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How To Sell Songs On iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, And Every Major Streaming Platform?

Digital music stores have their own apps like iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Spotify, etc. As an independent artist, you can sell your music online directly to people using these media. However, these digital music stores don’t deal with musicians directly. They have given licenses to third-party networks called digital distributors or aggregators. 

For example, to put your music on iTunes, you will need a UPC, ISRC, Apple ID, and a tax ID. On the other hand, digital aggregators have an agreement with online music stores, streaming services, and even social channels. When you partner with this distributing platform at an affordable annual charge, you can have your music distributed to the preferred digital music stores and streaming services. The red tape involved in digital music sales is handled. Even the music format differs, which is taken care of by the digital distribution services.

MusicDigi is a reliable music distribution platform that helps to get the music across major streaming & download services within 24 hours. Artists can keep track of their song performance in real-time. Keep 100% ownership, use the Spotify Windowing feature to promote music, earn from YouTube compilations, and withdraw royalties from your account via PayPal anytime. 

Spotify windowing allows you to get your music on Spotify, two weeks before the final release date of your album. The premium members on Spotify get a sneak peek of your melodies and can support you via buying and sharing their experiences with friends and family. It is a good opportunity for creating a buzz because the more fans added is equivalent to more downloads and sales. 

Ensure to have an active social presence, so that fans are kept updated about your upcoming songs, performances, and gigs. With the help of digital music distributors, you can sell your music on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, etc. However, with social media marketing, you can increase your reach and create new friends. Interested fans can be directed to your online website where they can buy your music or relevant merchandise. 

Digital marketing is important to put your music on Tidal but social media is also similarly important. You have to perform every available opportunity. Bookings at clubs, shows, co犀利士
ncerts, and even events like parties, charities, and weddings can make a huge difference in your fan base. Live performance allows you to build a strong fan following and with every show you gain more and more exposure as well as new fans. 

Local art galleries, coffee shops, radio stations, etc. give local artists the chance to create a buzz and sell their music. Live performance via social channels is a craze, so never ignore it.

Music Distributor helps to get your songs on major digital music stores and streaming networks. It doesn’t matter where you are situated in the world, your music career progresses with the help of digital music distribution platform. Create an account, upload songs, choose stores, and start earning royalties. The amount you earn will depend on the level of buzz and marketing efforts.

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