How To Use An Explainer Video For Your E-Commerce Business?

Create An Explainer Video For Your E-Commerce Business

As we know that Explainer Video is the best way of communicating the concept of the product and services to your potential customers. It helps you to achieve your goals. By not using the power of explainer videos, you are missing a great opportunity.

In today’s digital world, every business needs to convey its message or concept in an innovative way that would inspire the target market just by using whiteboard animation videos. So, if you use explainer animation video for E-Commerce business, it really helps you to communicate what your company offers and generate a better return of investment. Today in this post, I will explain to you the ways of using explainer animation videos for your E-Commerce business.

Animated videos have become an integrated part of the entire marketing funnel. It accompanies the customer along the whole journey from the interaction to the purchase. It allows the companies to support the customer with helpful tips suggestions and recommendations. A marketing video can become a real lead magnet prompt potential customers to move further in a marketing funnel.

In the above discussion, the things which are expected in animated video marketing for 2021 are described. Hence video marketing is a superb way to set a company apart from other businesses in an over-full online space. Hopefully, these intuitions will help you unlock the benefit of video marketing and grow your business in upcoming 2021.

How to use Whiteboard Explainer Video for E-Commerce business?

Focus on boosting sales

As we know that in the modern age, everyone tries to post everything online starting from a picture of a bunch of stories and even second-hand items. So, if you are using explainer videos for E-Commerce businesses for advertising a product of your business, it will really help you to boost your sales. Like posting and uploading your video on any online platform like YouTube, Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, and others, it makes you to reach easily your targeted audience. As an e-commerce business mostly focuses on marketing, if you are using explainer videos rather than just a picture, it will be attracted more to the audience.

Analyze SEO planning

To promote an e-commerce site, you must use video for better results. But with proper SEO planning, you can easily increase your page ranks on online sites and also do place your company’s websites and pages using social media platforms to grow your audience. Hence, using an animated explainer video for advertisement can easily boost your SEO.

Make Explainer Video Popular with better engagement

It is important to make better engagement with extensive viewers. When you’re popular or your video has a number of significant audiences on various platforms, the trust will increase and the confidence of the audience grows by showing that your brand or product is likable.

Understanding is important

Explainer animation videos are easy to understand as they are short and exciting so that audience can digest the content quickly. In e-commerce businesses, people like the short advisement, simple and understandable one. If you are using an Explainer animation video, your audience is likely to remember most of the products, services, and messages your business offers.

Videos are more engaging

Animated explainer videos are more engaging than pictures and texts. You can comfortably use Fonts, visuals, background music, animation, sound effects in your video. In e-commerce businesses, you can even lead your video viewers and easily able to get more traffic. Hence it is really good to use a unique whiteboard explainer animation video to introduce your products to your potential customers and grow your sales.

Include the online transaction feature

According to a study, people prefer online payment system as it saves both time and energy. So, if you offer an online payment system, you will never have to worry about sales. Hence, when you upload an explainer video and you add the feature of online transaction, it will quickly grasp your audience’s attention, thereby explain to them how you operate online.

Shareable content

shareable content help in boosting brand visibility as your viewers share your video on various social media platforms for fun. So, if you are using an explainer video to promote your brand or services for E-Commerce businesses, the shareable content can help you to reach more and more people.

How is Explainer Video beneficial for advertising

  • Your Explainer videos are straightforward as the explanation of services and products are in a well-structured manner.
  • It helps in simplifying the delivery for the audience with a quick and understandable script.
  • The creativity and uniqueness of an explainer video make your e-commerce product and service memorable for the audience. So, that the audience can go through your video rather than the complicated advertisements.
  • You can upload your e-commerce product and services explainer video on any social media such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and several other platforms.
  • You can embed a short animated Explainer video on your website’s landing page for a better understanding of your brand.


At last, I would say that an explainer video can really play a very important role in promoting your business. One can watch a video simultaneously while carrying out other works. Designing a good video would help your brand achieve better business opportunities and drive more traffic to your website. Therefore, you must not skip incorporating a video in your e-commerce marketing strategy if you own an e-commerce website.

So, this was all about this article, you should definitely give it a try at animated explainer videos. If you need any help from our company THE ESSENCE STUDIOS, please let us know. Thank you.

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