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Kraft Sleeve Boxes

What are sleeve boxes?

Kraft sleeve boxes are a packaging design consisting of two pieces that act as a container and a lid. The design is such that the container or tray is covered with the lid on four sides. The lid can slide off the tray or container to expose the items inside the tray. This design is an easily functional packaging option with a smooth closure. It is becoming increasingly popular in the market for the packaging of a wide variety of product and gift packaging boxes.

Importance of a good packaging box

As a retailer, you need to be very efficient with the definition. The appearance of your product and making it stand out. If the product does not look different and unique, the customer will not be tempted to buy it. There are so many options for every retail item with the increasing competition in various businesses. You need to give a noticeable impression of your product so that it builds anticipation amongst the buyers. The most important factor in this regard is the packaging of the item.

Manufacture of Kraft sleeve boxes

The process of manufacturing sleeve boxes goes through a series of steps which results in the formation of premium quality custom sleeve boxes. we will talk about these steps one by one to have a better idea of the packaging design.

Selection of manufacturing material

The first step that goes into the manufacture is to select what type of material will be suitable to make the perfect packaging box. Cheap box sleeves cannot properly sustain the items inside the box and this can cause harm to the product and its quality. There are various options for making sleeve packaging boxes.

Rigid material

The thickest and most sustainable material that is perfect for making the strongest packaging boxes is a rigid material. Rigid is the thickest form of cardboard and is most suitable for packaging dainty, delicate and expensive retail items. This material is very popular for packaging items like perfumes

Kraft material

Kraft sleeve boxes are brown boxes made from Kraft material. The origin of Kraft material is the wood pulp of certain trees and it goes through minimum chemical treatment. This is the reason for the characteristic natural look and brown color of the packaging boxes. They look very basic yet stylish and are perfect for natural and homemade items.

Corrugated stock

Corrugated material is also a very protective and safe option for the packaging of items. This packaging is especially suitable when you need to pack the items for transport. It has a design that can protect the items from damage during stacking and storage. It has multiple layers of paper with central layers having a corrugated design that gives cushioning to the items.

Assembly of Kraft sleeve boxes

After the selection of packaging material, you need to make the design of the box with neat cuts and properly fitting closure.

Die-cutting technique

The makers of packaging boxes select the shape of the packaging box and make a template of the design they require. The sleeve box template defines the points of cutting and indentations for folding the paper into a box shape. Along these lines, the cardboard material is cut using a die machine that has sharp blades to make neat cuts. After folding along the indentations, the paperboard makes the box of sleeve design according to the dimensions of the template design.

Printing and design

The next step in formation is printing a particular printing design on the boxes using printing plates. There are several printing options from which you can choose to make the perfect sleeve box that suits your requirements. Also, the look of printing depends on the material that makes the sleeve box. Custom sleeve boxes with rigid stock or cardstock can be printed using a wide range of colors and patterns. You can even use metallic and holographic colors for printing texts and images.

Furthermore, to make your brand name or logo stand out you can use several latest techniques like embossing, debossing, spot UV, or metallic lamination. This will make your brand name prominent on your custom sleeve boxes to get your distinctive identification as an exclusive brand.

Coating of packaging material

After printing your specific details and images you can complete the look of your packaging box by using the coating. Just like printing, there are several options for coating and lamination as well that you can use on your packaging boxes. The coating patterns will further distinguish the appearance of your packaging box and make it look more engaging to the customers. You can use a simple coating technique like gloss finish or give your packaging box a more sleek look using the matte finish coating method. There are other coating options for more attractive and luxury packaging like holographic and metallic lamination. These shiny coatings can give more definition to your packaging box and make it look more attractive.

Shipping of sleeve box packaging

The technique of manufacture by die-cutting offers the utility of flat shipping of the packaging boxes. Since the design is already cut out using a die, the boxes are ready to fold into shape. The folding is easily done by erecting the box into shape with a machine or hands. Moreover, this option of shipping the boxes flat gives the ease of transport of large batches of packaging material at one time. It also saves a lot of space for transport and warehouse storage purposes.

Benefits of using sleeve boxes

The packaging design of Kraft sleeve boxes is undoubtedly unique and more convenient to use than other packaging options. We will talk about what makes this box packaging different from other two-piece packaging styles and why should you choose it.

Ease of use

The noteworthy aspect of Kraft sleeve boxes packaging is that these boxes are very easy and convenient to use. The closure design is easy to use and slides off the bottom container in a very smooth way. You do not have to worry about the proper tucking of the closure and unlike tuck ends this closure does not get damaged easily. Thus, you can use it again and again for a long time without worrying about tears and damage to the material.

Impressive presentation

Sleeve-style packaging boxes give a very distinctive look to your packaging box that is not easy to ignore. These boxes with a good and sustainable packaging material are a great way to showcase your product in the best possible way. Furthermore, a good style of product presentation builds trust among the customers regarding the product.

Safety of product

The lid of Kraft sleeve boxes is not a regular lid of a two-piece packaging box, instead, it serves as sort of a cover. This cover surrounds the box in such a way that the product can’t fall out of the box due to weight or wrong handling. This property makes the sleeve box packaging very safe and secure for your product. Moreover, if you want to select a packaging that keeps your product damage-free, this style is the perfect choice for you.

Add a window

To make your product visible from inside the packaging box, you can add a window on top of the box. This window can be of a simple square or rectangular shape or any other shape that is made by the die-cutting method. This is a great way to showcase your item and let the customers have a glance at it. They can see the product without having to buy it first. And, it catches the attention of onlookers browsing through options in the market. You can seal this window with the help of a clear plastic sheet so that external dust and moisture do not enter the box.

Product packaging using sleeve boxes

You can use sleeve box packaging for the packaging of a wide range of products to enhance their look and appeal. In addition to it, let us talk about some of the products for which Kraft sleeve boxes are most suitable to use.

Packaging of retail items

As a product vendor custom sleeve boxes are a great choice to pack and present your products with utility and style. They are very popular for packaging confectionery items like cakes chocolates, macaroons, and other sweets. Likewise, it is also a very suitable style for the packaging of soaps. Tech companies use this packaging for expensive tech items like air pods and mobile phones. Kraft sleeve boxes are also used for the packaging of personal use items like socks and lingerie. Moreover, rigid sleeve boxes are perfect for jewelry packaging because of their luxe and stylish look.

Gift packaging boxes

For the most beautiful packaging of your gift items to leave a lasting impression, custom sleeve boxes are a perfect choice. Packaging is something that can make your gift more memorable for someone you love. Sleeve boxes add style to your gift packaging and make it look more attractive. Furthermore, you can also use this style to make party favor boxes for your special occasion.

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