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7+ Best Video Calling APIs and SDKs for Android, iOS & Web Apps

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Video calls have sparked great demand ever since the pandemic. Even before the crisis, video conferences were always considered a great means of communication. Technology has evolved and introduced solutions such as video calls. With its demand increasing, today there are multiple video calling APIs available in the market.

video conference providers are enhancing the way of virtual communication. Virtual communication was always regarded as a tool to connect loved ones, but with the pandemic, this tool has now become an important resource for businesses.

Online research states, ‘’Video calling statistics show that 76% of individuals use video calls to work remotely. Moreover, 43% of employee respondents said video communication helps their team to be more productive and bridge the distance between physical locations and teams scattered worldwide.’’

design and develop exceptional video calls within apps. The diverse customization options are exactly what raised them to popularity when compared to the already available video calling apps.

To help you get started with the right one, we conducted all the research on your behalf and have listed the 8 best video API providers. Let’s get started.

Video Calling APIs: Why Do They Matter?

For instance, your team can have a meeting with a client in Germany via video call. There is no need to travel and only requires an internet connection to get started. API on the other hand is more towards backend support, stands for application programming interface. It caters to your request, sends it to the system, and returns it to you with the response.

Before we head to understanding video calling APIs, let’s break down the terminologies in two. As you’re aware that video conferencing helps you connect with another user with the use of telecommunication tools.

To help you choose the best video conference provider, the below list will be your guide:

1. MirrorFly

MirrorFly is a both SaaS & self-hosted communication API provider. It offers real-time video, chat, and audio calling for web and mobile apps. It helps its users build HQ live video calling experiences with MirrorFly video calling API and SDK for web and mobile apps. With 100% customization available, CONTUS MirrorFly offers 150+ video chat features to enhance the experience.

The reason why CONTUS MirrorFly is growing popular amongst multiple users is because once they have a clear understanding of the type of communication you’re looking for, they build a highly scalable and unsurpassed video chat app.

Every feature offered serves a purpose which in turn helps users like you experience exceptional video calling experience. Whether you belong to the gaming industry or education or even media, CONTUS MirrorFly has a complete dedicated video calling solution for all.

When compared to other competitors, CONTUS MirrorFly hits the list of offering complete video conferencing services that meet the expectations of brands like yours.

Top Features:

2. Twilio

Twilio lets you build memorable video experiences with their video calling solution. Their applications are customizable, scalable, and highly flexible to get started.

To ensure that they deliver unique video experiences for all their users, they offer a mix of video room configurations to cater to all types of needs.

Twilio also offers SMS build-up for its users based on real-time engagement and scalability.

Top Features:

3. Vonage

Vonage which was previously known as Tokbox OpenTok helps you create richer customer experiences with its video API solution.

With Vonage creating a custom video experience is simple on any device such as mobile, web, or desktop. Since it is built on WebRTC industry standards, the application will be available on any device.

Vonage caters to multiple industries such as healthcare, education, and more.

Top Features:

4. Eyeson

Eyeson lets you embed video communication into your business with its high-performing API. It’s easy to get started with Eyeson as it only requires 3 steps.

Eyeson also offers cloud services that scale worldwide.

This API provider offers tons of benefits such as secure privacy options, patented unique single stream technology, and more.

Top Features:

5. Agora

Agora is an affordable real-time communication provider for web solutions that develop SDKs and APIs. With its video SDK, any user can embed real-time video chat into native apps, web, and even mobile.

It allows users to expand its engagement option by real-time voice, video, messaging, and even with live streaming products.

With its reality facial masks and filtering, Agora offers users the ability to customize their appearance in live videos.

Top Features:

6. PubNub

PubNub is a real-time in-app chat and communication platform.

The tool helps you build scalable apps that enable real-time interactions without thinking about the infrastructure.

PubNub also outsources a few of its products to its clients such as customizable chat, chat UI support, and more. Since they have a powerful research team, creating APIs for their users has always been successful.

Top Features:

7. Mega Meeting

Mega Meeting offers secure video conferencing and webinar services. Since it is 100% web-based, there is no need to download it.

Meta Meeting lets you build your video chat application as well as register your users in order to send them email reminders about the webinars they signed up for. This API provider is simple to use as it lets create, edit as well as join meetings easily.

Mega Meeting offers tons of features such as secure video conferencing links, quick screen sharing, responsive user interface, and much more.

8. Voxeet

Voxeet is a division of Dolby and with their API solution, they aim to enhance the customer experience of their users. The tool lets you build HD video in apps and offers features to enhance the purpose of the communication.

Voxeet offers free trials for its users so that you can completely trust the platform before investing in them, hence giving you the liberty to explore better.

Voxeet offers multiple features such as screen share, high-end security measures, and more. This API provider suits any kind of industry and supports iOS and Android platforms as well.

9. Video SDK.Live

Video SDK is a powerful video calling API that helps developers facilitate live audio and video experiences on any platform within minutes. This list of satisfied customers includes Wistia, Kajabi, Miss Malini, and many others. With 10 mins easy setup, around 2500 developers vouch for Video conferencing API.


Online research stated, ‘’63% of employees think video conferences will be a wider used format compared to artificial reality and virtual reality. Additionally, 55% believe it will be more important than automation and robotics. When it comes to voice assistants, 69% think video will be more important or equal to voice assistance.’’

Video calls are the future of communication and the popularity of video conferencing API providers is proof. You now have the top 8 best video conferencing API providers list at the moment?

Has one of the API providers caught your attention?

Which API provider are you planning to get started with first?

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