & Wicker Natural Elements:

Humans have been using seagrass for more than 10000 years. Humans mainly use this product for agriculture needs and for some home decoration needs.  

Some of the traditional products manufactured from seagrass are Furniture, Thatch Roofs, Bandages, Mattresses. 

In Recent times the usage of sea grass has been diversified. 

Features of Seagrass and Wicker Natural Elements:

  • Seagrass products are cheap and affordable for every class of people.
  • They are durable, we can even make sofa sets, furniture cloth bucket ets.
  • There is no need for regular maintenance, and it’s free from toxic chemicals.

Natural Materials:

When we say earthy interior design, every raw material will come into play. Whatever we source from mother nature is considered as natural materials. Some of them are Wood, Metal, Marble, Glass, Leather, Timber & Fiber Etc.,

Features of Natural Elements

  • Get the presence of mother nature inside your home.
  • There is no need for extra care like other man made objects. That’s the reason people prefer to do every product from construction to decorative items.

Indoor Plants for Earthy Interior Design:

Indoor plants play a vital role in many architecture cultures, mainly zen principles that use indoor plants for many decorative purposes. So using indoor plants is great for better living. 

If you want to mingle with mother nature, decorating earthy interior design alone will not be enough. We must add some living plants inside your home. 

Features of Indoor Plants:

  • Looks simple but gives you an effective result.
  • You bring harmony into your life.

Using Shining Materials to Boost the Earthy Interior Design:

Apart from the above checklist, this one is totally unnatural but gives you more luxuriness to your interior. Shining materials like chrome, stainless steel will give you a rich look. So adding shining material frames in wall decoration will definitely elevate the lovability of your interior design. 

We can compare the shining material with the car, the basic variant of the car will not have chrome or metallic finish but in the premium version of car we can encounter chrome doors and grills which will increase the luxuriness of the same car.


Designing your interiors with natural elements is always great which brings you a balanced life. Many Traditions insist us to integrate Natural elements in our earthy interior design. Natural elements and shining materials will really boost the lovability of interior designs.

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