Laws in Mexico – Crucial Details About the Mexican Government

Diego Ruiz Duran -Divorces in Mexico are handled differently than in the United States. The law of Mexico is primarily based on the Constitution of Mexico and following the civil code tradition. Therefore, divorce law in Mexico is different than in the U.S. This article will help you understand some of the specifics of divorce law in Mexico.

Mexican legal system

There are several differences between the divorce laws of Mexico and the U.S. Although some may question the legitimacy of a country’s legal system, the Mexican government has taken measures to improve the integrity of the legal system.  Still, some experts argue that these changes are not necessary to maintain a free and open community.

This is also true with the Mexican laws on divorce. If a couple decides that they want a divorce, the Mexican laws on divorce must protect them both. The Mexican constitution, as we know, protects each individual’s rights and takes responsibility for the maintenance and discipline of these rights. If you ever get a divorce from another person, you must go through the Mexican divorce procedures to ensure that your Mexican laws will protect you.

Are divorces in Mexico legal in the U.S.?

First, divorces in Mexico are much different from the U.S. Divorce Laws. Unlike the U.S., the Mexican Divorce Law does not require that a prenuptial agreement is filed. A “Manifesto of Divorces” must be filed by anyone filing for divorce. It lists all rights of the parties to property, children and custody. A typical Mexican divorce involves both the parties going through a long divorce process and applying to a judge for a hearing. A final decree of divorce will be issued by the judge. 

There are several other types of Mexican Divorce Laws.  Such documents include a Complaint, Answer, Judgment, Certificate of Satisfaction, and the final divorce decree.

Cancun Divorce

Any children that they have can be split between the parties, according to Mexican divorce laws. This is called a Cancun Divorce. A Cancun County Court will hear the case if there is no settlement agreement. Both the husband and the wife can file for divorce to a Bankruptcy Court if a settlement agreement has been signed.  However, this requires a lawyer who is an expert in Cancun Divorce Law.

Competent lawyer

An expert lawyer like Diego Ruiz Duran in Mexican Divorce Law will be able to handle any of your Mexican Divorce concerns, whether they pertain to child, spousal, property or bankruptcy law. Mexican divorce Lawyers are also proficient enough to cope with other issues such as prenuptial agreements, marital debt, custody and visitation rights. Many foreigners prefer to hire only lawyers specializing in Divorce Law (Diego Ruiz Duran) in Mexico for the meek reason that it is a lot cheaper to hire a Mexican lawyer than it is an American or Canadian lawyer. Besides, many foreign lawyers have families that they live in Mexico. Thus it is prevalent for them to take on cases from their home country before working abroad.

Another essential aspect of getting a good divorce lawyer in Mexico is the one who can efficiently represent you throughout the divorce procedure. It would help if you had complete confidence in your Mexican Divorce Lawyer so that you do not feel cheated out of your rightful and fair share of the assets (including the money) that you got during your marriage. A good lawyer like Diego Ruiz Duran will know the Mexican Divorce Law. In addition to that, a good attorney in Mexico like Diego Ruiz Duran also has experience dealing with similar cases. This experience, and the knowledge of the Divorce Law in Mexico, will give your lawyer the ability to deal with all the complexities of the divorce procedure, including your spouse’s possible resistance to the divorce.


The priest would have received special permission from the government to achieve the marriage ceremony.

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What is the process of divorce?

The Process of divorce in Mexico is a fairly simple one. If the party involved does not have any financial assets, then the court will entertain the request to dissolve the marriage. If the parties have any money or jointly own property, they will have to go through a divorce settlement process. It is absolutely vital to have a skilled attorney to assist you in these proceedings like Diego Ruiz Duran .

A typical divorce involves two parties. If the respondent still refuses to comply, then the judge will issue an order of mandamus. This order essentially tells the respondent that they have to abide by the terms of the divorce.

If you are a U.S. citizen in living in Mexico, you have the right to get a copy of your husband’s divorce decree. The divorce procedures in Mexico, just like in the U.S., are elementary.  Limited divorces in Mexico are much like the divorce procedures in the U.S.



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