How Does Digital Mailroom Automation Work?

Each business, regardless of the size , has to deal with mail. Based what you do in your company you’re dealing with large volumes of paperwork that need to be handled in your mailroom. Handling piles of mail and processing the documents will not only make employees feel weighed down and cause an inefficiency, lead to the losing important items and delay certain processes because of. This is why software for automating your digital mailroom can help to automatize your current paper-based mail processing as well as allowing you to collect and verify data from your business mail to enhance overall efficiency and decrease the time required for manual tasks such as data entry.

What is Digital Mailroom Automation?

The mailroom software streamlines the processes mail goes through.To help you improve the speed and efficiency of delivery of your mail. Prevent workers from getting bogged down by paper mail. Also increase the recognition and distribution of important information that is incoming to your mailroom.

With the help of digital software to automate your mail room you can speed up transactions, boost efficiency and efficiency of employees and improve your management of documents.

What is Digital Mailroom? 

Digital mailroom software lets you set up a virtual hub inside your business that allows all incoming mail recorded and automatically distributed to the correct individuals. The digital mailroom software:

  • Scans paper, and then captures the digital messages from every source.
  • Sorts all mail received by using artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Extracts data from mail by using optical character recognition (OCR) to identify the person who received the mail or the departmental group.
  • Sends the digitally-generated mail to the correct departments or individuals via an email address or a center for users to download their mail from.
  • Legally archives documents in digital format, with the right retention policies to ensure compliance as well as easy access and search.

How Does Automation Perform?

Digital software for automating your mailroom it will speed up the processing of documents by making high-quality digital copies of all mail documents, and then forwarding them to the correct person. The solution will automate data integration between external and internal systems and manages each touchpoint via resolution of issues. It will be able to transform unstructured data into information that can be integrated into every line of business system.

The digital mailroom software allows for easy development and can be configured to reduce custom programming in the development phase. It will streamline the entire process of processing documents by integrating AI (AI) as well as the use of natural technology for processing languages (NLP) as well as machines learning features. Your users will be able to create as well as build and manage digital workflows.

The benefits from Digital Mailroom Automation Software

If your processes based on mail take significantly less time due to automation. Your company will better equipped to meet the needs of customers and requests, transactions and other inquiries. With the help of digital software to automate your mailroom you can speed up transactions. Also boost efficiency and efficiency of employees and improve your management of documents.

Find out about time and cost savings.

Digital software for automating the mailroom dramatically reduces the time for mail to reach appropriate recipients. Your employees working in the mailroom in physical form more efficient and assigned more strategic tasks. As your mail can automatically classified, directed and delivered for faster speed of response.

You’ll no longer have to rely on manual processes in the mailroom. Also reduce the time employees spend managing physical documents. By automating the processing of and prioritizing mail that comes in. You’ll reduce your labor and operational expenses as well as miss deadlines or risk to comply.

Check for that you are in compliance

Digital mailroom software will ensure that your documents are able to pass through secure trails. When you need to access documents to audited. They’re accessible and store in a manner that allows compliance to easy and fast. Documents kept, monitored and tracked in a secure manner for the duration of their life.

Improve customer service

If your processes that are based on mail take significantly less time due to automation, your company will be better equipped to meet the needs of customers and requests, transactions and other inquiries.

Gain greater insight

Digital mailroom software provides analytics that are actionable. Which means you can gain insight into how your processes run. With dashboards graphical and driven by data which allow you to track the entire process in real time. Also share information with both external and internal users.


The ideal mailroom automation software could transform your company. If you’re looking to learn how it can help your company greater efficiency as well as cost-efficiency Contact PackageX today. Our experts are waiting to show you how a digital mailroom can assist you.


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