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How to create the perfect ad for selling real estate

Competition in the real estate marketing is increasing every day and, for the sale of real estate to be successful, it is essential always to be connected to new trends. To not fall behind other niche professionals, it is necessary to keep up with technological advances and even sectors that seem distant from the industry, such as the Internet.

Currently, it is not enough to hang a sign with the name and phone number of the real estate agent on the property and wait for interested consumers to get in touch. Advertisements in major newspapers have also become obsolete. So how do you make your ad stand out from the competition? The answer: on the Internet.

According to research, more than half of the population has access to the Internet at home, and about 95.4 million Brazilians access the world wide web. With the ease created by smartphones and tablets, the trend is for growth in this data. For this reason, an advertisement for property for sale or rent on the Internet usually has excellent results, provided that it has good planning and perfect execution.

Tips for the Perfect Real Estate Ad

To create a good ad, you first need to understand the importance of dedicating time and effort to this task. The consumer’s profile has changed, and his behavior on the purchase journey has also changed. This means greater demands on his part and updating search engines, such as Google.

Having relevance and visibility on the Internet depends on many factors, and it is no use just putting the ad online and waiting. Check out some tips to help with this task:

Fill in the primary fields available you include the ad on real estate platforms. It is essential to pay attention to filling in the open fields. When a person searches for a property on this type of site, they use filters, and their property appears according to the information provided. The available fields are:

  • Property type: apartment, house, loft, kite, etc.
  • Price: The value of sale/rent, property tax, condominium.
  • The number of rooms, specifying how many rooms, parking spaces, bathrooms, etc.
  • Area: footage of the property (and land in some cases).

Such is the importance of correctly filling in these fields. Some platforms analyze the advertisement in the face of this information. For example, IDX Broker, a portal that connects real estate agents, brokers, and developers, has the comptometer, a tool that analyzes the information provided by the broker and the information that should be filled out.

Enter the address of the property

Despite being a topic of great discussion in the real estate market, when we advertise on the Internet, there is no escape: we need to put the actual and complete address of the property. With this, the chance of receiving qualified contacts increases, and you will have a greater possibility of conversion. 

Caprice in the photos

The time is gone when only one photo of the property satisfied the customer. Nowadays, partly due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, consumers want to see everything they can about the property before scheduling a visit. Invest in photos (about 15 images are recommended) of all the details of the home.

It is unnecessary to hire a professional team for this. Pay attention to the quality of the images, with good lighting, organized environment, etc. 360º photos and videos are also highly regard by potential buyers.

Make your ad start right.

You don’t have to be a journalist or publicist to write a good ad. Be clear, objective, and truthful in the information, prioritizing the most important ones. Avoid slang and grammatical errors. An excellent thermometer to know how the description is  to imagine that you are the one who is looking for a property. Read what you have written or ask a colleague to do this quick analysis. If the content is interesting for you, it will probably be for the consumer.

Spread the ad

In addition to your real estate website. Including the ad in other locations, such as free and paid real estate platforms and even social networks. The more places that show your ad. Greater the chances of it has seen by anyone looking for a property like this at the right time.

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