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All you need to know about CBD tincture

CBD has been delivering their calming agent properties as far back in the 80s by few estimates & ancient world by the rest. With this, an endless list of formulations has come up from capsules & oils to seltzers & lotions – each of them promising to be more effective than the existing. CBD Tincture though stay shrouded in mystery owing to their old apothecary style packaging and more likely due to the way they are taken i.e just a few drops at once under tongue.

Tieraona Low Dog, an expert and MD in the field of herbal medicine & women’s health & Kevin Hill, Director of Addiction Psychiatry at a Medical Centre got to the bottom of tinctures.

However, before we discuss CBD tinctures, let us explore what CBD is.

What is CBD?

Cannabis plant consist of various chemicals, which include over 120 CBD or cannabinoids, Hill stated. Of these cannabinoids, 2 are very familiar, THC, which results in euphoric impact or high experience & CBD or cannabidiol, which has anti seizure, anti inflammatory, analgesic properties, anxiety relieving and other features as per Low Dog.

At the plant level, 2 chemicals function as opposites, where CBD act as a buffer to THC effect. This is a kind of yin & yang situation where THC is solely responsible for turning one high & CBD does not do this, as explained by Hill.

What are CBD tinctures particularly?

Herbal tincture is produced by utilizing a mix of water and alcohol for extracting compounds from plants – in the case of cannabis plants. There are times when you find the extracts known as tinctures being used as vinegar, glycerin or even oil as solvent in place of alcohol. Low Dog states that ‘CBD tinctures offer the benefit of being an alcohol free substance, however they might not all the time offer similar potency as alcohol water extract.

Ingredients used in CBD tinctures & what are their advantages?

CBD tinctures usually are made from very high CBD hemp strains with up to 70% alcohol & are basically utilized to assist relieve anxiety & ease pain. Tinctures are very convenient and have a long shelf life & are absorbed very easily when they are taken under one’s tongue. Dose can get adjust by decreasing or increasing the number of drops taken. Apart from this, CBD flowers are another great option to treat anxiety and pain related issues..

While there are several promises regarding CBD preparations of all types, there is still a great deal of research left to be conducted. Despite this, there are a lot of medical benefits of CBD. Note that CBD tincture can be used for treating the listed:

– Insomnia
– Hyperglycemia (Diabetes levels/very high sugar)
– Psoriasis
– Nervous system degeneration
– Artery blockage
– Convulsion
– Psoriasis
– Bacterial growth
– Cancer cell growth
– Bone degeneration
– Convulsions
– Psychosis
– Seizures
– Muscle spasms
– Psychosis
– Chronic pain
– Inflammation
– Anxiety
– Vomiting & nausea
– Low appetite

Thus, CBD helps reduce pain and inflammation, which makes it extremely suitable for treating physical issues. Moreover, CBD endows unique effects on brain activity, which makes it perfect for treating neurological disorders such as panic disorder, phobia, GAD, OCD, and other diseases.

How must one use CBD tincture?

CBD tincture of any kind is the easiest and discreet kind of product available. This is because just a few drops of CBD tincture liquid needs to be poured under one’s tongue. However, keep in mind to hold CBD tincture liquid in your mouth and avoid swallowing it.

Once the CBD drops are dissolved under one’s tongue, they get absorbed in sublingual arteries where the CBD travels through the external carotid artery to one’s artery and then to one’s brain. Whole process, straight from when one administer the CBD drop till one understands its impact – takes nearly 15 minutes.

Effect from CBD tincture is slower in comparison to smoking the same substance, but it is faster than being use as an edible.

CBD tincture or CBD oil – which product you should prefer?

Tincture might offer a vast range of compounds through hemp besides oil extraction. Those consumers who are sensitive to alcohol mostly prefer to use hemp oil over CBD tincture. Though both can be topically used, hemp oil usually is simpler to apply & is less irritating.

However, note that CBD oil when used on skin cannot be absorb by your bloodstream, which can be absorb only by the use of CBD tincture.


CBD oil consists of cannabidiol as oil base/carrier. CBD tincture, on the other side, comes with an alcohol base. Irrespective of their bases, both of them mimic similar therapeutic properties. They get widely utilize to relieve stress, inflammation, anxiety etc.

Ingestion measure

CBD oil is ingest utilizing vape process while CBD tincture can simply be ingest by blending it in food owing to their alcohol base.


If consumed orally, note that CBD oil has completely an annoying taste. Unlike tincture, CBD oil when consumed when endow an oily taste. Tincture, on other hand, comes in various flavors such as peach, chocolate, vanilla and others & facilitate instant absorption when consumed sublingually by putting the liquid under one’s tongue.


Price of the CBD substance is dependent upon its potency, strength, extraction process etc. As basic trend, expense of CBD oil & CBD tincture roughly is of the same price. However, note that good quality CBD oil can be expensive as compared to tincture.

Shelf life

As compared to the CBD oil, CBD tinctures provide extended shelf life because they are made from isopropyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol, which serves as preservatives. You can sense expired CBD oil if it starts forming a foggy/cloudy substance over the oil. For extending the CBD product’s life, ensure to keep it away from sunlight.


Consumption processes of both tincture and oil are highly discreet with nearly zero psychoactive effects. Commonly, to take the decision between tincture and oil depends on one’s preference.

Irrespective of whether you fret regarding its taste, idea of consuming CBD or its price, there are numerous benefits of consuming CBD infused substances for maintaining one’s overall health.

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