Hearing Aids Singapore: Bernafon vs Sivantos

It might be difficult to choose the best hearing aid for you or a loved one that fits your budget, lifestyle, and kind of hearing loss. Every year, over a dozen hearing aid manufacturers release new models. I was having trouble deciding on the finest hearing aid for our 9-month-old kid, who suffers from hearing loss. He has since utilized three different hearing aids from two separate manufacturers. In this essay, I’ll provide a summary of my findings about hearing aid manufacturers and the many options and features they provide. This unbiased guide should help you figure out which hearing aid brand is best and which model would be ideal for you.  (hearing aids singapore)  




Bernafon, on the other hand, has released the Bernafon Alpha hearing aid, which has ground-breaking hybrid technology that allows users to hear natural sound even in challenging environments. This novel approach does the following: 


  • A clearer speech signal while maintaining the natural sound of the area. 
  • The balance of speech clarity and listening comfort is achieved. 
  • It has no effect on voice clarity or sound quality. 
  • Thanks to feedback, you can effectively shield yourself from annoying sounds. 


Bernafon also provides its new EasyConnect programme, which allows consumers to communicate with their trusted hearing center through video conferencing without leaving their home.




Signia is a high-end brand owned by Sivantos, a hearing care firm that works in collaboration with Widex. Signia is one of the top three hearing aid companies in the world, providing customers with cutting-edge technology and fashionable designs. As a result, Signia’s new Nx range of hearing aids is one of our top recommendations for the best hearing aid models of 2020.


Hearing aid stores may use Signia’s optimize fitting and suggestion system to guarantee that their clients get the best fit possible. Signia also offers TeleCare 3.0, which allows for real-time remote tuning to aid with troubleshooting. 


Signia hearing aid prices are determined by the technology level selected by the user, with all Nx models available in 7x, 5x, or 3x levels. Because pricing are determined by technology levels rather than model selection, it’s evident that Signia’s Nx hearing aids were designed to cater to a wide range of customers at predictable rates.


Tinnitus treatment is include in all Signia hearing aids, and external wear models offer interchangeable housing so patients may change colors at home. The Pure Charge Go Nx, Pure 312 Nx, and Silk Nx versions are all available in CROS setups, which stands for Contralateral Routing of Signals and is designed for persons with unaddressed hearing loss in one ear.


Price of Hearing Aids 


When looking at the many kinds and qualities of hearing aids, it’s important to keep in mind that there are also numerous pricing ranges. Choosing the correct hearing aid for someone who is deaf or hard of hearing can be a difficult undertaking. The high cost of hearing aids is a widespread concern among the hearing impaired. Hearing aids are not cover by Medicare, and many insurance companies do not cover them either. The fundamental reason for this is the sheer quantity of people involve.


Hearing loss is frequent as individuals become older, and the number of hearing-impaired persons outnumbers deaf people. As a result, hearing aids are an expensive investment. Hearing loss is usually gradual, necessitating the purchase of thousands of dollars in hearing equipment every few years as the loss progresses.


Different quality with different price 


Hearing aids come in a wide range of prices, and the better the technology, the higher the price. The most effective hearing aids are somewhat expensive. The Lions Club, for example, is a nonprofit that helps reduce the exorbitant cost of hearing aids, although it is mostly for hearing-impaired youngsters. Hearing aids that are digital are often more expensive, with some being extremely costly. Doing your research and selecting the perfect style and fit for you can help to alleviate the financial strain. When it comes to hearing aids, you definitely get what you pay for. There are cheaper hearing aids available, but you should consider the features and design before purchasing. Don’t dismiss these less expensive models immediately away. Many of them are of excellent quality and were creating with the hearing impaired of lower socioeconomic status in mind. Hearing aid costs vary greatly.


Do your homework and schedule an appointment with doctor. He or she can help you determine the amount of hearing aid you require. The rest is up to you in terms of style and fit. Hearing aids that fit straight into the ear canal are nearly unnoticeable. Others are designed to be visible, yet all send music to the ear. The smaller the hearing aid, the shorter the battery life and the more expensive it is. The expense of replacing the hearing aid battery is frequently higher. The larger the battery, the longer the battery life, and hence the more cost-effective the larger hearing aids. Speaking with a doctor might help you understand the hearing aid price and get the most bang for your buck. 


Conclusions on the Best Hearing Aid Brands


Most companies offer trial periods, so don’t be afraid to try a few different hearing aids. You should choose listening equipment that is both comfortable and helpful in improving your hearing. Find out what features are available right now. You might want to inquire about direct audio input, which would allow you to use assistive listening equipment used in schools, theaters, and other public locations. 


It’s critical to get a comprehensive understanding of all the costs associated with the hearing aid (including batteries and repairs). Remember to evaluate expected battery life with the cost per battery if you expect to go through batteries frequently. It’s also important to understand what the warranty covers. You should consider extending the service warranty.


It might be difficult to adjust to new listening equipment. Learn how to use your listening devices. Before you leave your hearing specialist, make sure you can simply put the new aid in, change the volume control, and replace the batteries. One of the most prevalent complaints among new users is that their own voice is too loud. It usually takes some time to adjust to this. Feedback is another issue. This is frequently buy on by a poor hearing aid fit or earwax accumulation. Modifications will need to be make by your hearing practitioner.


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