Choosing a family law attorney: Check these helpful tips!

Divorce, child custody, maintenance/alimony, child support, change in existing custody & maintenance agreements – These are some common reasons to hire a family law attorney. Thanks to Google Search, finding names of local lawyers wouldn’t be hard, but not attorneys are the same. As a client, you have to interview a few to choose the right one. If you are looking for a family law attorney near me, here are some helpful tips

Create a list of potential options

Websites dedicated to law are quite useful for finding top law firms. Check Nolo, Avvo, and Justia, among others. Talk to people who have worked with family lawyers in the past and get references. The idea is to have a list of at least two to three reliable and popular options. 

Get an appointment

Even if an attorney offers to talk on the phone initially, you should insist on a personal meeting. The idea is to know a lawyer and check their response in real life. Was the lawyer quick in offering a consultation? Did you manage to talk to their office? Were they available in person for the meeting? These are some important aspects to consider. 

Make a questionnaire

Before you hire a family lawyer, ask questions like – 

  • What experience do you have practicing family law?
  • How long have you been working? What other cases does your firm handle?
  • Are you well-versed with legal matters similar to mine?
  • Can you help me get a restraining order?
  • What are the typical outcomes of such cases?
  • What can you tell me about my legal options?
  • What do you think can affect my interests in this case?
  • Can you share client references? 

Check reviews

How do you know if a family lawyer will deliver on the promises made? Well, you can check online reviews to know the lawyer’s credentials. If a lawyer has many negative reviews, it is possibly a red sign. Also, consider if they have been disciplined by the bar in the past. 

Ask about fee

Hiring a family lawyer doesn’t have to be expensive, and you can get an estimate beforehand. Most lawyers practicing family law work on an hourly rate, and they can give you a ballpark when you meet them. If the matter is a simple one with limited issues, the lawyer may take a flat fee. 

Don’t delay asking for legal help on matters involving family law. 


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