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An in-depth discussion on The Dark Web

The Dark Web

The dark web is a collective term used to refer to hidden internet sites that are accessible only by a specialized Dark Web Browser. It is basically used for keeping Internet activity private, and it can be helpful both in the case of legal and illegal applications. Though some people use the dark web for evading government censorship, still there are people who utilize the dark web only for highly illegal activities.

For understanding what is the dark web is more specifically, it is important to have an idea about surface web and deep web as well.

Surface Web:-

The internet has millions of web pages, servers, and databases which run all day long. From a statistical standpoint, the surface web or the visible internet is a collection of websites that you can access through search engines like Google and Yahoo, and that make up only 5% of the total Internet. It is easy to locate surface web websites as search engines can index the web through visible links.

Deep Web:-

The deep web accounts for more than 90% of all websites and it rests below the surface web. This is much larger than the surface web and is like an iceberg beneath the water. As this hidden web is so large, it is impossible to discover how many websites are active at a time. This web-only includes a potion we know as Dark Web.

Here we will talk about some of the largest portions of the deep web:

Deep web pages are unidentifiable by search engines. Deep web websites are concealed with passwords and security walls. The hidden content on this web is safer. From blog post-in review, pending web pages, redesign, and pages that you access for online banking are a part of the deep web. These pages pose no threat to the computer and are hidden from the surface browser for protecting the user information and privacy such as-

Deep web safety is more in comparison to dark web safety. In the case of the second one you can easily end up in dangerous portions by accident but that is not the case with the first one, some portions of the deep web you can access through normal Internet browsers.

Dark Web:-

The dark web refers to the sites which are only accessible through special web browsers. These websites are not indexed. It is smaller than the surface web and includes a portion of the deep web. It is the most concealed portion of the deep web. Let us have a look at its layers:

Though the Dark web has always been linked to illegal activity, still there are legal parties also who have made use of this framework.

Now we will discuss some of the well-known web browsers that are used for anonymous web surfing:

1)The Tor Browser:-

Tor is a dark internet open source browser available for Windows, Mac, Linux computers, and Android mobile devices. Tor browser was the first web browser of the darknet and is the most secure way to start browsing the dark internet using an anonymous deep web browser.

This browser has several layers of privacy similar to an onion, so it is known as the onion browser. When you will be accessing the Tor Network, you will always be using a version of this hidden web browser and you will need VPN if you want to maintain anonymity while using this browser.

2) Subgraph OS:-

It is a deep web browser based on the Tor darknet browser and uses the same source code. It is designed in such a way so that you can access the darknet in a private and secure way.

This browser has multiple layers like the Krypton anonymous browser. It also includes some platforms like Kernel Hardening, Meta Proxy, and Filesystem encryption. “Container isolation settings” is another great feature of this Dark Net Browser. This can isolate any malware containers from the rest of your connections in an instant. This is a great feature for instant receiving files and messages using email. This is the most famous darknet browser available and will provide you a fast dark web experience.


Firefox is the most common and famous darknet browser available and has competition with Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and more. You can route your browser to connect through the Tor Network by accessing the settings. Instructions for which you will find online.

4)Tails- The Amnesic Incognito Live System:-

Tails darknet browser is a very well-known deep web browser based on the original Tor browser. It is like a live operating system as it can be accessed from a USB stick or DVD without installation. This is built using advanced cryptographic tools for adding protective layers which can hide the user while browsing the darknet. It will also protect files, images, videos, emails sent and received to your accounts.

The Tails onion browser will shut down automatically and will pause the use of whatever OS you are using, for maximizing the level of security while you are browsing.

Final Thoughts:-

Here in this blog we provided you with in-depth knowledge about the Dark Web and also mentioned the well-known browsers you can use for accessing the darknet. The information we provided in this blog is only for educational purposes and we will not be responsible for any decision you make.



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