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Care Tips For Ink Cartridge

It may surprise you that many printer users find it better to get a new Ink cartridges instead of refilling it!

A new cartridge is an expensive option, but users have their excuses to do so. In their opinion, defective ink cartridges might affect the functioning of a Pinter, resulting in additional expenditures. But this is not the reality.

In actuality, if you are buying the canon printer ink cartridge, it would cost you higher than the actual price of the printer. Therefore, your ink cartridges can last longer while printer is working efficiently with a few preventive measures and care.

So, the major question that would have popped up in your mind is finding ways to take care of cartridges. Congrats, it is the right place for this; just continue to read and find it all!

How To Keep Your Ink Cartridges In Good Condition

The rising cost of printer accessories is the most common issue which every printer owner has been facing. As a result, consumers start looking for ways to extend the life of ink cartridges from which can get more benefits. And, here are some suggestions which would help you a lot:

  • Handling Your Cartridge Before Installation:

Examine the ink cartridges carefully before installing it in your printer. Shake the cartridge gently or give it a few firm taps on a hard surface. It would be best if you do it before removing the protective tape. Otherwise, you risk spilling ink all over the place, which would be messy.

Depending on the sort of cartridge you’re using, you’ll need to take the next step. The vent hole on most cartridges covers by a plastic pull tab or a plastic clip that protects the cartridge while it is in its container.

There will not be a clip or tab on every cartridge; you must remove it before installing your ink if it is available. When installing your cartridge, be careful around the gold contact or connection point.

These contact points are essential for acquiring accurate ink level readings and establishing a solid relationship with your printer. They’re also easily scratched and won’t work if they’re covered in ink or dust. If you find dust on this gold chip, use a Q-tip or a lint-free cloth to wipe it away carefully.

  • Ink Cartridge Installation:

The installation of ink cartridges differs depending on the printer. It is critical to follow the printer’s instructions. If you don’t have access to a handbook, look for instructional videos on YouTube.

Forcing an ink cartridge into place might harm the cartridge’s contact point or cause the printer head to get dislodged. When changing or checking ink cartridges, remove them smoothly. And remove the printer head after turning it off and let it return to its resting position. To avoid dislodging printer components, gently remove them from the printer.

  • Make Adjustments To The Ink Levels

Maintaining ink levels is crucial for printers to run them well. Modern printers have the upper hand in this situation, as they can monitor ink levels by displaying a warning light. It clearly indicates the ink level.

Low ink levels result in black prints and uneven printing, streaking, and other issues. As a result, it’s preferable to know ahead of time whether the ink levels are low. However, if you don’t use the Canon printer ink for a long time, the printer may display incorrect ink levels. To restore the proper flow of ink, you must wipe it carefully.

  • Keep The Ink Cartridge Stored and Protected

If your company prints a lot, you’ll probably want to have some ink cartridges on hand as a backup. Cartridge storage is simple if you follow a few simple principles. To begin, maintain cartridges in their original box.

They will dry out if you take them out of the sealed package they came in. Ink might leak out of the chamber if the nozzle on your cartridge becomes crusted over. Keep them somewhere dark and somewhat cold until installing the cartridges, such as a closet or cupboard.

If you have an unsealed cartridge, try to reseal it as best you can to preserve it in excellent working order until you need it again. Put it in an airtight container with the nozzle facing up, and replace the protective tape or clip if necessary before storage.

To keep the cartridge from drying out, keep it in a cool, dark location with a moist paper towel next to it.

Make sure the paper towel hasn’t dried out in the cartridge regularly.

  • Issues With Printer Cartridges

When a printer cartridge dries up after a long period of inactivity, there’s no need for Elon Musk to show up in a Tesla to fix it. We recommend getting two moist and wet paper towels first. Remove your ink cartridge and wipe it a few times with a moist paper towel, printhead side down.

Hold the cartridge on a dry paper towel for 30 seconds to a minute after wiping the printhead. The dried ink blocking the head would evaporate this way. You can also repeat the process, reinstall the cartridge in your printer and print a test page to check that every thing is working fine.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Ink Cartridges

Cartridges for printers soon become dry. Fortunately, few simple tricks are available that will help you get more mileage out of your cartridges, reducing the frequency with which you have to dig into your savings account for replacements:

  • Print as soon as possible and as many times as necessary. It may seem odd that printing more reduces ink loss, yet it is one of the most significant variables for waste. Regular printing keeps your cartridges primed and ready to go, reducing the chance of ink settling. It will help you to keep the ink in the nozzle from drying out and clogging the nozzle.
  • Maintain a fully loaded printer. Keep all the cartridges loaded even when you’re not printing in color. Built-in printheads with open gaps let air enter the machine, which dries up the cartridges over time. Even an empty or near-empty old cartridge is preferable to fill the gap.
  • If you’re printing an article or an email, set the printer to draft mode. This option uses less ink per page and prints faster than the standard mode. Unless you’re printing anything for a presentation, don’t print in the highest quality option. It is meant for high-resolution photos and text for just special occasions, as it uses a lot of ink
  • Cleaning mode should not be used frequently and play an important role. To avoid blockages and preserve print quality, you should clean your printhead regularly. Cleaning with no severe concerns may seem like a good idea for routine maintenance, but flushing the heads and running test pages takes a lot of ink.


When you choose a high-quality cartridge with Tenaui Middle East, you can be confident that you will receive long-term advantages from the device.

However, if you sacrifice quality for the sake of saving money by using the old cartridges, then don’t forget to take care of them. And in this regard, all the above-described methods could be a great help for you.

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