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DXL to PST Conversion: How To Convert Lotus Domino Files To Outlook

Microsoft’s Outlook email software is a popular choice nowadays. It offers a user-friendly interface that anyone can utilize. This is the primary reason why everyone who uses IBM Notes wants to convert DXL to PST. So, in this article, we’ll show you different methods to convert Lotus Domino files to Outlook

Microsoft Outlook saves all of the user’s important information, such as emails, contacts, calendars, and addresses, in PST files. Domino is a server application of Lotus Notes that stores Data and other components in DXL file format from structural databases.

There are numerous reasons why a user may choose the PST file format over DLX. So, let’s have a look at a few of them.

Convert Lotus Domino Files To Outlook for the Following Reasons:

  • The search function in Lotus Notes Domino is out of date.
  • When a message arrives in your mailbox. You’ve received a certain email. Even if you refresh the list of messages, you will not see this when you access the message.
  • You will need technical skills to begin using this software due to its complicated user interface. The Lotus Notes Domino procedure is difficult to operate for a non-tech user.
  • When you store email to a specific area, it stays there. Unless you’re making many links in different directories. So, if you delete a file from its location, it may be possible to delete it from all directories, resulting in data loss.
  • This Lotus Notes Domino software does not allow you to utilize multiple accounts; if you want to use another account, you must log in to it separately.

Let’s examine how to convert Lotus Domino files to Outlook now that we know the likely causes.

How do you Convert Lotus Domino Files To Outlook in a professional manner?

This conversion does not have a manual solution. As a result, we advise you to use a professional service. Convert Lotus Domino files to Outlook is one of the better options.

This method is one of the best because it doesn’t lose any data and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Lotus Notes DXL files can be converted to PST files with ease. This program provides the most comprehensive solution for importing DXL-saved database XML elements into MS Outlook, including schemas, designs, views, forms, and more. The following are some of the utility’s key features:

  • The service allows users to export mailbox data from DXL files to PST, EML, HTML, Email, RTF, and MBOX formats.
  • To verify a preview before actually converting the mailbox data, use the Good Preview option.
  • The date range function can be used to save data in one of two ways: predefined or manually selected.
  • Convert single or more DXL files into the chosen format quickly and easily.
  • A current digital option for resolving small corruption faults and anomalies in DXL files during the conversion phase.
  • The first 10 .dxl files are exported using this converter for free.
  • Compatible with Windows 10, Lotus Domino 9.0.1, MS Outlook 2016, and prior versions of Windows.

The following are the steps to convert DXL to PST:

  1. First, start the DXL to PST Converter tool, then click the Open option.
  2. To add DXL files, click the “Add Files” button. You can change the transient file’s path.
  3. A list will now appear; select the DXL file(s) and click Open.
  4. The scanning process will then begin. Wait for it to finish.
  5. Select OK.
  6. Select the files to restore the data from the mailbox. If you’re working with numerous files, press each one at a time.
  7. The procedure is completed after some time has passed. To continue, press OK.
  8. In the preview pane, press the email item for which you wish to see a preview. You can also look at the attachments that have been attached. Save the file.
  9. Choose a file format to convert the DXL file you’ve selected (s). For DXL to PST conversion, use PST format. Then select a location for new files by using the Browse button.
  10. Select any location for PST files and click OK.
  11. The procedure will now begin. The procedure will take some time to finish. Then click OK to quit the program.

You can now migrate all of your DXL files from IBM Notes to Outlook PST in this manner.


The reasons to convert Lotus Domino files to Outlook have been thoroughly addressed here. For beginner users, there is also an alternative method presented here. I hope you find the method I’ve described useful.

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