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A Complete Guide on EHR Software

When choosing Electronic Health Records Software, you want to ensure you get the best product. intelyConnect makes this process easy by providing multiple demos of our Electronic Health Records Software. 

These demo videos show you how we can assist your organization by improving your efficiency and effectiveness. 

Electronic health records software helps to improve patient safety, quality care, and satisfaction. In addition, its rapid deployment allows you to work in your existing EHR while transitioning to a full EHR solution.

What is EHR Software?

An electronic health record (EHR) software is a systematic compilation of available patient data like medical details, history, treatments, and other information that may share among numerous providers. 

EHR software allows a patient’s medical records to follow them around. It should be able to recognize the allergies and drug interactions to avoid side effects. 

This also helps review previous medical history and visits to one doctor/hospital, reducing the time required for the next visit. It increases the efficiency of doctors and staff while reducing costs with improved accuracy.

Why does healthcare need EHR software?

Electronic health records (EHR) are important in healthcare information technology. EHR software is an electronic system that keeps track of patient health records like diseases, medicines, and other treatments and activities. 

EHR can help physicians think out of the box by providing quality service to patients and ensuring efficiency for the hospital, clinic, or healthcare facility. It can be designed to help your medical facility more efficiently and effectively. 

During these pandemic times, EHR systems have swiftly become the industry standard across the board, regardless of specialty, because EHR is becoming increasingly popular in the healthcare industry. 

intelyConnect has compiled a list of the top three reasons. EHR software is faster. These are: 

  • Greater Usability: 

As the market for behavioral health, EHR technology has grown, especially, and specifically, EHR solutions have emerged. 

It can be better equipped to maximize productivity and assist behavioral health practitioners in providing better patient care. For various reasons, improved usability in an EHR is critical. 

Aside from increased productivity, EHR software with high usability scores will help transition from paper to electronic records. In that case, many clinicians will face when implementing health IT solutions for the first time.

Usability and a clear grasp of EHR advantages are the major drivers in growing health IT adoption across the health community. According to a recent study published in Perspectives in Health Information Management.

  • Integrated Care:

With the advent of value-based care in healthcare, integrated care between behavioral and physical health communities has become more important. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, this care strategy is crucial for several reasons.

About half of all mental health care for common psychiatric diseases is provided in primary care settings, such as a doctor’s office. Adults with major mental illnesses and substance use disorders. They are more likely to develop persistent physical illnesses and die younger than the general population.

People who suffer from common physical ailments are also more likely to suffer from mental illnesses. The usage of EHR is one of the best methods to encourage better integrated, collaborative care between the two populations. 

  • Improved Care Coordination:

EHR software is highly advantageous for clinics since it enables communication among clinicians. In addition, it helps to reduce unnecessary duplication of services.

For example, a patient may not be able to tell if they are receiving unnecessary care. It must rely on professionals to ensure efficient delivery of services.

It’s no wonder health practitioners are adopting health IT solutions like EHR technology. Given the clinical and financial stakes at higher rates than in previous years.

List of EHR software providers:


intely allows healthcare practitioners and organizations to interact with other digital health products and patients in just a few clicks

It lowers the barrier to entry into the healthcare market for Digital Health products, providers, patients, and developers by breaking down technological hurdles. 

intely’s easy-to-use, the secure platform makes it easier to grow, integrate, and automate workflows for better interoperability. We create many integration platforms and as well applications that help patients easily. 


Allscripts is a publicly listed provider of practice management, electronic health records (EHR), and financial management systems for small and medium-sized hospitals and physician practices. 

Most clinical care fields are covered by Allscripts products, including emergency departments, surgery, anesthesia, population health, and more.


Athenahealth is a publicly-traded company relatively new to the healthcare IT market. A new athenahealth was founded in 2019, bringing together two healthcare technology firms with decades of experience: athenahealth, Inc. and Virence Health. 

We have a large, nationwide footprint because of our combined technology, analysis, skills, and customer base. As a result, we’re uniquely positioned to unlock and analyze healthcare data throughout the country.


Michael Nusimow and Daniel Kivatinos founded Drchrono in 2009. Two laser-focused inventors who first-hand experienced the hardships of the present healthcare system. At the same time, assisting family members through serious diagnoses. 

As a result, they resolved to eliminate the administrative hurdles that sap time, energy, and passion from today’s providers’ work. As a result, every physician and patient will be able to thrive in the future.


Medhost improves health IT delivery and HIPAA security with technology management assistance and cloud technologies. As a result, avoid hardware capital expenses upfront, uncover cost-effective alternatives, and give your facility more growth-focused flexibility.

Highly skilled personnel can control and maintain your system and software applications over a secure high-speed connection with Medhost direct.

Benefits of EHR software:

Reduced Storage:

Paper records take up a lot of space compared to digital documents. But, according to healthcare experts, all documents must preserve in files, and information must keep up to date.

The storage facilities at the clinic will be inundate with files and records, forcing more workers to keep and retrieve them.

Increased Accuracy: 

One strategic initiative health facilities use to improve overall efficiency in converting paper to electronic health records.

Medical mistakes such as poor handwriting and inadequate recording are typical in a paper-based medical record system. Unfortunately, such errors can wreak havoc on a clinic’s operations and possibly legal issues.

Reduced Operational Cost:

At any given time, a healthcare facility’s ultimate purpose is to optimize its operations by producing revenue while lowering expenditures. As a result, every change that lowers operational expenses is highly regarded. 

Clinical content consultants are crucial in supporting companies with cost-cutting efforts. For example, the cost of implementing electronic health records reduce with a consultant’s help. As a result, the organization will gain both short and long term.

Ease of Access:

Working in a paper storage facility is one of the most uncomfortable places, especially when looking for a certain file. It will always be difficult to track down a certain document unless there is a systematic, efficient technique for identifying the files.

On the other hand, electronic medical records provide virtually unlimited access and retrieval. Physicians may access a patient’s file and trace their medical history quickly and easily.

Security of Medical Records:

One of the advantages of telemedicine for patients is that their medical records will be safe and secure. 

Although electronic medical records have variable degrees of vulnerability, their security is ensured by several layers of protection. It makes EHR records safer and more secure.


intelyConnect electronic health record (EHR) is designed specifically for healthcare services. The primary features of EHR are Practice Management, Patient Portal, Telehealth, Scheduling, Charting, Clinical Reports, and so on.

All of these are very versatile and adaptive to the changing trends in the healthcare organization. Connect with us for long-term use of EHR software. 

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Davinci is a research-based contributor for intely, providing content specifically in the Healthcare IT and Digital Health space.

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