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6 Proven Strategies for Clearing the NAATI CCL Exam


The NAATI CCL Test is a boon for individuals seeking an extra 5 points toward permanent residency in Australia. The test is easy, takes around 20 minutes to perform, costs less money, and the findings are ready earlier. Because it is a new exam, test takers still have concerns about what it takes to pass the NAATI-CCL exam, how to study for the NAATI CCL exam, and other issues.

In this blog, we’d like to debunk some of these concerns about NAATI CCL preparation, as well as give NAATI CCL tips and strategies that test-takers should internalize in order to pass the test and apply for Australia PR with 5 bonus points.


1. Know commonly made errors

Your test performance will be graded using a deductive marking system, which means you will be penalised for every mistake you make, even if you make the same mistake several times.

What to avoid:

  • Distortions of meaning
  • Additions
  • Grammatical errors
  • Lack of fluency

Your goal is to interpret everything spoken in the dialogues without losing sense, therefore don’t add anything or forget to interpret anything said in the dialogues. If you distort the substance of what the speakers say, you’ll lose points. It is preferable to begin using these finest NAATI CCL recommendations with the practise itself.

2. Memory skills

You’ll need a good memory for this. Yes, you have your notes to fall back on, but having good memory recall is always a plus. The most crucial thing to remember during NAATI CCL Preparation is that you are expected to not only communicate the meaning, but also to do it with a decent level of accuracy. Cover all of the terms, since any words or topics not included will result in a grade penalty.

3. Practice active listening

Active listening requires not just hearing but also understanding what is being said, as well as the context and background. Consider the dialogues in more than just the context of an exam question. 

Put yourself in the shoes of an interpreter who is mediating a discussion between an English speaker and a LOTE speaker in a variety of circumstances that may happen in everyday life in Australia. It may be anything from a chat in a doctor’s office to a parent-teacher meeting to a meeting between a lawyer and a client, and so on.

In such cases, neither side understands the other’s language. They’ll rely on your interpretation to know each other’s requirements. As a result, it’s critical that you pay attention.

Our NAATI online coaching course provides access to practice a number of such dialogues to practice and gain an exam-like experience. A number of students from every batch pass the test with help of our NAATI ccl online coaching & get 5 PR points for their PR. 

4. Speak at an even speed

Avoid talking too quickly or too slowly. Maintain a steady pace. Pauses should be avoided at all costs. During the test, pauses are seen as a sign of disinterest and a lack of confidence.

5. Improve your note-taking abilities.

You’ll have to depend primarily on your note-taking abilities. As a result, it is beneficial to plan ahead. During your NAATI CCL preparation, listen to several audio clips from TV, YouTube, or the radio and take notes, jotting down keywords and important data such as names, numbers, and locations. Develop your symbolism and shorthand.

6. Identify your weak language

Determine the language you use during the week. You must totally immerse yourself in the language in which you lack confidence. There are several internet tools available to assist you in improving your skills in the weaker language. Read literature from a variety of areas, including medical, education, law, finance, housing, and business, about talks in social circumstances in Australian society.

If you follow these amazing NAATI CCL tips and get proper practice, you will certainly do well in the exam.


If you want to clear the NAATI CCL exam, it’s important that you know your weaknesses and works on improving them. The best way to do this is through practice. You can start by practicing active listening skills with friends or family members, speaking at an even speed while maintaining eye contact, taking notes during conversations in different languages so that you’re prepared for any situation, and identifying what your weakest language maybe (if there are more than one). Which of these 6 proven strategies for clearing the NAATI CCL exam have you used?

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