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Do you need a cPanel License?

cPanel is a web hosting control panel and is easy to handle. Almost majority of web developers use cPanel and is quite popular in the web industry. One more reason for using cPanel is the cost-effectiveness and the simplified interface for both the management and end-user. It also allows the user to remote access and maintenance of their servers from anywhere around the globe. You can easily find a cheap cPanel license according to your hosting needs on the Internet.


More about cPanel

A cPanel is a visual tool that allows remote users to modify a server without any typing into the command shell for the lines of code. Some functions the cPanel have are:

– Bandwidth and computing resources
– Domain names
– Creating content backups
– Database and email set-up
– Security settings
– Managing and uploading files

cPanel was released back in 1996 and is being used for nearly 25 years now, even with the fluctuation in the market and technological advancement. With so many changes over time, cPanel remains one of the favorites till now among the web industry. Before cPanel arrived, managing the websites was both a time-consuming and difficult task. Due to these reasons, not everyone could handle it, only the ones with the technical knowledge. When cPanel arrived in the market, it changed the way the servers were managed completely. It had not only opened the site and eased server management to a wider range of users but also decreased the time for important functions to be carried out.

Advantages of cPanel

We already have an idea of how good the cPanel is and how widely it is accepted by both the providers and users. Here are some of its advantages:

– Easy to use

cPanel is such a program that can be learned by almost everyone. There’s a vast number of options in cPanel’s interface, you can set your sections and organize the layout according to your preferences. Built-in tutorials and help guides offer even more insights into various features, even if it’s a new user. Many providers and users are keen to rely on custom-built panels to meet their requirements easily. The cPanel integration allows more convenient site migration if a site owner chooses a new hosting service.

– Efficient

You don’t need to be a full-fledged developer to use cPanel, any new user with sufficient knowledge of web hosting can easily handle it. All these various features in cPanel leading to easiness in usage for a person contributes to even greater efficiency. Another feature of cPanel is the auto-installers, which are useful programs within its panel which helps to install popular software instantly. This feature not only saves the user time but also the potential cost for hiring a developer to set it up.

– Reliable

cPanel is a tried and tested software because of all the successful years it has been running. It has grown and improved its feature over time, thus become a reliable software for both the provider and user. The stability of this software and many built-in features can completely handle all the tasks for you, and the margin for error is minimized. The reduction in mistakes occurring is a feature that interests both the host providers and users for its reliability.


More Features!

Another program featured in the cPanel is Web Host Manager (WHM) which gives full administrative access to the back-end of cPanel. Since cPanel and WHM are designed to work side-by-side, to give a better experience to the hosting provider and user. This also allows providers to help manage sites for multiple clients and ensuring that all the servers remain properly secured. Affording cost for cPanel is why it is chosen by most of the web developers in the industry. You can easily find a cheap software license for the cPanel from many providers on the Internet.

Deeper Insight

There are even other types of web hosting control panels other than cPanel like Plesk, Webmin, ZPanel, etc. but cPanel remains to be the most popular amongst its competitors. The toughest competitor of cPanel has always been Plesk. The main difference between the two is that cPanel works entirely on Linux-based operating systems whereas Plesk can work both on Linux as well as Windows-based operating systems. Another difference being is the admin options which are easily available in cPanel through WHM, whilst the options are directly implemented in Plesk.

Back to you!

Are you still thinking about what to do? Should you buy a cPanel license or not? The answer is most definitely a “Yes” because it’s the most used web hosting control panel all over the world. Switching or moving to cPanel will always be beneficial to you in the future, you will recognize that when you starting working with it or already are using it. Go find a cheap cPanel license easily on the internet and your life will be at complete ease.

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