Guide to acquiring a Singapore work visa in 2021

Singapore’s booming economy makes it an advantageous place for companies seeking to expand into the Asia Pacific. Many multinational corporations have set their sights on this tiny but powerful island state as a global innovation hotspot. Do you want to apply for an employment visa in Singapore? This is a fairly simple job for the majority of people. Your business, or an agent you authorize, will handle the employment visa application process for you. Singapore has no immigration points system for jobs, and a work visa usually allows you to bring dependent family members with you.

To work legally in Singapore, all foreign citizens must first obtain an employment visa in Singapore. As a result, after establishing a Singapore business, all prospective employers must apply for the appropriate types of work visas for all of their foreign employees.

Work permits and visas based on jobs

Foreigners relocating to Singapore must obtain a jobs visa or a work permit Singapore rather than a business visa in order to legally work in Lion City. Fortunately, there are several work visas and work permit Singapore to consider. These passes are normally only valid for two years, and possessing one does not confer permanent residency.


An employment pass is available for foreign individuals who are in managerial, directorial, or executive positions. It can also be available to those who have specialized job offers. While an S pass is given to mid-skilled foreign talents that meet the necessary qualifications. While an EntrePass is given to business owners who are interested in expanding or incorporating their own company account in Singapore.



Work visa requirements in Singapore

In general, all workers must meet the following work permit Singapore requirements to be qualified for an employment visa in Singapore:

  • possess a valid passport;
  • be at least 18 years old;
  • be eligible for the job (with supporting documentation from approved institutions) and;
  • operate only within the scope of their role.

All workers are required to have a valid employment visa. If you are moving with a corporation, they should be able to assist you with this. If not, a professional expatriate would normally need one of the following visas:


  • Employment Pass: for international practitioners, managers, and executives with a monthly salary of at least 3,600 SGD (2,600 USD) and related credentials. Valid for a range of up to two years.
  • S Pass: for mid-level professional workers earning at least SGD 1,700 (1,700 USD) per month and meeting the appraisal requirements. Valid for a period of up to two years.


Employees in the entertainment, construction, manufacturing, marine shipyard, operation, or services industries may also obtain specific work permit Singapore.


Work visa application form for Singapore

Companies must apply for job passes on behalf of their employees. You should be mindful that your employer can use the services of an employment agency to assist with the process. Employers from other countries must ask a Singapore-based organization to serve as a local sponsor. The employee’s work permit Singapore application will be sent on his or her behalf by the local sponsor.


The procedures for obtaining a work pass or an S pass are comparable. Before you can apply for a job or an S pass, you’ll need to collect the following documents:


  • written permission for your company or agent to apply on your behalf;
  • a copy of your passport’s personal information page (along with an explanation letter and supporting documents, such as a deed poll, if the name on your passport differs from the name on other documents); and
  • your educational certificates verified by a global verification agency (if they are from an institution that is not listed on the application form).


Your company will be required to include its most recent business profile or instant information as reported with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). After the application has been submitted, the processing period for online applications is normally three weeks and eight weeks for manual applications.

Following your application


The In Principal Approval (IPA) letter should be sent to your employer. You will be sent a copy of this, and your employer will have six months to carry you to Singapore in order to issue an employment pass, or just sixty days if you are applying for an S pass. You must be in Singapore to receive your employment visa.


When you arrive in Singapore to obtain your pass, you must bring the following items:


  • a copy of your current immigration pass and disembarkation/embarkation card; 
  • a completed medical test or health declaration form; and 
  • a Singapore residential address that satisfies housing specifications.

Apply for your visa today


Do you wish to have a work permit in Singapore? If you have never traveled abroad before, the process would be daunting, and if you have, you are aware of the burden that awaits you. Whatever stage you are in, Ren Ai Group will assist you with a full range of relocation services. Our expert expatriate team is eager to assist you with your relocation, so why not get started on your move abroad by contacting us today? Start as soon as possible!

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