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Know the process of obtaining an HC license in Sydney.

Are you new to Sydney and need a Heavy Combination (HC) license? Don’t worry; Ultimate Driving School got you covered. 

Eligibility for an HC license in Sydney requires you to be over 18 years old, hold a valid Australian driver’s license, have undergone a medical examination, and pass the Heavy Combination Knowledge Test. It is worth noting that if you wish to drive commercial vehicles within Sydney or inter-state, specific additional qualifications are required. These include completing National Heavy Vehicle Driver Competency Assessments (NHVDCA) and obtaining a Dangerous Goods Security Card (DGSC).

To apply for an HC license in Sydney, you must provide the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) with certain documents and materials. These include two forms of identification: a valid passport or driver’s license and proof of age card, your current Australian driver’s license, your completed medical examination report, any applicable state-based logbook evidence, and a completed Heavy Vehicle Logbook application form.

Once you have provided all the necessary documentation to RMS, you can begin the application process. Documentation involves submitting an online application via the RMS website and attending a face-to-face interview at their office. During this interview, they will assess your experience and qualifications to ensure you are eligible for an HC license.

According to the Heavy Vehicle National Law, once the RMS has approved your application, you will need to take a series of assessments/tests to obtain your HC license. These include the Driver’s Knowledge Test (DKT), a practical driving assessment, and a heavy vehicle knowledge test. Once all these tests have been completed, you will receive your HC license from RMS.

obtaining an HC license in Sydney is easy if one meets the eligibility criteria and provides all the necessary documents and materials. After submitting an online application via the RMS website and attending an interview at their office, you must pass the required tests to receive your HC license.

So, if you want to obtain an HC license in Sydney, now you know to contact Ultimate Driving School precisely how to go about it! Good luck!

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