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How to create videos for Instagram?

Do you want to reach your customers with creative and engaging videos? The answer is to create videos for Instagram. Instagram was born as a social media for images. Still, it has had truly remarkable growth over the years, mainly due to its ability to adapt content always in step with the market.

Why should you create videos for Instagram?

Instagram video content is perfect for increasing a brand’s popularity and growing interaction and engagement. The social network offers various videos, which can be used for different purposes: from the classic post to the direct.

Reels is one of the latest innovations introduced, a feature very similar to TikTok that provides followers with an even more immersive experience with the reference brand. Furthermore, like all other social networks, Instagram also optimizes content based on the tastes and behaviors of users.

A determining factor is increasing engagement, or as the Anglo-Saxons say, engagement. But there are other good reasons to invest in videos for Instagram. We summarize some of them here:

  • Ability to post complex content, which could not be told in the right way with a single image;
  • Create greater awareness of the product or service in the target audience;
  • Telling the same content with different types of videos to focus on different aspects, such as emotions or values.

How to create videos for Instagram

Instagram, therefore, gives you the ability to customize your videos to the maximum. Below we will detail these tools and the most efficient ways to use them. Let’s start our roundup from the classic Instagram post, the first type of content conceived by the social network.

A lot has changed since Instagram gave the ability to post videos in 2013. Back then, it was not possible to upload multimedia content that exceeded 15 seconds. Today, however, it is possible to upload videos in HD for up to 1 minute, allowing companies to increase engagement. What are the technical characteristics of these videos? Let’s see them together:

  • Format: MP4;
  • Length: from 3 to 60 seconds;
  • File size: Instagram does not set limits but we advise you not to go beyond 50 MB;
  • Orientation: square, portrait and landscape format;
  • Aspect ratio: a minimum of 1.91: 1 up to a maximum of 4: 5;
  • Minimum resolution: 600 x 355 pixels (1.9: 1 horizontal), 600 x 600 pixels (1: 1 square), 480 x 600 pixels (1: 1.25 vertical).

What can you do with an Instagram video post?

Basically, what you want: the only limit is creativity. Despite everything, it is good to have clear goals to become a successful video post. Let’s give you some examples.

Create videos for Instagram to promote a product

A lot of things can be shown in 60 seconds. It is no coincidence that the video post represents an important resource for companies for marketing campaigns of any kind. Any advice? Keep your target in mind and try to grab attention.

For example, the Disney + streaming platform has chosen to celebrate World Pasta Day by posting a Boomerang with the famous scene from the animated film Lady and the Tramp. The goal of the post is to create engagement by focusing on the nostalgia effect, with a message like: “Do you want to watch the film? Subscribe to Disney.”

Create videos for Instagram to enhance brand awareness

Posting video content on Instagram allows a company to convey its values and philosophy directly. It is a great way to build trust with the consumer, but also with potential partner companies. We give you this tip: Think about the message you want to convey and imagine short, easily usable content.

Tips for creating great Instagram posts

A good Instagram video post should aim for a perfect balance between content and technical quality. We will show you some of the most used ways to create successful video posts in this other roundup.

1. Choose an eye-catching photo for your video cover

In a world where users are constantly bombarded with content, grabbing attention can be very complicated. That’s why choosing an eye-catching photo for a video cover increases people’s chance to stop and watch the whole movie.

A tip: it’s good to choose a photo that grabs attention and tells the message of your video. In a nutshell, it is better to avoid choosing a photo that has nothing to do with it.

2. Optimize the audio

Although video playback starts automatically every time the user scrolls the home, the audio is muted. To hear the sound, users have to press on the video. This is an aspect to keep in mind because it is necessary to make the video understandable even without audio, perhaps focusing on the quality of the images or adding subtitles. Users may not always be in a position to listen.

3. Focus on the first few seconds of your video

As we have already said, there is a lot to see on Instagram. Therefore, in addition to choosing a captivating cover image, it is also necessary that the video captures the viewer in the first 3-5 seconds.

4. Find a video length that fits your audience

Just because Instagram supports 60-second videos doesn’t necessarily mean it’s necessary to use them all. We will never tire of repeating it. Keeping the audience engagement high is essential, so try to understand what your audience likes best.

5. Use tools to edit your Instagram video

Personalizing the video to the maximum will help increase engagement and make your brand instantly recognizable. To do this, you can use tools that allow you to add filters, logos or other elements. Here are some suggestions:

  • InShot;
  • Openshot;
  • Magisto;
  • Wondershare Filmorago;
  • Horizon;
  • Adobe Premiere;
  • FlexClip.

To sum up

An example is creating videos in different formats: feed, stories, IG tv and Reels. The great thing is that these tools are easily accessible to everyone, not just big brands. This makes Instagram a must for all SMEs or freelancers who intend to implement an Instagram marketing strategy focusing on video. Now give it a try.


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