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Eco-friendly Living – Top 9 Home Decor Ideas

Eco-friendly Living - Top 9 Home Decor Ideas

Eco-friendly Living - Top 9 Home Decor Ideas

Are you looking for ways to improve your living conditions and make them more environmentally- friendly? Leading a green life doesn’t mean just walking more and driving less or buying less plastic – it also means having a sustainable home. This isn’t really too complicated. It only takes a bit of time and money and a strong will to make a difference. Once you realize what sustainable materials are and how to use less energy, you’ll soon realize that these are all very cost-effective. Soon, you’ll be spending less money on your electricity bills and you’ll have items that will serve you as long as it gets!

Use natural materials more

You should be aware of the fact that home design has its environmental impact. Every material you use in your home comes from nature. That is exactly why you need to think about what kind of material you’ll use. For instance, if you’re using organic materials such as wool or natural stone, you should be very responsible. Extraction of the materials is only the first step in the complex process. The materials are then produced, transported, and processed.

How the materials are discarded after use is another issue worth mentioning. For all of these reasons, it’s best to use renewable materials. Bamboo, for instance, is one such material. Bamboo is a strong material, which makes it perfect for home design (not only as decoration!). Cork and reclaimed wood are other popular sustainable options that might find their places in your home as well!

Choose the right lighting option

When it comes to sustainable living, you shouldn’t forget to inspect your light fixtures. These can be the main reason why you’re losing heat, not just your doors and windows. You can always add extra insulation around the said fixtures to make sure that the heat is retained. Another thing to consider is buying energy-efficient light bulbs. LED lights are pretty beneficial, as they will save energy, keep your bills lower, and preserve the environment all at once.

Another great idea in regards to lighting is painting your rooms in bright colours. This is a great trick for inviting more natural light in, which means that you won’t have to switch the lights on as often as you’re used to. By choosing the right curtains, you may benefit even more from the natural light and you could consider getting Venetian blinds if you want to really control the light when it comes to both amount and direction.

Invest in some thermal curtains

If you think that thermal curtains are expensive, you should work on your math for a moment. This may seem like a serious investment, but it is definitely worth it. Think of all of the money you will save in the years to come with these new curtains and think of their cost. Does it seem like a reasonable investment? Of course, it does! This isn’t just great for your budget, it’s also great for the planet.

Thermal curtains can keep the heat built up in the house perfectly. Not only that, but they are very beneficial in the summers as well since they can keep the cool air in during the hellishly warm months. They can block out the sunlight flawlessly, which means that they can help you create the perfect atmosphere in your home without spending too much energy.

Get low-VOC paint

The next effective eco-friendly tip is to buy low-VOC paint. It is undeniable that painting is the quickest and most affordable way to refresh your home and bring it a new look or vibe. While this is true, you should also keep in mind that not every painting is a good choice. Unfortunately, you should be aware that some of the paints can release toxic emissions into the atmosphere. This doesn’t happen overnight, though.

It is a rather complex process, but it can last for years after the walls have been painted. These are the paints that contain VOC – volatile organic compounds. On the other hand, if you want to make sure that you’re breathing in fresh and clean air, you’ll have to look for harmless options. Even if they are a bit pricey, you can’t argue that the price your family and the environment will pay with the chemically induced paints is much more serious.

Go for natural textiles and finishes

When equipping a new house, you don’t just get new pieces of furniture, you also have to invest in a large number of smaller items. However, these are also very important when it comes to durability and sustainability. For instance, a rug isn’t as big of a deal as a new couch, but it shouldn’t be any less important in terms of eco-friendliness. With some new bamboo sheets, silk gowns, and linen or hemp towels, you’ll start your sustainable journey perfectly!

Consistency is the key to leading a green life. Details are the key features of consistency. This goes to say that you shouldn’t forget about the eco-friendly way of living in your everyday life, even when you finish equipping your home. That is why you should get as many features made out of natural renewable elements. You should forget about plastic containers or plastic toothbrushes!

Don’t forget to recycle and revamp

You don’t have to be an antique enthusiast to know how to value the past. There are plenty of ways to reuse all pieces and items and give them a new purpose. Preserving the environment is all about reducing waste. That is why recycling is such an important part of the whole movement. If you have a way to recycle more in your house design, you should always go for it. For instance, you may recycle plastic and use it as long as possible.

For instance, you could make unique flower pots out of old plastic bottles. You’ll reduce waste and you’ll repurpose old things at the same time. If you have old tables or mirrors, you could always turn them into something new. All you need is some creativity and a bit of skill and the possibilities are endless. If you don’t have those, you can always turn to the Internet for some interesting DIY projects that will help you revamp anything old and outworn.

Get more plants

It’s impossible to talk about eco-friendly home décor without mentioning plants. There is literally nothing that will make your house greener. Plants are perfect for you because they convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. They clear the air for you and you can always be sure that you are breathing in clean air free of anything harmful. You don’t have to think about the toxins and pollutants that would other way be present in the air.

Not only are the plants good for your health and for the environment, but they also look great. They will make your home seem and feel much warmer and more welcoming. They will quite literally bring in more life and make the whole home look tastier. You could introduce some houseplants into every room. The only thing you should keep in mind is that you’ll need different plants for different areas (some that handle humidity for the bathroom).

Get some candles

Candles are the best when it comes to setting the mood in a room. Unfortunately, not every candle is a good choice. Some of them can be pretty harmful to you and the planet. In the same way, some paints can contain VOCs, you can expect to find the VOCs in the cheapest of candles. If you think about it, the little pleasure you get from a cheap candle isn’t worth all of the harmful things you risk breathing in.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a good candle induced experience while also keeping the air clean, you could simply get some candles made out of natural materials. Soy and beeswax are the most popular options and they won’t disappoint you if you give them a chance. You’ll be free of toxins and you won’t damage the environment!

Get rid of the carpet

Finally, you should be aware of the flooring options and their impact on the environment. If you do have an environmentally-friendly flooring material, you may disregard its benefits if you put a carpet over it. There are several issues with carpets. Firstly, they don’t last long. The average lifespan of a hardwearing carpet is around ten years.

Then, manufacturing carpets is a complex process that can harm the planet in many ways. Not only that, but the carpet is very likely to harm your health and the environment during its whole lifespan as well. It just keeps releasing toxins, chemicals and pollutants into your home.


Leading an eco-friendly life isn’t the simplest way to live. However, it is very rewarding. All you need is a strong will and a bit of knowledge about the environment and you’ll be ready to make a difference. Start from the larger areas such as flooring and furniture and work your way to the eco-friendly details that will make your home a sustainable paradise.

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