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How to Batch Import EML Files to Microsoft Outlook? – Solved

import eml files to microsoft outlook

Users can import EML files into Outlook using a variety of solutions that are offered on the market. Users can use either a manual conversion method or a professional one to convert EML to PST. In this blog, we will go through solutions to import EML files to Microsoft Outlook.

EML files occasionally develop corruption. Therefore, it is much better to convert them to PST File format first. In this way, the user will get the true facts and information about it. Additionally, there won’t be any file corruption. As far as we are aware, an EML file only includes one email message.

Users can easily Batch import EML files into Outlook by employing a number of Manual and Professional approaches. You must convert an EML file to a PST file before you can open it in Outlook. As far as we are aware, an EML file only includes one email message.

Need to Import EML Files to PST

Understanding the need for the conversion is crucial before learning the solutions:

The main issue for customers when they migrate from one email client to another is a conversion from one file format to another file type. Converting an EML file to an Outlook PST file is one example of this. EML stores information about a single message. Email text, sender information, message time, and recipient information are all stored. EML files are tiny in size since they only include data for a single message. Data is saved in the EML file format by desktop applications like Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, etc. The MS Outlook PST file format is capable of storing data, and it contains all of the database information, including email messages, contacts, notes, tasks, and calendars. This format can save data and is entirely distinct from EML files.

This format can save several mailbox folders in an organized fashion and is entirely distinct from EML files. EML file format can save several mailbox folders in an organized fashion and is entirely distinct from EML files. EML files can be transferred into Outlook’s PST format.

Best Professional Method to import EML Files to Microsoft Outlook

This freeware enables you to quickly import EML files into Outlook. The top product on the market is Advik EML to PST Converter. The most effective way to transfer EML files to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc. is by using this professional program.

Support for batch EML to PST conversion allows users to maintain the folder hierarchy while converting individual emails or an entire EML folder to PST format. As a result, the software will convert all EML files to PST format with just one click when performing the mass conversion.

Features of Advik EML to PST Converter

Users can then save the resulting data to their preferred location. Save Resultant PST to the New folder. Additionally, this program has the ability to convert large EML files to PST format.

Users must choose the checkbox next to “Generate PST for Each Folder” in order to make use of this feature. When this option is used, the program will create a separate PST file, such as inbox.pst, sent.pst, and so forth, for each folder.

Automatic EML File: When you choose EML files to load, the emails in the folder will also load automatically. Non-technical users will find it simpler to save their EML files to PST files as a result.

Users typically need to save EML files into Outlook PST, but doing so manually makes it challenging to import emails from EML files. The manual process also requires a lot of time.

The ideal method for importing multiple EML emails to PST is the one indicated above. The Advik EML to PST Converter will enable users to swiftly import EML files to Outlook.

In order to increase the security and dependability of the importing and conversion process, it also has a number of additional features. To try the software’s features and functionality, just download and utilize the demo edition.

Manual Way to Export EML Files to Microsoft Outlook

Although useful, the procedure is challenging. Due to the potential for data loss, it is also dangerous. Here’s how users can move EML files from Windows Live Mail to Office 365, for example.

There are two stages to the conversion. Users must first convert EML files to PST. The file can then be imported into Outlook at that point.

Before beginning the process, create a data backup.

Method 1: Using Windows Live Mail

  1. Start by launching the application on your local computer.
  2. Select “file” and “export” from the menu. Next, pick out the email messages.
  3. Next, select Microsoft Exchange from the export menu and press the next key.
  4. After that, a pop-up notice informing users that all emails would be exported to Outlook or Microsoft Exchange will appear. To continue, press OK.
  5. Users have the option of migrating all email folders or just the crucial ones that require exporting. by selecting the folders option. then press OK.
  6. Click complete once the export pop-up has finished.

Method 2: Drag-and-Drop

Users must have their EML files kept separately on their machines in order to use this strategy. Additionally, they shouldn’t use any email clients that support EML. Outlook must be installed on your device.

  1. Launch Outlook on your computer.
  2. Discuss where the EML files should be saved. Next, pick a file.
  3. Drop the chosen EML file into the Outlook program by dragging it there.
  4. Only those with a small number of files to import will find this method useful. If you are dealing with a lot of EML files, use a Professional solution.

Method 3: Utilizing Outlook Express

Users need to set up their EML files in Outlook Express in order to complete this job. by dragging files into this application after it has been imported. After that, the user may continue.

  1. Run this program on your computer.
  2. open the file.
  3. Next, choose open and export. then select either export or import.
  4. Next, choose Outlook Express, then Import Internet Mail and Addresses. To import EML files into Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, or 2003, click Finish.

Failure of the Manual Method to Import EML Files to Microsoft Outlook

The process itself can corrupt the files. Additionally, after the process, the data could not be the same. However, only seldom are email attachments moved to Outlook using these methods at Bulk Import EML to Outlook.

These manual techniques will change the EML file’s SMTP header section. The manual process will also alter the meta characteristics.

Manual techniques are not always secure to utilize, as we all know. It will take a long time if the user has a lot of files to import. in addition to physical efforts.

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