Email Automation can save hours of work. How?

We have seen that the functionality called “Automation” gives more time to get connected with the right target market. You talk with the right customer to grow your business. As your several repetitive tasks can be done faster via the Automation feature. Now, this functionality is playing an instrumental role in emails. Yes, we are talking about the term Email Automation which helps your business to share personalized emails at the right time with the right person. 

Guide to know “What is Email automation” 

It means sharing appropriate emails to the right person at the right time automatically. You use here the tool of marketing automation that will help your organization to complete this email sharing work faster and seamlessly. 

For now, it’s important to understand the process of email automation.

Research says 69% of businesses feel that automation has eliminated time wastage. Now it is so advanced that it never kills the productivity of your team members. Those who are under the work of shooting emails to the new or existing audience can get relief. They can make smarter strategies for their business to develop. 

Want a Great example of Automation in Email?      

Yesterday, your marketing team promoted the products of SuiteCRM software on various social media platforms. Even they highlighted all critical products in many community groups. After a few hours, you got a huge amount of traffic on your website and it all comes from those products you promoted. More than 20+ have purchased and the rest of the others haven’t closed the deal yet. 

So, now Automation email comes to save your time by completing a personalized email sharing option. By setting the template, it will deliver “Welcome emails” to the audience who purchased from you. Here, you see no human involvement in delivering templates one by one. We know it takes a huge time and you can’t do other priority work. 

The best tool you can choose for your organization would be:

  • Hubspot
  • Drip
  • Omnisend
  • Benchmark Email
  • ConvertKit
  • Active Campaign

The most demanding these days is “Drip”. One of the superfine tools for automation handling. The specialty of this powerful tool is a user-friendly interface. It’s quite simple for companies to create responsive HTML email templates. Well, you all may be curious to know the pricing plans of this marketing software. The pricing of this tool begins from $19/per month. But the pricing plan is for 1500 contacts only. 

How does this automation email work?

  • Firstly, install the accurate tool for your business that is super advance for marketing automation. 
  • Your next step is to build an email list 
  • Now your next step is to set the automation trigger
  • Create your marketing campaign
  • And the last step is to activate the automation

Looking to automate your emails in Excel? 

  • Go to the Excel Ribbon option
  • Click on Insert>Shapes
  • Now you need to assign a new micro to your shape. For this, right-click on the shape.
  • Highlight to one employee or many if you want on your table

Automation of email tools for Review and Testing   


  • Litmus

For Email automation on any device you want, Litmus is the best option for handling this. Here is a single-click process where it can test up to 40 clients and devices. You will get the functionality such as Brand settings and custom controls, advanced user permission, enterprise security, SSO, etc. You can sync Litmus software with some ultimate platforms like Trello, Google Drive, Adobe Dreamweaver, etc. 

  • Cake mail

This would be outstanding if a business gets to know which email will perform the best. You must strive for Cake mail, which helps in sending branded email campaigns to the audience, rich for audience management, marketing API, and more. Are you keen to track marketing campaign insights? The Cake mail tool helps you to know every subscriber’s action so that you can plan accordingly. You can check out how many subscribers opened the email, how many took action, etc. 

  • Reach mail

The feature is quite similar to the Cake mail tool. As it will let you know which email will perform the best and which one will not. This tool provides easy marketing services to all-size companies. Here, a bulk email service option is available, which saves you from sending one by one to the audience. The functionalities you can seek from here: list segmentation, Zapier integration, Email SPAM checker, and the list goes on.

If used in the right way the benefits of email automation are immense. You can create your own lead nurturing campaign with different sales stages. Also, you can set up drip campaigns for personalized CX. The tools we mention like Hubspot and Drip have a lot of tools for providing assistance in your journey. If you know about the inbound methodology then you can understand the importance of email marketing automation.

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