Industries that use Field Service Management

Field Service Management has been in the market for a while now and has made an enormous impact on various service businesses. It has made workflow efficient and streamlined the end to end process beginning with estimating a job to scheduling the work to invoicing. Field Service Management offers a wide range of features that make business convenient for industries to increase productivity and profitability.

Features Field Service Management offers:

    • Scheduling and Dispatching: This is a huge process and requires intense attention and help. Scheduling focuses on organizing all the work orders by date, time, and technician. Dragging and dropping them on the calendar can help keep the team aware of all the work orders due before them. Dispatching on the other hand follows scheduling in equipping the technicians with the required materials for the field service and guiding them through.
    • Estimates and Invoices: These features are important to keep track of expenses in any kind of business. However, with field service management these don’t have to be done manually. You can skip the calculation errors and generate automatic estimates and invoices based on the working orders and other information with the approval of the customers. Invoices have extra options where you can add pictures of before and after work, add your time cards, and especially create them on the field itself.
    • Mobility: This is the prominent and most essential feature provided by field service software. The field service management company has a mobile app that helps you access all your documents and files irrespective of your location or time. With the Mobile App, you can monitor your technicians while on the field, create invoices on the field, find customer location routes easily, and update all your files to the cloud right from the field.

While these are the more prominent factors here are some of the other added features: Calendar view, GPS feature, Customer Management, Team Management, QuickBooks integration…, etc.

Many industries require these features to stabilize their field services like telecommunications, healthcare, utility services, maintenance, packaging, and postal services, etc. Small and medium businesses that require better management guidance and support including a sophisticated workflow stabilizer prefer operating through field service software. Field Service Management is interconnected with SaaS enabling a wide range of access to clients and business owners.


Here are some of the industries that run on field service management software:-

    • HVACThe heat ventilation and air conditioning companies are one of the top businesses that work with field service management. This industry is in top demand irrespective of season, day, or location and needs a good system to synchronize and organize their demands and office.HVAC requires features that can help them easily locate and find their customers, manage their team members, track their high-cost equipment, and generate estimates and invoices on time.

      When doing a spectacular service, it is also important to have a standard work management team. Having said that, it can be pretty expensive to hire multiple people for each section, but with field service management this can be made easier with a limited number of people updating everything onto the SaaS operating system and making it available for the entire company.

    • Electrical, Heating and Plumbing Services
      These three services are concerned with homes that have and do not have inhabitants. As long as a living space or public space accommodates humans, these three services are highly essential and in demand. They help regulate proper electricity, fix appliances and broken pipes, and make sure that both water and electricity facilities are running smoothly.Electrical Maintenance services along with heating and plumbing services require features such as customer management, time tracker, invoice generators, and every other feature that helps support their customer service.These businesses deal with the everyday essentials and make sure their customers are at ease. By using field service management they can enhance their service by saving time, expense and provide convenience to both customers and themselves. These services can also upload their before and after pictures onto the software using the mobile app for reference and proof purposes. Field Service Management can also be used to increase the authenticity of the business.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
    This is a service applicable to anyone and everyone who has a roof over their head, an organization, a public arena, or any place where people move around. People tend to create a mess wherever they are and this is the perfect opportunity for cleaning and maintenance companies to earn a fortune. From corridors to walkways, homes to malls and offices, cleaning companies help make the environment spotless. These services include carpet cleaning, window washing, and janitorial services.Their need for field service management includes work order management, reports and dashboards, customer feedback and support, mobile app facilities and GPS tracking to find the field of service.These companies strive on creating a neat and clean, tidy and convenient environment for their customers. By using field service management they ensure that their business progress is moving towards higher rankings. They also expand their customer base using the integrations provided by software like Field Promax which has two-way sync with QuickBooks that provide customer data along with comments and feedback. Cleaning and Maintenance services can offer customers endless support and punctual service through recurring order features.
  • Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance
    They may look or sound the same but these two industries have a complete opposite way of working. The lawn care industry focuses on mowing lawns, clearing up the autumn leaves and making sure the lawns look neat and tidy. Landscape maintenance makes sure to add an extra ornamental touch to gardens, plants and trees, making them attractive and pleasing to the eye. Both these industries focus on enhancing and maintaining nature to its fullest.
    Field Service software works on the same lines as saving nature, like avoiding deforestation and saving paper. Field Service enables these industries to update all their files to the cloud and works with SaaS to access documents via the website or mobile app.Not just maintaining and pruning nature, the lawn and landscape industries can save nature by upgrading to a field service management software like Field Promax. Digitalising your business can save time, money, effort and employee retention. These nature-based services can work easier with proper estimates, equipment trackers, time trackers, and proper scheduling and dispatching.
  • Computer Repair and IT Services
    With more and more people working from homes and using technology for their living, computer repairs and maintenance is a hot search. To help customers find reliable computer repairing companies or IT services to upgrade their software, field service management software like Field Promax is essential.
    They help connect with customers 24/7 and understand their needs. The Computer and IT Services can ensure that their customers receive their estimates and invoices via email or on their mobile app in case of computer damages. This also decreases the probability of late payments. They can access all the Field Service Management website features on the mobile appThese industries maintain computer devices, repair glitches and other software malfunctions for customers. They make sure that their customers are able to experience their technology to the best of their ability. Field Service Management also enables their customers to maximize their revenues, with help of time cards when technicians have worked overtime, generate digital invoices for immediate payments and more.

With field service management, industries have surely been able to work more smoothly with an increase in work orders, streamlined workflow and regular payments. Field Promax has witnessed numerous testimonials from clients on how their business processes have expanded and grown in a short period of time. The primary aim of any field service management is to help businesses monitor and track their progress, schedule and manage their work orders and most of all, expand their business territories. Wanna give it a shot?

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