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Best Vegan Footwear Brands for Women to include in their Wardrobe

If you’re a vegan and looking for some stylish vegan footwear brands to add to your wardrobe, look no further. We’ll list some of our favorite vegan-friendly shoe brands for women in this post. From trendy sandals to sexy stilettos, there’s something for everyone. Nowadays, vegan shoes have become a fashion statement. So if you want to build a vegan wardrobe, this vegan footwear is a must. So read on and find the perfect pair of vegan shoes for you! 

The main ingredient in non-vegan shoes is animal leather. Just imagine the number of animals killed in a year to make good-looking, chic, and stylish footwear. But, the world has a solution for it – Vegan footwear. Vegan footwear does not have animal-derived materials. Vegan shoes are made from plants like apples, mushrooms, bananas, or synthetic materials such as PU (Polyurethane) or PVC (Petroleum-based Faux Leather).


Let’s have a look at the cruelty-free brands making vegan footwear that’s more sustainable:


Rothy believes in going in circles. They believe in a continuous loop. That means from materials to manufacturing, everything is sustainable. They use better materials like making thread out of single-use plastic. They knit their products that create 20-30% less wastage. In 2022 they will try to achieve and incorporate more recycled materials into their products. 

Rothy’s have various products such as flats, sneakers, boots, slippers, etc. It has a versatile style, and most importantly, it is super-comfortable. These loafers are perfect summer footwear and have received excellent reviews, so do check it out. 



Keep was launched in 2006, which makes clean shoes. That means their shoes are vegan and cruelty-free. They use sustainable, natural, and organic materials for their products. Keep is one of the best vegan footwear brands that manufactures stylish and comfortable shoes, apart from being sustainable.  

One of their bestsellers is the ‘KeepXTHE RAMOS Deakin.’ This is a limited edition shoe inspired by their love for outdoor gear. It has a lightweight, water-resistant collapsible body. 


Will’s Vegan Shoes- 

Will’s Vegan Shoes was launched in 2013 as an e必利勁
thically vegan shoe company. They have set an example by using plastic-free packaging and becoming certified Carbon neutral for everything they make. 

If every woman should have vegan footwear in their wardrobe, it should be Will’s Vegan Shoes ‘Smart Courts’. It is a vegan woman pump,that is made with ecolabel certified vegan. They are water-resistant and breathable. Smart Courts is a certified carbon neutral product. Smart Courts are perfect spring footwear that will compliment your formal wear, dresses, or a basic denim and t-shirt look.


Sydney Brown- 

Syden Brown believed that luxury could also be manufactured in an environmentally friendly way. They use sustainable materials for all their products. Every element of the shoe is cruelty-free. Some of the best practices they follow is using minimum non-renewable resources, minimum waste production, and less water-consuming resources. With every new season, they get better by improving this practice.
Their bestseller in vegan footwear is ‘Clog Brown Presale.’ It has a natural rubber sole, and sustainably harvested wood is used to make this footwear. Because of the natural variations in the wood, each pair is unique. This is one of the most stylish vegan footwear brands that makes spring and summer footwear attractive. 



Bhava does not believe in the use of leather. They are an animal free company. Their tagline says Thoughtful by Design which has a very deep meaning. The victims of the fashion Animals, Plante, Workers and Us. They want to make an impact on fashion and this world by making it ethical. Our favorite from their list is  Amber Strappy Heel. The design is a mix of disco sandal with a wood block heel. It is made of Italian Vegan leather that does not contain any harmful toxins such as PCP or PVC. Almost all the reviews on this product say it is super comfortable. So do try this vegan and sustainable footwear in your next purchase. 



Clae was born in 2001 and offers sneakers of quality materials and comfort. Their mission is to minimize the environment footprint by offering the pieces that evolve and last forever. The name Clae was inspired from clay- a raw material that is molded by movement and perception. They focus on vegan, organic and innovative materials to offer an ethical consumption. The shoe that caught our eye is Bradley Tonal. It is a tan color sneaker that is made with italian leather, recyclable nylon laces and EVA footbed. It is a vegan footwear that every woman would want in their wardrobe. Do check it out. 



Rungg is all about Color, Nature and Human Soul. They design luxury shoes with handmade art. They believe that fashion can be ethical and cruelty free. Inspiration is Nature and thus their shoes are often based on Buzzing Bee, Love Birds and Mi Amor. Their bestseller is Candy Crush Mule. It has a hand embroidered pink shade that goes effortlessly with your outfits. And inspired by Cherry Blossoms in Japan. It is an ideal pair for wedding outfits or to up the style with your casual outfit, you can pair it with Candy Crush Mule. See, even Vegan footwear can be colorful and vibrant while giving comfort. 



Co-founders Jessica Taylor and Elizabeth Thomas introduced this brand with the priority of sustainability, innovation and thoughtfulness. They are a conscious brand taking care of the planet, people and animals for today and the future generations to come. One classic piece from their collection is Anita- Gold Python. It is a boot with a sleek shape and wooden heels and the ankle strap has a T+T stamp. And100% vegan and cruelty free and they have used FSC certified wood heels. It is one of the most stylish and chic vegan footwear brand. 


Final Thoughts- 

So, if you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes and want to stay stylish and cruelty-free, listed above are some of the recommendations of our favorite vegan footwear brands. From trendy sandals to versatile boots, there’s something for everyone! And don’t forget – most of these brands also have men’s footwear collections;so that the whole family can go cruelty-free and vegan together. 

You can check out more information about vegan and sustainable products in various categories on the GoodGuilt website. GoodGuilt features more such brands that promote sustainability and are working hard to save the planet with their ethical and eco-friendly products. 

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