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How to Extend iPhone Battery Life?

Does your iPhone 7 battery keep running out of power? There are many reasons behind it but this is frustrating a user if your cell phone battery drains quickly from daily usage. Once your iPhone battery is low you lose access to all its features – including email, phone calls, texts, GPS, upload photos, watch movies, and many more applications. 

A dead iPhone 7 battery is an annoyance; leaves you without anything to watch or read and ending a text conversation too abruptly.  If you are not taking care of your phone there’s a chance it may never return to the way it was before. We know that you love your iPhone and all its smart features. So, our tips for saving your iPhone’s battery power focus not on turning off these Important features but on using them more effectively.

I own an iPhone 7 that’s almost 4 years old. I still use all applications smoothly; I managed to preserve the battery capacity by some simple practices. There are many ways to conserve your iPhone 7 battery life. Making a few changes in the way you use your iPhone can save battery daily, while quick fixes can add a few minutes to your battery’s lifespan.

There is an easy way to check and see which apps are causing your iPhone 7 battery to drain quickly. Click on Settings > Battery to see a list of the number of apps and how much battery it’s used in the past hours or over a number of days and check Activity to see how much time spent in each app, and how long it’s been active in the background of your phone.

If you are searching, “How to make my iPhone 7 battery last longer”, you’re just in the right place. There are simple and practical ways to find how to make your battery last longer. Try to keep batteries charged at an average of 50 percent all the time. You don’t need to have your battery constantly plugged in and it’s convenient to unplug the phone when power is 100 percent. Periodical manner supplementary charges throughout the day work better than letting the battery drain to zero. 

One of your important tools against battery drain is Low Power Mode. After enabling it, your phone performs only the most essential tasks, so background activities like downloads and mail fetching are disabled.

Top 18 Ideas to improve iPhone 7 Battery life:

The followings are the tips that will help conserve battery life and lessen the inconvenience of carrying a charger around with you:

  1. Auto-Lock Sooner: Activate Auto-Lock after a certain amount of time so that the sooner it sleeps, the less power is used to run the screen or other services.
  2. Turn off Equalizer: Turn the equalizer off to conserve battery because this kind of apps required more battery for running.
  3. Turn on Auto-Brightness: Turn on Auto-Brightness and you’ll conserve your battery life because your screen will require less power in dark places.
  4. Reduce Screen Brightness: Keep the screen dim to conserve more of your iPhone 7 battery.
  5. Turn Bluetooth Off: Transmitting data wirelessly consumes the battery and leaving Bluetooth on to accept incoming data at all times requires even more battery as compared to normal activity.
  6. Turn off 3G/4G: in the settings -> General -> Cellular -> Slide Enable 3G to off on some models or Enable LTE to Off on the iPhone 7 or newer. It will help you to save battery at an extent level.
  7. Keep Wi-Fi Off: always keep Wi-Fi turned on at all times in hopes to find an open hotspot that will appear a sure way to drain your battery life.
  8. Turn off Location Services: As you can search location with the help of your mobile but after using it keep it off so that your phone’s battery doesn’t get down.
  9. Turn Data Push Off: we can save our iPhone 7 battery life by pushing off data.
  10. Fetch Email Less Often: Check your mail in a periodical manner as it really helps you to save battery.
  11. Do Less-Battery-Intensive Things: As it also depends upon you to preserve the life of your iphone7 battery by using less consuming apps in your daily life.
  12. Sleep and Wake Less: You should be synchronized between the time of sleep and the wake time of your iPhone 7.
  13. Turn off the Unused Icon: Hold the icon of apps and delete them which are no need to use on a regular basis.
  14. Turn off background auto-refresh: Many apps constantly update their content by this. Your iPhone battery level decreases and it also affects the life of your iPhone 7 battery.
  15. Don’t use data when you could be using Wi-Fi: It consumes more battery when you activate both cellular networks.
  16. Turn on auto-brightness: If your iPhone drains quickly there will be the reason that there is more brightness as needed. Go to setting >accessibility> display accommodation and configure it to auto-brightness.
  17. Make sure your computer is on while it’s charging your phone.
  18. When you don’t have cell coverage, use Airplane Mode: when you are in an area without cell service your iPhone spends more power as compared to earlier to search the signal.

Final Words

However, if you are frustrated with the list of fixes then the replacement of the iPhone 7 battery becomes necessary. As the important part of your gadget doesn’t perform like it did when new. We promise you that we will not disappoint you after visiting us. For more than 17 years, Esource parts have reached out and supported 300 million customers to protect and enjoy the tech they love most I phones. Your life depends on your device, for daily life activities make sure it’s protected.

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