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How Bangalore cbse Schools care for kids’ Mental Health

Mental health is an important aspect of overall well-being. The WHO states that: “Health is a condition of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, not only the absence of disease or disability,”. This definition implies that mental health encompasses more than the absence of mental disorders or disabilities.

Mental health is a condition of well-being in which a person recognizes his or her own potential, can cope with everyday stressors, works productively, and contributes to his or her community.

Kid’s Mental health is essential to enable them to think, emote, interact with others, grow into healthy beings, and enjoy life on a collective and individual level. On this basis, kids’ mental health promotion, protection, and restoration are gradually becoming a concern for individuals, communities, CBSE schools in Bangalore, and societies all over the world.

The way we think about mental illness or dysfunction in our culture needs to change. Physical and mental health are inextricably linked. They are both equally crucial to a person’s well-being. Only around 20% of adolescents and children with diagnosable mental illnesses receive the treatment they require.

Here are a few ways in which parents and teachers of CBSE Schools in Bangalore can care for their kid’s mental health:

Encourage Social Time :

Set out 30 minutes or an hour each week for your children to interact and concentrate on interactions other than their studies. Encourage them to communicate with one another and work together to tackle an issue or challenge.

Run Lunchtime clubs :

Lunchtime groups provide students with an opportunity to divert their attention from their studies. Arts & crafts, bakeries, theater clubs, reading clubs, film clubs, and other activities could be included in these clubs. Students from the Montessori curriculum in Bangalore will feel more included as a result of the sense of community, and the burden of work will be relieved for a while.

Have an Open-Door Policy :

Children must understand they can come to you with any issues or concerns they may have. Make this clear to your kids so they know you’re always available to talk. You may even dedicate a teacher for each year group to assist any pupils who are having difficulty. This person should ideally have mental health training and know-how to assist.

Make Mental Health Known :

Unfortunately, mental health is still considered a taboo subject, and we embarrass sufferers to discuss it. When people talk about their concerns, they often feel judged. As a result, mental health should be a priority in all CBSE schools in Bangalore. To let children realize they’re not alone, mention it in events, and celebrate awareness days like World Mental Health Day. We observe World Mental Health Day on October 10th to raise public awareness about mental health. The goal of this day is to raise global awareness about mental health concerns and to support mental health in any way possible.

You may also invite mental health groups like Mind and Rethink to speak at your school about their work and discuss mental health. Students and parents are all welcome to attend.

Organize a Wellness Week :

Arrange a wellness week in your school to truly put wellness at the forefront of your students’ minds. This will assist both the faculty and the students.

You could do the following throughout your wellness week:

  1. Encourage pupils to make connections by encouraging them to communicate with one another and communicate with individuals they wouldn’t normally talk to.
  2. Host a sports/activity day – they have shown exercise to increase endorphin levels. So take advantage of this by involving students and staff in a variety of activities. Encourage pupils to create small objectives for themselves (nothing too lofty) so that they can feel good about themselves when they achieve them.
  3. Donate to mental health causes by organizing charitable activities such as a cake sale or a fancy-dress day. Giving to others has been shown to lower stress levels and increase emotional health.
  4. Create a relaxing environment by hosting mindfulness programs.

Effect of Mental Health on kids

Education professionals have recognized the impact that a student’s mental health is very important and highly impacts learning and achievement. They realize that there is a great deal that can be done to help students with mental health issues. Despite the fact that the average age of early signs of mental illness is 14 years. But most individuals don’t seek help until adulthood. Underlining the seriousness, it is the fact that 60 percent of high school students with mental illness don’t graduate.

The mind is one of the body’s most powerful organs, controlling the functions of all other organs. When our minds are in a state of flux, it affects how our bodies function as a whole. Physical and emotional fitness are essential for success in all parts of life. CBSE schools in Bangalore should be conscious of the risks of mental disease and place a high priority on keeping their minds healthy. Just as they do their physical bodies. Only when both are in perfect harmony can we call someone totally healthy and well. As a result, it is critical for everyone to strive for a balance of mental and physical well-being and to seek help when needed.

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