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A Complete Guide On Grocery Delivery App Development

The online grocery delivery service is the fastest-growing online category and great service that you can always count on. There are a number of well-known multinational retailers in the market, like Walmart and Amazon. Both of these companies are growing their grocery delivery platforms in cities all over the world. There are some must-have features when it comes to delivery app development

The best grocery delivery apps, such as Instacart, Amazon Fresh, and Kroger, have all the right features and functions. In 2025, the market value of online grocery sales is expected to be around 150 billion U.S. dollars.

21 Must-Have Features For Your Grocery Delivery App Development


1. Easy and social sign-in

If you want to make a grocery delivery app, you have to have a way for people to sign in. Users can log in in different ways, such as:

  • Signing in through Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Sign in with your phone number
  • Sign in with your email and password

Businesses can keep track of their customers’ information with these logins. For example, you can send a customer notification, update, or new offer to their email address and phone number, etc. With the right information about a customer, a business can tell if a user is real or not.

2. Display Product

Whenever a customer visits your platform they must-have a product or service listing which will recognize what you are offering. In the grocery app development, you must have product listing with their category and subcategory with complete details. So that customers are able to find us and order their specific things from your platform.

3. Must have Product/Service Description

The product listing describes the grocery store’s offerings, while the product description provides additional information about each item. This informs buyers about the product’s purpose and features, allowing them to decide if they need it.

4. Advanced Search 

With advanced search, you can look through thousands of products to find the ones you want. With advanced and smart search features, on-demand grocery app development can run smoothly. 

5. Product Recommendation 

You may have seen this helpful feature on some online shopping sites. With this feature, the app shows the list of recommended products based on the customer’s search preferences. This is the main thing that draws people’s attention and lets them see more products. 

6. Picture Quality

Customers are always drawn to high-quality images. Make sure that the product description includes a high-quality image that shows off your brand.

7. Add to Cart

After searching the products, customers decide to buy that specific item right now or later or will not buy it. Just click “Add to cart” for many or one product, that will help you to keep your products in one list and later you can buy it. Also, that will notify you that the product is out of stock or in stock.

8. Add to Favorite

Products can be added to Favorites based on your preferences. Customers can add their favorite items to Favorites and buy them later. This will improve the user experience and features for everyone involved in online grocery delivery app development.

9. Share Products & Shopping List

Customers can share specific products and their shopping with other people they know through Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram, and other apps. This will help you learn about more products and bring more people to your site. Customers can tell their contacts about your platform by sharing it on another app.

10. Offer/Voucher/Discount/Coupon

This is the best way to get a lot of customers at any time. Most customers look for the best products at the best prices, and this feature makes it easy for them to apply a coupon to their total orders. Customers can use the coupon code on the total amount and get a deal at a lower price.

11. Order

When a customer is happy with all the information about a product, they should be able to go to an order screen where they can place an order and see all the other products they are going to buy. This will help them know what they are buying.

12. Payment Option

Online shopping makes it easy to find the best way to pay. One must add secure ways to pay, such as credit cards, cash on delivery, mobile wallets, and any gateway. This would make it easy and convenient for customers to buy things.

Ask the person who made your grocery shopping app for your phone to add easy payment options.

13. Add Address & location

When making a grocery app, you need to be able to add the customer’s address or location where they want their groceries delivered. This address helps the delivery person find out where or where the customer lives.

14. Schedule Delivery

Customers must be able to use the schedule feature, which lets them choose a date and time that works for them at the given address. If grocery stores have scheduled a date and time, it will be easier for them to bring food to their door.

15. Reward Point

To keep a customer interested in your grocery app, give them points or cashback every time they pay. That will help get people to come in.

16. Membership

They have a lot of good things to offer, like free shipping. Memberships can be paid for all at once or every month. Customers who choose a membership that works for them will get free delivery on time.

17. Push Notification

This great feature, called “Push Notification,” is meant to get people to use the grocery app and get them more involved. Grocery stores can tell customers about sales, discounts, payments that are still due, orders that have been placed, orders for delivery, payments that have been made, and payments that have already been made.

18. Find a store close by

The customer must be able to find nearby grocery stores automatically based on his or her current geolocation. Also, the customer can choose a certain part of the application by touching it.

19. Track Order

Track order features let customers know where their orders are at all times. Customers can track their orders to find out where the delivery agent is once the order has been placed and paid for.

20. Map Integration

Ask the company that made your grocery shopping app to add the map to your app. A map would show you how to go to a specific location, allowing the customer, delivery person, or vendor to track the location.

21. Review, rating, and feedback, as well as customer service

After delivering the order to the customer’s door, a grocery store can ask for a review or feedback about the service. This will help the store improve the quality of its service.

And customer support is a must for every platform. This lets customers ask questions or report problems, and grocery stores can help with it.

Hire A Grocery Delivery App Development Company 

Apptunix Technologies is the best-in-class company that makes on-demand grocery delivery apps. We help make a platform where people can buy and sell groceries, vegetables, and other things online. We make a platform for customers, grocery stores, several vendors, and admin.

Hire the best on-demand grocery app development team, which can give you a way to shop for groceries online. We provide you with the best grocery delivery app development with the most cost-effective solutions.


As we have listed all the features that a grocery app must have, you can think of more if you want. On-demand grocery apps are extremely popular and will benefit you in a variety of ways, as everyone requires the essentials.


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