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Are Online Quran Classes Useful? If Yes, How?

Learning of Quran is essential for every Muslim. It is the holy book that provides guidance and Islamic knowledge at every step of life. It is not easy to learn Quran because a person has to know-how about the basic Arabic language. There are many ways of learning the Quran and the most traditional way is to visit your near mosque daily. This learning process is prevailing in most Islamic countries, and kids are learning Quran under the supervision of a religious tutor.

But if we talk about it globally, the parents can’t arrange traditional Quran classes for their children i.e. the reason behind the success of Online Quran Classes. Technology advancement has changed almost all aspects of our lives, so now it is easy to learn Quran with the help of these classes without leaving the comfort of your home, and there are no timing boundaries as you can learn it 24/7.

Now the biggest question that arises in our mind is that are online Quran classes useful? If yes, then how? 

The answer to the above-asked question is a big yes because the internet has made the world a global village. Now we can interact with any person in the world within seconds, so now it is easily accessible to learn Quran through online classes. Following are some main reasons behind the usefulness of online classes for a better understanding of the importance of online Quran classes.

Easy access:

If you live in a non-Muslim country like the USA, UK, or Canada, you will realize how challenging it is to find a religious tutor. A tutor who can visit your home daily to give Quran education to your children. Further, sending children to a mosque, or any other religious academy is also a time taking and costly option. After all, in non-Arab countries, you can’t find such an opportunity near your home. Online Quran classes provide you the opportunity of easy access at any time, so you can find an online teacher according to your schedule because these teachers belong to every area of the world and provide their services 24/7.

Comfortable learning process:

It is very convenient for most of us to stay at home and get an education through online classes. Some parents want to hire male tutors for their sons while female teachers for their daughters. But it is quite an exhausting task to arrange a male and female religious teacher who visits your home daily. So, the best option is to go for this Comfortable Learning Process and hire the services of both Online male and female teachers by paying minimal charges.

Performance monitoring:

You can easily monitor the performance of your child through online Quran classes. Most of these websites are owned and run by professionals, and they maintain the proper record of the students. Different online tests are conducted after regular intervals. Their result is shared with parents that display the progress of children to them. In the formal learning process, parents can’t monitor the performance of their children, and they have to rely on the information provided by the tutor. So, you can understand the importance of online Quran classes.

Certified teachers with easy switching of tutors:

Different websites are providing online Quran classes to Muslim kids and adults. They provide the services of highly qualified teachers who have vast experience in Quran teaching, and you can get the best knowledge under their supervision. On the other hand, if you are not satisfied with the performance of any teacher, you can comfortably switch the tutor with another one because you can find many qualified teachers easily.

These websites are contributing their role for a better understanding of Islam and the Quran around the globe. So if we talk about some top websites that contribute valuable services for the conduction of Online Quran Classes and spreading the Holy Book to benefit Muslims, then one of them is IQRA Quran Tutoring.

They offer different Islamic courses through Online Quran Classes. And you can learn Quran online under the supervision of highly qualified and knowledgeable teachers. You will get the best learning environment because you don’t have to waste your energy.  The best part is you don’t have to travel for a physical visit to any place for learning purposes.

Hafiz Ikram Ullah

I am an Islamic scholar and Quran tutor having a Master's degree in Islamic law.

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