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Computers and Technology

9 Tips and Tricks for PHP Developers to Keep in Mind

PHP is the most popular and widely used server-side programming language, powering over 80% of active websites. There are at least 20 million domains that use this language; some of the most popular websites using PHP include Facebook, Zoom, and Wikipedia. In fact, there are several reasons to use PHP. In fact, there are several reasons to use PHP: it is open; it supports a variety of frameworks; it has a simple syntax; PHP development tools are available; it has built-in libraries, methods, functions, and classes; and it has large community support. For these reasons, most business owners prefer PHP developers when it comes to web development.

Challenges for Developers

However, with the increasing use of PHP and the growing number of websites using PHP, it has also become very important for developers to make the most out of the programming language to create competitive, lightweight, attractive and powerful websites. Equally important is the successful development of a seamless and error-free website and the timely delivery of the website to the customer. Here are some tips and guidelines that developers should follow for effective and successful website development in PHP.

Use PHP frameworks.

PHP supports a wide range of frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, WordPress, Yii, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, etc., which make website development more efficient and easier. Using these frameworks can also reduce coding and increase the speed of website development. They are PHP-based frameworks with a well-organized structure. By using these frameworks, developers can use a website development model that is much better than the traditional custom PHP coding style.

Using a good PHP source code editor can save you a lot of time.

Editors can also save you a lot of development time. Editors make it easy to recreate code, prompt, debug code, and navigate through code. Some editors include Sublime Text, Notepad++, and Komodo edit. And you need to choose the right one for your project.

Use single quotes, not double-quotes.

Always use single quotes, not double-quotes. Single quotes in strings are preferred because the parser does not need to search for escaped characters in PHP code. Double quotes can also cause problems with HTML tags and related syntax.

Do not comment out code frequently.

Commenting out code is a good thing, but commenting out code too often is not advisable. Only comment out complex parts of the code so that it can be understood.

Follow OOP.

An object is a class that can be used repeatedly in programming. Object-oriented programming (OOP) is simpler, faster, and easier to debug; OOP helps you code less, load faster, and use fewer server resources. Therefore, it is a good idea to use OOP when creating a website with PHP.

Use PHP’s built-in classes and functions.

There are several built-in classes and functions. If you want to implement the same functionality or logic defined in a function or class, it is better to use the class or function name. It also saves you time, keeps your code clean, and allows you to write less code.

Include error reporting.

Always enable error reporting when coding. This ensures that all errors are displayed. It also makes it easier for developers to find, fix, and remove errors quickly.

Use POST instead of GET.

Although GET is easier to use when implementing features such as pagination, using POST is more secure and prevents PHP websites from being hacked.

Replace IF statements with Switch.

Instead of using long IF statements in code fragments, it is recommended to use the switch function. The switch statement executes the code line by line or statement by statement, and when PHP receives a true case statement at runtime, it not only executes that particular code or statement, but also automatically executes subsequent case statements up to the last switch statement and line statements automatically.

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