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Is AVG VPN Good for Torrenting in 2021?

AVG is a solid good vpn that offers fast speeds and eight p2p-enabled servers. They are not as private or secure as some other choices, but for those primarily looking to browse the web with privacy AVG does offer an acceptable service at an affordable price tag of $9.99 per month (or less if you commit longer).

AVG is one of the most popular antiviruAs software in today’s society. It was developed by an American entrepreneur, John J. Wiebe and Thomas Lansford back in 1989 to protect PCs from virus infections or other malware threats.

AVG is one of the many companies that offer antivirus programs. But, it seems like AVG has since faded out of its prime market coverage as other brands have begun to emerge and dominate the industry with their own great security features. However, this does not mean they are going down without a fight! In an effort to stay relevant in today’s technology landscape and remain competitive for customer interest, AVG expanded into new services including VPN protection by way of their product called “AVG Secure.” Now you can be confident your personal information will never get leaked or stolen thanks to them being at hand 24/7 via live chat support from anywhere on earth (even outer space)!

About AVG

AVG Secure is a well-known antivirus software, but can it be used to protect you from viruses and malware while downloading torrents? Read on for more information.

While not the strongest choice of an anti-virus programs out there at this time, AVG does provide some protection against harmful downloads that could lead to further damage in your computer’s system. The program was developed by Grisoft back in 1994 with today’s updates including both FREE and paid versions available through different distributors online as well as physical retail stores like Best Buy or OfficeMax depending on where you live.

AVG VPN’s built-in protection against malware and adware is no joke. But who would actually want to torrent safe when they could enjoy the thrill of downloading at top speed, complete with viruses? All you need for a good time are some great pirate sites like The Pirate Bay or KickAss Torrents, plus an open bitTorrent client on your computer (ones that don’t cost money) and AVG VPN! Once set up in seconds, AVG will protect all data traveling between your device and those remote servers from snooping eyes so nobody can steal what isn’t theirs. It’ll also block out any unwanted ads before it gets there too – which means more bandwidth for you without having to pay anything extra! So forget about security software on your computer; now you can have all the fun without any consequences!

AVG VPN’s P2P-Friendly Features

Let’s start by exploring AVG p2p-friendly features.

Kill switch:

This is disabled by default but for torrenting purposes. It’s recommended to keep this enabled as protection from temporary VPN interruptions.

The kill switch will instantly cut off all access to the Internet if your VPN connection is interrupted, thus keeping your real IP address and other private details from being visible to any third-parties.

P2P servers:

AVG has 8 servers that allow P2P traffic, despite only having a small number of them.

But don’t worry! Every p2p-enabled server includes a tab with the same name for easy access to all of your favorite pirated content.

The servers that allow these downloads have special tabs made just for their use and it is up to you which ones you want to choose. From since they cannot be accessed outside this section unless someone has uploaded them elsewhere first or an administrator sets permissions differently

Torrenting users now have a place to call their own, thanks to the new p2p-enabled servers. Users can’t torrent on any other server except for these so you know your favorite content will always be waiting for you.

The servers that allow these downloads have special tabs made just for their use and it’s up to you which ones you want to choose from since they cannot be accessed outside this section unless someone has uploaded them elsewhere first or an administrator sets permissions differently.


AVG VPN is surprisingly fast for a service that delivers speeds on many servers.

On some servers, it only managed to produce 25 Mbps while it reached as high as 80Mbps on other servers.  When tested on a base connection of 100Mbps.

AVG VPN is a great option for Canada residents who want to view the latest movie releases. AVG’s speed test result was significantly faster than other tested streaming services, and it blocks Netflix from time-to-time which makes up for its performance when browsing on mobile devices.


AVG’s Canada server location is has incredibly fast speeds making it perfect for streaming sites like Netflix. But its inconsistent ability to unblock the site makes this unlimited VPN less than favorable.

Creative use of keywords can be an effective strategy for protecting torrent users.

Cons of AVG As Relates Torrenting

AVG’s pros are numerous, but the cons can be a deal-breaker for those who care about privacy.

Logging policy:

One of these issues is the amount and type of data collected on their users. Which makes this consideration important when choosing one’s VPN provider carefully to ensure privacy.

AVG offers users a logging policy with timestamp, subnet of the original IP address. Complete IP addresses used while using AVG and total amount data consumed.

Some of this information collection is an overkill, especially considering the privacy-focused move from most providers.

This also includes AVG’s logging policy–a major area of concern when it comes to torrenting with them.


AVG is not the best VPN, but it has a few features that make up for its lower quality. AVG allows you to use both free and paid versions on one computer at once (three months of free trial without paying). It also offers an easy-to-use app with good customer service options like 24/7 live chat or email support.

The pricing plans of AVG would be reasonable if it weren’t such a basic VPN. Considering that it has a very small network of servers. And barely any privacy protections beyond what’s offered by most other providers in this price range ($3.99 monthly fee), we’re inclined to say their prices are unreasonably high given how poor these services truly are behind the scenes–especially

AVG VPN offers a 30-day money back guarantee and 7 day free trial. So, if you are unhappy with the service during those periods of time. All you have to do is cancel before your account renews automatically for another year in order to receive full refund as well as get an extra month on top of that! You don’t even need any credit cards or other information because AVG will never charge them without asking first.

AVG VPN offers a variety of devices that you can use to stream content and connect with friends on social media.


AVG is one of the most popular antivirus service providers. The well-known company has a history in providing security for both personal and commercial devices – from computers to smartphones. AVG Secure after finding out that some users were still using their old trial versions without realizing it has expire. It provides excellent protection against malware like viruses and worms with its constant updates even if you’re not downloading torrents or visiting porn sites often enough (which we don’t recommend).

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