Amazonite Beads For Jewelry Making

Gemstones are naturally beautiful, and the properties of these rocks have been used for centuries to help heal, soothe, and maintain balance in the body. Wearing these minerals is said to be beneficial for reducing anxiety, balancing blood sugar levels, and even help regenerate tissue. The healing properties of amazonite beads are closely linked to their chemical structure and the energies they provide. The chemical composition of a stone can not only determine what type of crystal it is but also its healing attributes, as well as what colors it appears as in the stone world. 

History of Amazonite

Amazonite is a relatively new mineral and very hard to find in nature. It is known as the Amazon stone, named after the Amazon warriors who wore amazonite as an amulet in ancient times. The name ‘amazonite’ also derives from the word ‘Amazon,’ which is a race of warrior women that lived around ancient Greece. However, there are no records about whether amazonite was used by Amazon warriors as an amulet or not.

For example, Amazonite is a member of the Feldspar group that contains molecules made up of Aluminum Silicate. Amazonite is a green variety of microcline feldspar that forms in various tints, ranging from blue-green to yellow-green. It’s also one of the most popular gemstones that can be used in bridal jewelry. 

Amazonite Geological Properties

It is sometimes used as a gemstone because of its beautiful green color. It is also used as jewelry because it is said to bring mental and emotional balance to its owner. Amazonite forms when hot water rises out of volcanic vents at the bottom of the ocean and drips into gorges filled with silica-rich water.

Here are 10 more fascinating facts on this fantastic greenstone: 

  1. One such gemstone is amazonite – a semiprecious stone found mostly as a dyke cutting across the surface of quarries or in veins. It is a variety of microcline feldspar that can be found in different colors, ranging from blue to green to yellow .
  2. In fact, amazonite originated from ancient Sanskrit words which means ” river of waters .” This suggests that the mineral may be an ancient one. It is also said that the name derives from the name of Amazons (female warriors) who used Amazonite as an amulet for protection against evil spirits.
  3. It is known for its healing, cleansing, and soothing properties. The stone is said to reduce anxiety, balance blood sugar levels, heal skin problems (including acne), and help regenerate tissue.
  4. For thousands of years amazonite has been carved into jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets. It has also been decorated with intricate carving on the surface of the stones to make it more attractive.
  5. It is a member of the Feldspar group which contains molecules made up of Aluminum Silicate. The mica content of amazonite is responsible for the unique coloring and healing properties of the mineral.
  6. When it is found in large crystals, amazonite can often be extremely bright and milky-looking, but when it comes from smaller crystal grains, it takes on a more neutral greenish color.
  7. This is a tough mineral and can survive on all environments without treatment; therefore its toughness is likely the reason amazonite was used as an amulet during many ancient times. Because of its toughness, amazonite is also said to be a great stone for healing.
  8. It was probably the reason why many ancient people believed that amazonite possesses protective and healing properties.

Healing and metaphysical properties of Amazonite

This is among the few stones that are said to have healing and metaphysical properties. Some scientists speculate that the reason why amazonite was believed to have metaphysical properties is because of its hardness, toughness, and ability to survive in many extreme environments.

It also symbolizes strength and courage, which explains why it was believed to be worn by warriors as an amulet. Amazonite beads are available in many colors, white being the most common one.

What is Amazonite Known For?

This is also known for bringing about positive changes from the inside and out. It will help you attract what you need in life, including love, career success, and stability. It can also help you become more organized in your work and personal life. Amazonite can also be used as a tool for balancing your emotions.

You can pair amazonite with other stones to incorporate their healing properties to support the already powerful capabilities of amazonite. Some other stones that work well with amazonite include moonstone, citrine, turquoise, yellow jasper, and rose quartz.

Can Amazonite be Worn Every Day?

These beads are safe to wear every day, but if you are pregnant, consult a doctor before doing so.  The jewelry made of Amazonite Beads may not be ideal for everyday wear, as it might turn your skin green if worn for a long period of time. But if taken care of with proper care and maintenance, they can last with you for a long time. 

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