8 Unusual yet Striking Color Combos for Men

Grays, blues, and blacks – these are common shades found in every man’s wardrobe because they are safe. Anything else is a risk especially for men who don’t like experimenting with color or colors.

While this neutral trifecta remains dominant, trends are changing. Men’s fashion world has started exploring new regions of the color wheel. Assuming you have mastered the neutral color palette, and ready to test new colors because spring is around the corner, there’s a whole color wheel waiting for you.

Let’s explore the top color combinations that surprisingly pair well:

1: Red and Pink

If you don’t want to catch the attention of the crowd, then avoid pairing colors that are too close to each other. This is what color therapy says but fashion experts say otherwise. According to them, the easiest combination for summer is red and pink.  No wonder many forward-thinking designers have thrown this combination into their collection.

Since these shades are close to one another, you will have to dial up the contrast as per your tone. Try rose pink and scarlet red, for instance. A rose-pink tee with khaki pants is an excellent combination but when you are in the mood for wearing something eye-catching, go for a pink t-shirt with red shorts and rock the punchy look!

2: Pink and Green 

This is a combination widely seen in nature. Transferring this to an outfit may require shifting the shade slightly. Pale pink and military green is an amazing combination. Chiwetel Ejiofor and Jonah Hill have been seen pulling off this combination so effortlessly.

The key is to match the strength of the pink shade with the other item for a subtle interpretation of color. Need some inspiration? Wear a green jacket over a faded pink tee. This color combination can be worn from summer through autumn.

3: Green and Yellow Color

Green and yellow are neighbors on the color wheel which means they look close to each other. To wear this combination the right way, go for a weaker shade of yellow and pair it deep green. On the other hand, if you are up for a paler shade of green, go for a sharper shade of yellow such as mustard. Keep this rule in mind while picking outfits.

4: Yellow and Purple 

Both these colors are opposite on the color wheel so the combination of yellow and purple looks wonderful. These colors are more suited to murals, which is probably why LA Lakers’ jerseys are yellow and purple. This combination is better worn as accents.

When wearing these two colors, you must consider the texture of the fabrics because these shades can be overwhelming. Fabrics like linen, cashmere, and corduroy are perfect.

5: Red and Orange

These sunrise colors are not for everyone. Only the charismatic cult can rock them. Since these shades are closer to each other, you must differentiate them through texture or shade. The more confidently you wear this color, the dapper you will look.

A bright red t-shirt with a rusty suede jacket is the perfect outfit idea.

6: White and Khaki Color

White is a warm-weather color whereas Khaki works well for both hot and cool climates. For a sharp look, team khaki blazer with linen relaxed fit white T-shirt. Slim khaki trousers and chocolatey loafers with tassels will complete the look of a gentleman.

7: Neon and Black Color

This is the best contrast in the list. Black makes a bright hue appear even brighter. Neon is a punchy category that is tricky to pull off.

The key to rock this combination is to make a strong contrast between neon and semi-smart black ensemble. Neon will give a jolt to something plain and boring. Consider wearing a neon t-shirt under a black suit. Make sure neon is the frosting. That means you can’t contrast neon trousers with a black tee.

8: Blue and Green Color

Blue and green used to be the colors forbidden to be seen together. But stylists believe sky blue and sea green are the best combinations in the world. In summer, you can pair a cotton buttoned muted emerald shirt with dusty navy trousers. Top the look with camel suede shoes or be bold enough to wear white sneakers.

This combination isn’t just for summer, but cooler weather. A navy undershirt with a khaki green military jacket is a perfect look for evenings.


You can always stick to the neutral palette and play it safe but this will only get you so far. Black, blue and gray have their place in men’s wardrobes for sure but if you keep wearing them daily, you will be falling into the trap of wearing a uniform. This is a pretty boring approach to styling.

Color up your world by choosing bold colors that look magnificent together.

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