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7 refreshing mountain stations to tour in Karnataka

It is said that Karnataka State is covered in the most stunning, fantastic, and beautiful secrets of South India. Karnataka is India’s eighth largest state; it is home to majestic monuments, peaceful shrines, waterfalls, and calm mountain ranges which provide hikers, hiking travelers, and families with a wonderful experience on holiday. Look for the different packages of South India to alleviate all the tension of your trip and concentrate on enjoying your time.

If you are looking for a great time in the Ghats, this is the list of 7 top hill station destinations in Karnataka:

  1. Coorg

It is definitely is one of Karnataka’s best hill resorts. There headquarters is situated around 1170 m above sea level in the Kodagu District. Has been spread over acres of hills, ravines, waterfalls, and thick forest. It is also a tourist and walking destination for people due to its topography. Do not forget to take the hillside with coffee and tea plantations or oranges when visiting this location. In addition to scenic mountain ranges and plantations, tourists can visit Irpu falls, the Temple of Omkareshwar, the peak of Brahmin, and many more places. You’re in for a blast at Coorg with all these places and some of the offbeat spots.

  1. BR Hills

Not only a hill but also one of Karnataka’s best honeymoon spots, BR Hills is located to the southeast of Karnataka. This is often visited by newly married couples and shares its border with Tamil Nadu. Biligirirangana Hills is located at the confluence of western and Eastern Ghats at an altitude of around 1200 meters above sea level. Visiting BR Hills provides lots of interesting sights, sport, incredible flora accommodation, and a mix of mouthwatering cuisines both from the United States (Karnataka & Tamil Nadu). 

  1. Kemmanagundi

Kemmanagundi is a beautiful, small hill resort near Mangalore. This hill station is situated under the glorious Baba Budan Range, also known as the Puranas of India as Chandra Drona Parvatha. Ideally, tourists will enjoy their time here during the weekend amid nature and serene surroundings. Between November and May is the best time to visit this hill station in Karnataka. Be sure to add Raj Bhavan, Hebbe Falls, Baba Budan Hill, Bhadra Tiger Reserve Rock Garden, Kalhattagiri Falls, and Z Point as you plan your trip to this location. It is also worth mentioning.

  1. Agumbe

It is a sin to speak about the fantastic mountain resorts of Karnataka rather than to visit Agumbe. Agumbe is one of the best hill stations in Karnataka, falling in Karnataka District Shimoga. It is not only the plant and fauna of this location that attracts globetrotters, but the savory weather, landscapes, and food, popularly known as the Cherrapunji of southern India. This charming destination is home to medicinal plants on an elevation of approximately 2750 meters. Visiting Agumbe for every reason guarantees a marvelous time for lovers of adventure, family trips, or a friendly trip.

  1. Kodachadri

Kodachadri is a rejuvenating place for tourists as the whole place is quiet and picturesque. All here is amazing, from the food stalls to the accommodation. The Karnataka government also proclaims Kodachadri as a natural heritage. The hill station draws visitors every year, although it is an off-beat destination. This is a very popular hill station in Karnataka, nestled between stunning scenery, thick forests, and the majestic Western Ghats. Treks, cycling, sightseeing, and other wonderful activities can be enjoyed during your visit. 

  1. Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur is Karnataka’s historic mountain station. This was given as a dowry to the daughter of the Chief of Sakrepatna, translated as ‘Youth Daughter’s Town.’ There will be no place where you will not smell coffee until you reach the destination. Trekking, climbing, bicycling, trails can be enjoyed here as well as many sports.

  1. Kakkabe

If you were an ardent photographer, visit Kakkabe, one of Madikeri’s most visited slopes in the Karnataka district, which should certainly be yours.  It is also recognized as the largest producer of sweet honey in South East Asia. Marked by paddy fields with numerous hued areas, wild orchids, and thick woods; take your raincoats on. Rock climbing is one sport that people love. Before you try, you have a clear knowledge of how you use all the equipment in hand.

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