Common Problems Of An Automatic Gate And It’s Solution

Gates are a ‘must-have’ for any property as their sole purpose is to provide protection. There are two types of gates, a manual gate, and an automatic gate. There are multiple things that can impair the functioning of these gates and when a gate stops performing its functions properly then it fails to serve its purpose of protection.

Complications of an automatic gate:

Having an automatic gate in a house is extremely convenient as one does not have to open the gates themselves or keep a security guard for this purpose. They allow easy access of the cars into the driveway with just a simple touch of a button or by just swiping the card. There is no hassle in it however due to several problems they might require immediate gate repair services in Surrey.

·         Battery Operated:

Automatic gates that are normally available in the market, are all battery operated. Therefore, they need a constant supply of power for working. If this power supply is cut even for the shortest period of time then they would automatically stop working. This is their biggest disadvantage that when the battery runs out, then at that time the operation of automatic gates is extremely difficult. Usually, they have a backup battery system that decides whether the opening or closing will be programmed to ‘fail open’ or ‘fail secure mode. In the fail-open modes, the gates will automatically open and would remain open until the power comes back. In the fail-secure mode, the gates operate normally until the battery completely becomes low.

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·         Glitches in the remote control:

Since the automatic gates are opened with the help of remote control, therefore, it is important that you keep the remote in very good condition. If the remote control is even slightly damaged then one can face difficulty in the operation of the gates. Since the remote controls are also battery-operated, their batteries can start to fade at any time. You can check if the battery is about to run out or not by simply checking if the red light is failing to blink. If this is the case, then replace the batteries and you would be good to go.

·         Dysfunctional motion sensor:

Automatic gates are operated by the motion sensors and if these sensors get blocked then the automatic gates would fail to open. Most sensors stop working when some small animals or vermin. Climb into the open spaces between the gates and get stuck in them. These are the most common problems which interfere with the functioning of sensors. If you want your automatic gate to function at all times. Then make sure that you keep your sensors clean from such types of obstacles.

·         Excessive amount of noise:

Sometimes, when the automatic gates have problems in functioning then they tend to make noise for no evident reasons. When your automatic gates start to make noise. Then it is a sign that there might be some problem with it. Typically, a grinding sound means that the gates are having trouble opening and closing which indicates that. The mechanism which is responsible for their movement has worn out.

These are the most common problems that can interfere with the functioning of an automatic gate. And this proves that even technology can fail us sometimes.

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