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How to Avoid Getting Sick on a Yacht Trip?

How to Avoid Getting Sick on a Yacht Trip?

Your dream yacht trip might turn into a nightmare if the motion causes you to get sick. Sea motion can lead to seasickness. It can be nauseating and cause dizziness, vomiting, and headaches. 
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Your sea sickness can be mild. However, for some people, it can be incapacitating. Yachts serve you food and alcohol. All these things can increase the chances of getting sick. 

In case you are prone to seasickness or have some concerns, you can follow the tips given below. 

  1.   Get Enough Fresh Air

It is better to avoid staying in enclosed spaces. You should move around and get a little fresh air – especially in plaes where it is hot, like Turkey. It will help you a great deal. Try lying down and shutting your eyes, playing your favorite music, and trying to relax. You must be distracting yourself from seasickness and let your body relax with rest and music.

  1.   Focus on the Horizon

You should keep your eyes on the horizon. It is important to ensure that you can see it and not just stare at it. The horizon is going to work as the reference point while your body starts adjusting the yacht’s motion. Try facing forward rather than sideways. It will help you adjust sooner. In case the horizon isn’t insight shut your eyes, the clashing sensation between the eyes and ears can be reduced.

  1.   Avoid Consuming Caffeine

You should not drink caffeine for a minimum of one day before going on a trip. When you are consuming a high amount of caffeine you can experience a temporary headache that you will surely not want when you are feeling sick. 

  1.   Avoid Having Oily Food

You should avoid taking acidic or oily foods. Consume something light an hour before the yacht charter leaves. It means your abdomen will have something to process. Do not have salad dressing since it usually contains vinegar and might make you seasick. In case it is breakfast time, simple food items, such as cereal or porridge are superior to a conventional omelet and heavy egg. Ginger can also help with sea sickness. Take it to cure sea sickness. 

  1.   Stay Away from the Engine

When you are on the yacht, you have to make sure you are staying away from the engine area. The diesel fumes can cause you to feel sick. It is especially true when you are on a smaller yacht. 

  1.   Keep the Equipment in Appropriate Places

If you plan on fishing on your sailing yacht, you are going to need a few pieces of equipment, such as

You have to keep them on the deck before leaving. However, make sure you are keeping them in the right place. It will reduce the amount of time you put in below the deck or searching in lockers where you will not be able to predict the motion of the boat. Keep in mind that the sailboat moves even when it is stationary, especially if equipment and people have been loaded at the same time.


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