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How Technology is Driving Trends in Modern carpeting

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When homeowners think of technology, they are most likely thinking of smart home features such as smart thermostats. One of the most significant technology advancements impacting interior design is modern carpet manufacturing. Here we look at how technology is driving modern carpeting trends.

Improved Durability

It makes sense that manufacturers would look to technology to help improve the durability of their carpets. Durability is an important aspect of carpeting as it includes things such as stain resistance, pilling, and comfort underfoot.

The same things that attract homeowners to carpet are also important to commercial spaces. Low maintenance, stain resistance and durability are perhaps even more important in commercial spaces where traffic is often heavier. Carpets need to be visually pleasing yet easy to clean without wearing away their appearance.

Fibre and Weave

The one thing that remains a constant for carpet manufacturing is fibre and weave. Technology makes it easier for manufacturers to produce a wider variety of weaves and tufts to add a design element using texture. The texture is very important for carpeting not just aesthetically but also for comfort. The ability to adjust weaves and fibres provides designers with more control.

Colours and Patterns

If you’ve visited a  flooring Calgary store lately you might have been struck by the impressive carpet samples banking the display floor. Not only is technology making it easier to introduce innovations in textures and fibres, but it also allows carpet designers to introduce a wider range of colours and patterns. Today, carpets seem to be available in any imaginable colour.

Large geometrics, classic herringbone, graphic chevrons, multi-coloured shags and tufts, shapes, stripes, florals and even cityscapes appear on the carpets available in showrooms today.

Fit For Purpose

This term is becoming more and more popular in not just carpeting, but the entire flooring industry. Being able to choose your carpet based on its intended purpose allows you to make smarter choices to help lengthen the life of the carpet. The carpet is designed to meet a long list of needs. The amount of traffic, whether you need pet-friendly flooring, staining, durability and more all contribute to the fit-for-purpose trend in carpeting. Carpets can be engineered with the end-user in mind making it far more versatile than it once was.

Modular Technology

The idea of wall-to-wall broadloom made it easier to install carpet in the homes of yesteryear. However, today’s office spaces and homes often include less traditional layouts with angles and curves that are more contemporary than the boxy rooms of the past. As a result, carpets have become more modular in nature and are less reliant on the familiar role. But it is not just about installation.

Instead of having to replace a massive piece of damaged or stained carpeting, you can simply tear up and replace the damaged tiles.

Mixing and matching the new carpet tiles is an exciting way to set the tone of space so homeowners can imagine and make it happen. All of this is thanks to technology advancements that have improved tufting capabilities and dyed yarn solutions.

Improved Comfort

Cushion backing on carpeting has become more durable and comfortable. Technology has introduced better ways to create underpadding and backing systems that work to create a far more luxurious, softer feel.

Innovative technology is offering new concepts in carpeting providing a far more appealing variety of options to suit both commercial and residential needs.

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