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How to gain weight 5-7 kg in a month

More than 33% people are underweight in India and most are below 5 years. In childhood underweight does not take so risks but when you are an adult and underweight surely you facing some problems. Not just physical problems most of underweight people suffer from mental problem as they humiliated by everyone. People called you patlu, puchki, minus figure or any other humiliated names rather than your name. So if you want to get free of them then thoroughly read this because in this article we will discuss some best diet meals to gain weight in a month.

How to gain weight:

Before knowing the meals or diet plan you should have knowledge that how can you gain weight. It’s all about BMI and calories. If you intake more calories than your actual calorie then you can gain weight. In the heading I will tell you that you can gain weight 5-7 kg in a month but how? So let’s talk about that suppose your daily calorie intake is 1300 calories so if you take extra 1000 calories in a day then you take extra 30000 calories in a month and it means you gain 4.5kg in a month.  So let’s start our diet meals to gain weight:

Protein shakes:

Protein shakes are the best way to gain weight. It is easy to make and drink and consume huge protein. You can drink any brand’s protein powder with 1 glass of milk. You can also add chattu powder or oats instead of protein powder. 100gm oats have 500cal so you can easily take 500cal. You can also add 5-6 pieces of almonds, 1 tea spoon peanut butter and any season fruit. This shakes gives you more than 1000cal so you can easily gain weight. You can take this before or after workouts.

Eat plenty of protein:

Protein is necessary for muscle body. Our body needs 1.5-2 gram protein for per kilogram weight. So you can take high protein foods such as fish, meats, eggs, and dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter, and curbs; nuts, legumes and others. If you want a fit and healthy body instead of fatty body then takes proteins instead of fat.

Take high carb food:

Carbs are also important ingredients for weight gain. So eat high carbs foods such as roti, rice, and oats. Don’t even try to take a fast because it helps to weight loss not weight gain. Take high carbohydrates foods at least 2 times in your meal.

Eat energy-boosting foods:

It is very important to stay fit and energetic all the times so that you can eat more also do more exercises. But don’t ever try to eat junk foods or oily foods because it increases your body fat rather than muscle body and also create prevention in to get more calories. Instead of these foods you can eat some energy boosting foods such as:

Nuts: walnuts, almonds, peanuts, macadamia nuts.

Dried fruits: dates, prunes, raisins and others.

Oils and fats: avocado oil and virgin olive oil.

Dairy foods: full fat yogurt, whole milk, cream and cheese.

Grains: several whole grains such as brown rice and oats.

Meat: beef, pork, chicken, lamb etc.

Fruits: banana, apple, papaya and any seasonal fruits. Banana helps you to gain weight very easily as one banana has 110cal so take 2 bananas in a day.

You can also eat dark chocolates, peanut butter, avocado, granola, coconut milk and trail mixes.


When you trying to gain weight you have to maintain some things such as quit smoking and drinking alcohol, fast foods, and eat at least 6 small meals in a day

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