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Custom Neon Signs or LED Neon Signs: Which Is Better?

Custom Made Neon Signs

As a kind of light bulb, personalised neon signs are highly durable and efficient. Heat and bending have been used to mold and form long light gas-discharge tubes. As LED technology developed in the 1990s, custom neon signs began to decline in popularity.

It is true that this form of illumination is known as neon; however, only a third of the colors may be produced using neon gas, including red, orange, and strong hues of pink.

Let’s understand Custom Neon and Led Neon Lights

  • Custom Neon Signs

Between LED and neon lighting, the most evident distinction between them is that neon lighting comes in the form of a hand-crafted silicone tube. The light is generated by reactions with an inert gas that release energy and emit a fluorescent hue. Despite their beauty, neon tubes are delicate and can be damaged if not handled properly. There should be open circuit protection built into the sign so that if the tubes do become broken, the electricity will be cut off to prevent any mishaps.

For this reason, neon sign items are the most preferred choice for companies of all sizes.


  • LED Neon Signs

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are used to make LED lights and signage. The LEDs are strung tightly together so that the light they emit overlaps and forms a continuous light source. Due to the fact that LEDs are frequently encased in their own polymer jacket to protect each diode from external damage, LED signs tend to be lighter and better protected than neon signs. This makes them a bit more complicated and time-consuming than neon signs, which just require the replacement of the  tube. An additional disadvantage is that LEDs can only be attached in particular locations, resulting in unattractive writing. 

And the colors released are solid, not changing like a neon sign’s glow.

 Comparative Analysis of Custom Neon vs. LED Signs

  • Lower Electricity Consumption

Therefore, saving money on power costs is crucial. About 15 times less power is used by the Custom Neon Signs compared to LED neon signs. Signage is assessed by the number of tubes that have been straightened. Typically, one foot of vintage neon signs requires around 20 watts of power each hour. Despite this, a neon tube of the same size and thickness would require just about 1 watt of power each hour. Moreover, our custom neon signs are less expensive than conventional neon and will save you money throughout the course of its lifespan, so you’ll start saving money as soon as you choose the newer version of our custom neon signs.

  • Maintenance

In addition, LED signs are almost maintenance-free and operate at a far reduced cost. Especially in colder climates with ice and snow, custom neon signs require additional upkeep. Maintenance difficulties require the attention of a skilled specialist, which might result in additional expenditures.

  • Safety

Custom Neon signs use high voltage and actual  tubing, so there is always the risk of them breaking and requiring specific disposal methods to get rid of them safely and properly. LEDs are shock-proof and generate very little heat, making them completely safe to use in any situation. In addition, LED signage does not contain hazardous chemicals such as mercury or phosphor.

  • Cost

 Another factor to consider when considering the difference in price between LED and neon signs is how large your light show is going to be. Compared to custom neon signs for large outdoor displays, LED is about 10% less expensive. But once again, you need to ask yourself if the cost savings are worth it. Because a neon sign is far more likely to endure longer than an LED sign without the need for maintenance or replacement of components, you should incorporate this into your cost calculations. But when it comes to significant expenditures, this might tip the scales in favor of LED, but for smaller interior signs, the cost difference between neon and LED is quite modest.

  • Aesthetic Or Curb Appeal

Many companies across the world still use neon signs because the light they generate is warm and inviting. The neon light itself conjures up images of old-school grandeur, brand trustworthiness, and a sense of nostalgia that few can resist, especially in this day and age. On the other hand, LED lights might look cold and hard to the eyes. They have a futuristic vibe to them, but not necessarily in a positive way, so you should search for something that has the most curb appeal for you.

LED signs are also beneficial to build your brand’s place in the market. You can use them to highlight your brand name and quotes you want to highlight for your customer.

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