Follow these Awe Inspiring Tips to have Outstanding Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Cosmetics manufacturing is trending day by day. The various packaging companies working within the market loves to provide you with amazing packaging solutions. If you are manufacturing the cosmetics then you require the custom cosmetic boxes as well.

Therefore, to have the best cosmetic packaging you need to hire the best company. There are various packaging companies who are working at their level best in order to provide you with outstanding boxes. So, go for hiring the one after reading the reviews and the feedback.

If you are wondering to design boxes of your own, then read the below tips for enhancing the outer look of your cosmetic packaging.

Style the Opening of the Box

The opening style of the packaging should be attractive in order to attract a massive crowd. If your cosmetics are amazingly designed internally but not the outer packaging, then it’s a big flop for you.

You have to design your boxes in an aesthetic way that they can rock within the market. There are outstanding types of styles available within the market. Read the list below:

  • Sleeve Box
  • Gable Box
  • Tuck-end box
  • Bookend style box
  • Two-piece box
  • Wall Hanging Boxes
  • Mailer Boxes

Look below for knowing the details:

Sleeve Box

Your lip products will be awesome within the sleeve box style. The sleeve packaging is the best one to carry your lip products like lip liners, lipsticks, lip glosses, etc.

Have you seen the Huda beauty matte lip glosses range? The box style which has been used to place its gloss range is the sleeve box packaging.

However, the sleeve style is the convenient one to utilize. Moreover, the addition of a rectangular cut-out will look awesome within this box. With the help of the window feature, you will be able to see the gloss within the box.

Gable Box

The gable style box is the most enticing one. It is best utilized for gifting purposes. You can nicely create a combination of make-up products to place them within the gable box. The gable style boxes comprise a combination of flaps which are helpful in opening and closing it.

Further, the glossy coating will really look attractive on the gable box packaging. 

Tuck-end Box

The tuck-end style box is the common box type. Most of the famous brands such as Dior, Mac, Channel, too Faced, etc. utilize the tuck-end box style. This box style is quite simple to use. You can place your choice products within this box. For closing the box from the top, you can sticker it with a nice circular cut-out.

Bookend Style Box

The bookend box style is the best box. You can nicely place your blush on products within this box. Moreover, go for adding up the floral artwork on the box. If you are adding some kind of ingredients such as peach. You can mention it in the box.

Further, you can add the magnetic closure on the box to keep the blush on the box safe.

Two-Piece Box

The trend of the two-piece box is rising gradually. If you are planning to launch the luxurious range then this box style is perfect to fit your needs. You can also encase your blush on within this box style and you can save the price of internal packaging.

Further, you can present the perfumes as well within this box-style to offer them to your customers as gift boxes. Try to create your packaging that much attractive that people don’t have to worry about the outer packaging of the boxes. 

Wall Hanging Boxes

The wall hanging boxes are the best ones to enclose your eyes and lip products. Go for encasing within them the eyeliners, mascaras, eye kohl pencils, etc. However, these are the best products. The lip balm products also look awesome within these boxes. So, wait no more and choose these boxes to encase your products.

Don’t miss to add the PVC sheet within these boxes. However, the PVC sheet is helpful to change the outlook of your boxes.

Mailer Boxes 

The mailer cardboard boxes carry the makeup products in the most elegant manner. You can encase all the cosmetic products within mailer box packaging.

Such as you can encase the lip glosses, foundations, nail paints, lip liners, eye makeup, and as well as skincare products within the mailer subscription boxes. Thus, people love the attractive mailer packaging. As they are durable and will keep your cosmetic products safe and sound. What else? You can add the matte touch coating on this box type.

Go for the addition of attractive components

The second thing which matters in attractive packaging after the opening style of the box is the eye-catching features. Go for adding the enticing laces and awesome ribbons on the boxes so, people can see the cosmetic box packaging touching the height of the market.

There are various additional features that you can add to the box packaging :

Spot Uv

It gives a shiny appearance to the box. You can add your logo to the box within the spot UV feature.


Go for adding the captions of your cosmetic boxes within the embossing feature


Deboss feature gives an amazing touch feel to the hand of the customers. You can add this feature to the premium cosmetic packaging feature.


While creating mascara packaging the addition of the silver and as well as the gold foiling looks awesome inscribed on the cosmetic boxes.


You can imprint stickers in the most attractive style by hiring good manufacturers. The stickers which you select can be in any style such as clear stickers, decals, printed stickers, or fluorescent ones. It totally depends on your choice of selecting the one.

Where to get Such Great Boxes?

To attain the most premium quality boxes, go for hiring the KwickPackaging company. It is the best company in the USA. Initially, you can ask for the mock-ups. However, with the help of the mock-ups your customers will easily understand your packaging and as a result, you will achieve the best custom cosmetic boxes.

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