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How to Benefit From Your Web Hosting

Choosing a good Web Hosting service should take priority when you set out on developing a website for your business. The task is not easy, considering that there are so many web hosting companies out there. Many companies tend to leave the task to their web designers to provide their own hosting or recommend a web host. Whatever the case may be there are a few facts you should consider before making a decision to ensure you get reliable. Secure and efficient web hosting service that is affordable and worthwhile. Fore know more about buy unlimited webmail go here.

If you are conscious of efficiency and reliability when it comes to providing services to your customers then you should consider reading through this article. As it is meant to give you a basic insight into the most important facts you should look out for when purchasing a web hosting service.

There are many Web Hosting Companies in Kenya today and choosing the right company might be difficult but the following facts remain the same across the board.

  1. Reliability

A reliable server means your website will be up and running at all times and you will be able to access and send emails to your customers without interruptions. However, since technology can only be reliable up to a certain extent you want to look out for the best managed servers in terms of up time, security and customer service. The best providers offer up to 99.9% uptime guarantee. And a 24/7 support that ensures any issues you have taken care of immediately. There are also server software that enables better management, monitoring and control. Some technologies such as Cloud Linux enable better management of servers running on shared Linux servers and ensure that malicious programs. That consume and interrupt server resources for other users on the same server are controlled.

  1. Efficiency

Servers consume a lot of energy and the lesser the energy they consume the better for our environment and overall energy costs. Most certainly there are significant financial and social benefits for companies to undertake green initiatives and this can be accomplished by implementing energy efficient servers. Better server architecture and power supply systems. If the Web Hosting Company has taken the initiatives to implement green technology the better.

  1. Features

Web Hosting plans usually consist of a combination of features that make it easy and efficient to manage your website. This is the part where many web hosting companies differ as they want to provide different packages for a variety of target markets depending on needs. This enables you to make a choice based on your individual needs enabling you to pay for only what you need. But if you expect your business to grow and expect to have a lot of visitors on your website then it would be wise to choose an unlimited web hosting plan. Which is a popular and a fast growing trend. The most important web hosting features to consider before making your choice include:

  1. a) Disk space

 Disk space is the amount of storage allocated to a website by a web hosting provider. The storage can used to store HTML files, videos, photos and anything that is used by the website. Normally the disk space allocated is not only for the website but is also used for email storage, databases and web log files. The amount of storage required depends on the size of your website and volume of emails. If you’re not sure then consult your web designer or you can opt for Unlimited Web Hosting. Which is quite affordable and includes unlimited Bandwidth. Unlimited Databases and Unlimited Email accounts.

  1. b) Bandwidth

Bandwidth refers to data or information transmission rates when communicating over certain media such as hosting server. Bandwidth allocated by a web hosting company refers to the amount of allowable data transfer per month for a website. When an online user visits your website, a webpage is transferred from the server to the user’s web browser. The lot of visitors to your website the more data is transferred to the website. Therefore, observe the bandwidth allocation as you compare the various packages offered by the web host.

  1. c) Server Side Technology

Server side technology refers to the applications that execute on the server. These technologies include, ASP, JP, CGI, PHP, SSI, which when executed will generate the HTML content dynamically. These applications provide flexibility to generate dynamic web content for various users using different browsers. Such as Firefox and Microsoft IE. Consult you provider and find out what scripts are included with your service.

  1. d) Email Features

On shared web hosting every package makes provisions for a certain amount of email accounts. Except for unlimited web hosting plans which allows unlimited email accounts. This can be quite useful for medium and large organizations that require a lot of email accounts for various employees. The system uses POP3 access where emails can downloaded directly to your email processor. Such as MS Outlook. You can also access emails via the browser through the webmail application. Other emails features that will included are email forwarding and auto responders.


In this article we are trying to discuss about the Web Hosting benefits and disadvantage. Following this post you will know about it properly.

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