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Four Ways to End Poverty

Four Ways to End Poverty

Poverty is one of the biggest problems this world has been facing for a very long time. It stands first in the sustainable development goals of the United Nation. However, one nation or one continent cannot fight against the problem solely. It is an international issue and in order to resolve it, we need to join hands and play our individual part. Students usually get assigned with projects and assignments that have to cater to this problem. If you are a student who is failing at it, order our essay writing service UK online and let the experts handle your case.

In this blog, we’ve have compiled five ways in which each of us can contribute to the cause. It may not end poverty from its roots, but our efforts will surely leave a positive impact on the society and there will be more energy among people to get this major issue resolved.

Four Ways to End Poverty

Here are the four ways in which we can play our part and deal with the problem of poverty:

Quit Bad Habits and Donate


The first thing you can do in order to chip in and work for the cause is to quit your bad habits. If you are habitual of smoking or wasting money in other unproductive activities, it is high time to evaluate how wrong you are behaving with yourself and with the society you belong to. Who would want to kill or keep his health at stake? If you promise to quit your bad habits today, it will not only help your health, but donating the money will also play a role in reducing poverty. We should not forget that every penny counts!

If you are a student, make a habit of sharing your meal with poor people or take some money out of your daily income and serve the poor ones. Donation also provides people with inner peace and a sense of gratitude. You only get to know how blessed you are when you look at people below your status. So, make sure to quit your bad habits, save that money and donate it to the deserving ones. You can also help them in starting their own small business like a fruit or vegetable stall.

Making People Aware About the Matter


Another important act you can carry out in order to reduce poverty level of your society is to make the masses aware about the problem. There are many people who do not pay heed and keep living their luxurious life. It does not mean that they are blind or unable to watch the less fortunate die of hunger, but they do not have that emotional spark in them. If you try to make them realize how big of a problem it is and how much their contribution to the matter can help, it can play a big role. We are not rich enough to cater to the problem alone. But by joining hands with each other and chipping in, we can get the issue resolved at least in the society we are living in.

You can hold rallies or carry out social media campaigns that portray the struggling and difficult life of poor people. It can spark the emotions of elites and they might start batting an eye on the matter. But to make them aware, and divert their attention towards the cause will be  one big task and if you are enthusiastic enough to get it done, nothing can stop you. So, try to use the internet for some productive means and make the world aware of the problems some of the people are facing due to poverty. Reach out to the potential donors and present your case in an impressive manner.

Be Smart While Shopping


We are all blessed in numerous ways. Shopping has become our necessity. But have you ever wondered about the people who don’t have food on their table? Shopping is more like a dream for them. You should remember them while shopping. I am not asking you to buy luxurious outfits for them. But make sure to shop from the companies and brands that spend a chunk of their profits in charities. There are many companies who keep their justified profit from the sales and donate the rest to the poor.

Charities done by these companies contribute to the cause of ending poverty. What’s bad in spending money on yourself and keeping a share of it in order to help the less fortunate at the same time? That’s called smart shopping. So, next time you move out to any mall or grocery store, make sure to purchase commodities from the companies that are regular donors.

Educate Them For Free


The best way in which students can play their role and reduce poverty level is by educating the poor. They should know how to struggle and pave their way out of poverty. Everyone can change their financial conditions with hard work and hustle. Similarly, poor people need to understand that it is not all dark and gloomy out there. They can address and resolve their issues on their own. All they need is proper guidance from a person who understands how things work and keeps an educated mind.

You can play a vital role in increasing their level of consciousness and making them able to change their vulnerable condition. University groups should work collectively in order to meet the needs of these poor people. They can teach them under the shade of trees or ask their professors to provide free classrooms for them. There will be problems, but the idea of educating them and making them stand on their feet is worth trying. So, make sure to put your all efforts into the project.

These were the four ways which can contribute in helping the less fortunate. Ending poverty from this world is a huge task but together with our small efforts we can get it done. However, if you are a student with an excessive academic workload, and you can’t take out time in helping out, call upon essay writers UK and get your workload done.

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