Celebration gifting made easy

Celebrations are always fun. Be it your wedding or birthday or; a baby shower. The presents are fantastic but; unwrapping isn’t. And the most annoying thing about gifts is the repeated ones. Two wristwatches are good; if you are a fashion freak. But, receiving two to three fancy wall clocks when you have a one-bedroom home but you already have one.

Make the gifting part easier and handy with a gift registry. It is a website that allows you to list the items you would like to receive as gifts.

With the never-ending pandemic, gift registries are the best choice. Especially when one does not want to attend your marriage but still wants to gift you. One can even add a charity or sponsor somebody’s education expenses or even add cash. Some people feel that cash may not be a personalised gift. Gift cards are their alternatives and the most popular entries in the registry. One has to create this registry before the occasion. Hence you can reduce your expenses by not purchasing them. There are options of adding the date the particular product is required. So you can receive those products before your occasion date.

All you need to know about gift registry

According to the occasion

Add entries depending on the occasion. For example, if it’s your baby boy’s Birthday and you add the kitchen wares you require, it would look very inappropriate. It will also narrow down the choices of the products to give. Nobody would like to present something that’s not core to the function.


It is essential to know your guests before adding products. It would be odd to add only low range products to high profile people and vice versa. It is better to add moderate and high priced products. It encourages people of all profiles to buy according to their budget.

Delivery timing

If you need any products in advance, you have to create the gift website one month before the event date. Some websites have features to mention the time of requirement. Add the date you require the product this, makes the guest buy it before. For example, you may need a sofa for your new house in a housewarming ceremony. By including the date, you want to get it.

Gift card

Sometimes adding many products to the registry during your busy schedule may not be possible. A gift card gives a solution to such people. Select gift cards to stores, restaurants or movie theatres that you visit frequently. One can even add travel gift cards so that you can travel to your dream destination. You can send the gift cards through mail or any social media. One can even present plastic gift cards. Remember, gift cards are like debit cards; you must use them carefully.  With these, you get the freedom to choose the product you need. If it’s a wedding, you can use these cards to purchase your honeymoon clothes at your favourite store.

Steps to create a gift registry and use it

Choose a company

Choose a company that makes this process easier and quicker. Compare the rates each company quotes and take a look at their samples. Select the one that understands your theme and fits in your budget. Set up your account with them.


One has to provide them with complete details of you and the event. Request them to add a ‘thank you’ note to all your guests.

Inform your guest

Some feel it awkward to inform their guests about this registry. You can tell your close friends and relatives about it, and they will spread it. Next, you can create a website about your event. This website can contain details about the wedding and a link to the present registry.

How to use the gifts?

Your guests gift you through the link and leave you a special message. If it’s a gift card, you can receive it through the mail. If it’s something else, delivery of the product would be at your doorstep. You will receive a notification every time a giver gifts you. The registry company will thank them on your behalf while you enjoy your presents.

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