How to successfully run an online magazine business in Dubai?

Do you know which is the perfect idea for online business in Dubai? It’s to run an online magazine business. There are no limitations in the publication because the publications are available globally within a click and you don’t have to run after distributors. You can publish interactive content and even earn more money through advertising.

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How to make the online magazine business more profitable?

You can earn quite some money by publishing the e-newsletter that you publish to promote the magazine. You can connect the E-newsletter with advertisers. It can either be products or services that come in terms with your magazine ethics or theme. 

The next thing you can do is to put a little more effort and time into creating premium content. The premium content must be unique but relevant to keep the interest of the readers. So this highly relevant content is only available to those subscribers that are willing to pay. If these steps become more popular over time you can make your e-magazine only available to paid subscribers. You can also conduct significant seminars, enlightening workshops or fruitful events to grab the attention of readers.

Tips on how to successfully run a online magazine business 

Have you made up your mind about doing online magazine business?  Running an online business is extremely profitable if done right. Also, this is a chance for you to earn the cheapest company setup in Dubai. Then we recommend you read further to have a better understanding of this particular business.

Publish unique yet relevant contents 

People can get information with a click on the mouse or with their fingertips. It is easy to access interesting content but what’s rare is unique yet relevant content. People don’t want content that is already published or are already known. All the eyes and ears are open only for new knowledge. It is challenging and needs a lot of effort to find new topics. You sure have to go out and research well to find your targeted customers. Understand their needs and provide what they want because at last it only benefits you. Coming in terms with what your readers want can help you to come to terms with your niche. People won’t waste money on content that is already known or existing and so make an extra effort to make them interested. They must feel like it’s worth paying for.

Collecting  data 

Content is not only the thing that makes an online magazine successful but the data collected over time. The company becomes so precious and is famous among the advertisers for the data you have. The data collection means non-threatening pieces of information on the identity of the readers.

You can start by asking basic yet non-threatening questions like first names and email addresses. As the online business grows, you can try collecting some more information like making them build a profile. You can try asking them questions like will they buy a car? How many kids do they have?What is their annual income? and so on. Advertisers are willing to pay you a fortune for the data just to find their targeted customers.

Give  value to readers 

Advertisers are always interested in working well with publishing online magazines. The choice is huge in this era and the advertisers pay handsomely so they can reach their targeted customers. Earlier how they did advertisement was by publishing an ad in the form of a banner after taking some money but it is not the case anymore. A lot has changed in the advertisement field and targeting their customers is easier and can be done effectively only if done right. 

A publisher cannot compete with Google and Facebook without a strong base of readers and hence you must give the readers importance and listen to what they want from you. Be loyal and so they rely on and trust you for valuable content and advertisements, with accurate strategies you can beat the big teams.

Find multiple revenue streams 

As an online magazine publisher, make sure that you are not limited to a certain kind of income. You can come outside from relying on just ad space on a webpage. You can earn offset money but to make real money you will have to come outside the box. 

To earn real money you can rely on the following ideas. You can conduct useful webinars or prerecorded content for readers. Either you or any one of your clients can conduct it. Readers are willing to pay and watch it if it is interesting. You can also collaborate with certain products and services and explore the opportunities that they have in store for you. You can provide your readers with offers or services that they actually need. In short, add more value and importance to what you do and focus more on the clients and readers.

Collaborate  with others to form a team 

Never miss an opportunity to invite influential writers to be part of your team. Some people write for fun and it’s okay. They might not really need an audience but on the other hand, some professional writers want an audience. They write and make content to be published within a time and they make sure to post content regularly. Most of the time readers also want something strategic and brilliant to read. Something that enlightens them with knowledge. They are paying and so they prefer it to be a regular thing. The writers who want such an audience also have their own rules and regulations and it matches with the publication. So it is a win-win situation for both the writers and publishers.

Professional authors deserve to be paid well for the masterpieces they create. If you think you can’t pay them or you feel like it is not feasible for you then at least you give them maximum exposure and give them the credits they deserve. Make their work as a signature piece by putting an effort from your side to give the work maximum exposure. E-magazine is preferred by even foreign investors because it doesn’t require much money to setting up a small business in Dubai. 


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